How to Get Rid of Belly Flap Smell

Belly flap smell doesn’t sound very appetizing, and it’s no joke if you are affected by it. This embarrassing type of funk smells like sweat that has decided to leave its amateur status behind and turn pro. Since the stank gets trapped between the folds of skin, it has time to ferment and get really ripe.


If you are overweight or have recently given birth (especially by C-section),  you are particularly at risk for experiencing this particularly offensive brand of personal hygiene hell. It isn’t subtle at all, and this particular stank has a musty, dank quality about it that is even worse than arm pit odor.



How to Get Rid of Belly Flap Smell

1 Corn Starch the Stink Away

Moisture is definitely the enemy when you are dealing with belly flap smell. One simple and low-cost solution to dealing with the stench is to apply some corn starch to the affected area. Wash your skin and pat dry with a towel beforehand. Sprinkle a small amount on the affected area to keep the area under the flap dry as you go about your daily activities.


2 Antibacterial Soap-up

Try giving the skin a thorough scrubbing with an antibacterial soap. Rinse with clean water. Make a point of pulling the loose skin back to make sure you get all of the residue out. Gently pat dry after cleaning to avoid irritating the skin. If you notice the skin becoming red, discontinue use.


3 Go for Breathable Clothing

Natural fabrics are a much better choice than synthetics if you are having funky skin issues. Switch to cotton underwear if have been wearing nylon undergarments. Change your clothes immediately after working out or engaging in strenuous activity. You will also want to avoid tight-fitting or confining clothing to reduce the build-up of sweat, which will only lead to more odor.


4 Put Some Antifungal Cream on the Problem

Go to the pharmacy and buy an antifungal cream. Look for one that has Clotrimazole in it. You will probably be looking for a product used to treat vaginal yeast infections and that has a 1% concentration. Some products for athlete’s foot have this ingredient as well (read the label to confirm before you buy.) Apply it in a thin layer to clean skin once or twice per day until the smell is gone.


5  Use Gold Bond Medicated Powder

Gold Bond Medicated Powder is a specialized product that was developed to treat various skin conditions. If you are bothered by red, irritated and smelly skin in your belly flap, it can help. The best time to use this product is right after bathing. Apply directly to the area as directed on the container.


6 Keep Your (Baby) Powder Dry

There’s a reason new parents put baby powder on their infants’ bottoms at diaper change time. The powder creates a layer that keeps the baby’s delicate skin relatively dry, even when exposed to moisture from a wet diaper. Now fast forward a couple of decades (or more) and you can use the same product to keep the skin under a belly flap relatively dry. You will want to use the baby powder sparingly, though. Put a little of it in your hand and rub it over the affected skin; otherwise you will end up with a cloud of the stuff in your room that may cause breathing issues for people with asthma or similar conditions.


7 Blow Dry the Smell Outa There

This is another way to keep the skin under the flap dry. After bathing or showering towel dry and then grab a blow dryer. Set it to a cool setting to avoid burning your skin and use it to dry the area around and under your belly flap. You may need to lift up the loose skin with your free hand. Be careful not to keep the blow dryer in one spot for too long or you may cause irritation.


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  1. Hi Joe!
    I am from the Asian subcontinent.I have this body odor problem and believe me i have tried out several methods. Alum salt was very effective but i started getting rashes after a couple of days.
    I was told we have this problem because we use too much of spices in our food (No wonder the Tigers of the Sunderbans love to feast on an occasional human once a while). Do spices have arole in body odor. Please suggest a way out,

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