How to Get Rid of Arm Pit Smell

How to Get Smell Out of Armpits

Armpit odors can vary in degrees of unpleasantness, and are never something you want to advertise in public. They are always posing a personal challenge to keep smelling fresh, as armpit stench can be a frustrating and embarrassing reoccurrence.

Fortunately, there exist a wide range of fast and effective solutions for eliminating armpit odor and ensuring that the problem does not return. By following the below solutions, you can be sure that your armpits will be funk-free and always smelling at their best.

Armpit Odor Removal Solutions

1 Traditional Deodorant

This solution may be one used by the majority of the population, however it is for a good reason. These mobile deodorizing sticks help to eliminate difficult armpit odors on the go. Always make sure to pack one within your purse, hand bag or backpack before leaving the house to ensure that your pits will be smelling fresh no matter where you are.

2 Apple Cider Vinegar

This household acid works to eliminate the odorous bacteria within armpits to leave them smelling fresh. Dampen a paper towel with apple cider vinegar, and proceed wipe down your clean and dry armpits with the solution. Next, provide 20-30 minutes for the vinegar to do it’s intend function before naturally air drying away.

3 Lime Wipe

In a similar function as vinegar, the citric acid within limes will work wipe out any smelly bacteria in existence within one’s armpits. The application of the lime’s juice is simple and can be performed within a short period of time. Apply by cutting the lime in two parts and pressing the exposed fruit flesh against the inside of the armpits. Finally, allow the citrus juice to naturally evaporate away as it lifts away the odorous scent of armpit odor.

4 Sweat It Out

If you have built-up odor deep within of your armpits, the best way to alleviate the stench is to sweat the odorous bacteria out. A heavy and sweaty workout will help to open the skin pores and leak out the unpleasant fluids from within the armpits.

Armpit Odor Prevention Tips

1 Light Breathable Clothing

If you find that your pits are regularly sweatly, you may want to consider wearing light-weight breathable shirts. These shirts provide better air circulation and ensure that less sweat is produced within this region of the body. With less sweat and stagnant skin cells, the chance of odorous bacteria thrive within this region will be lowered.

2 Baby Powder After Shower

As an additional deodorizing step, baby powder can be applied within one’s armpits to ensure that sweat does not build and that this area remains dry. After getting out of the shower and blot drying your armpits, powder them up with a small portion of baby powder. As a note of precaution, this solution can lead to white visible powdered spots near the armpit location when wearing shirts in dark tones.

3 Avoid Spicy Food

Spicy food is known to increase prespiration and moisture within the body and under the armpits. If you are already a natural sweater, you may wish to consider avoiding anything like spicy food which is likely to increase your natural amount of bodily fluids which are secreted.

4 Cut Cigarettes & Alcohol

Studies have shown that the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol can lead to an increased and sharper smelling bodily odor. Much of these toxins are naturally secreted out of the skin pores causing a nasty additional bodily stench.

5 Lower Sugar Intake

The consumption of sugar has the effect of lowering the immune system and allowing bacteria to build within greater quantities on the skin. With higher levels of bacteria growing within the armpits, it will naturally lead to a worse smelling aroma.


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