How to Remove Smell From Quilt

How to Remove Smell from Quilt

Quilts are not only used for warmth; their rich designs push them into the range of works of art. Some of them are family heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation.  If you are wondering how to remove smell from quilt, you will want to proceed with some caution so as not to damage the fabric or have the colors run or fade.


The good news about quilts is that most of them are stronger than you may think. You won’t want to pound the you-know-what out of the fabric to get rid of a musty or foul reek. A gentle touch is probably best, though. This guide will offer some helpful suggestions for bringing your quilt back to the land of the sweet smelling once again so you can use it on your bed or as an extra blanket in colder weather. Some people like to display a quilt on the wall, and the last thing someone would want is to have people walking by to get a whiff of something noxious or have the smell fill the room. No matter where you decide to use your quilt, you’ll get the 411 you need to get it back in serviceable condition quickly.



How to Remove Smell from Quilt by Washing

1 Gentle Machine Wash and Dry

Unless the fabric of the quilt is especially fragile, you should be able to wash it in the machine on the gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent made for delicate fabrics to be on the safe side. Dry the quilt on low heat. This may be all you need to get rid of the offensive odor.


2 Add Febreze to Your Laundry Soap

You can give your regular laundry soap a boost by adding some Febreze to it. Some manufacturers now have a formulation with this feature, and you may want to look for one of these brands to clean the quilt. Use the dryer on low heat, hang or dry flat once the wash cycle is complete.


3 Add Some Vinegar or Baking Soda in the Wash Water

Add a half cup of vinegar or baking soda to your wash water to banish odors from a quilt. Use a mild detergent, and add some fabric softener if it is part of your regular wash routine. Dry the quilt using one of the methods mentioned above for best results.


4 Clean Sheets on Grass Option

This solution for dealing with a fetid quilt involves taking it to the Great Outdoors. After washing and rinsing the quilt thoroughly, place it on top of a plain white sheet on a patch of grass. Put another sheet on top of the quilt and leave them in place until the quilt is completely dry. You’ll have to find something to anchor the quilt and the sheets in place so they don’t blow away. Apparently, the chlorophyll in the grass will absorb the nasty odor.


No-Wash Solutions to Getting Smell Out of a Quilt

1 Tumble with Dryer Sheet

If the quilt is smelly (but otherwise clean), place it into a dryer with a Febreze dryer sheet. Run the dryer on a cool cycle (no heat). This solution may be enough to get the smell out. You can run it for a short cycle (20 minutes or so) and give the quilt a sniff to see if you are pleased with the results. Let your nose be your guide whether to run the dryer longer or if you want to try a different method to get the smell out of the quilt.


2 Vinegar or Lemon Juice Spray

This is another no-wash way to freshen up a quilt that is stinky. Give it a light spray with vinegar or lemon juice. (You don’t want to douse it like you’re having a fish and chip dinner, though. ) Set it outside in the sun to dry. Letting the fresh air get at it should help to lift out the stank and give the quilt a new lease on life.


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