How to Get Urine Smell Out of Shower Tile Grout

Lets face it, not everybody uses the toilet for urinating.  Peeing within the shower is often a rebellious act of convenience, providing carefree marksmanship on the part of the shooter. However, this act can often backfire and cause an unpleasant stench after several mornings of ammonia-based build up.

Fortunately, there are several chemical solutions for breaking down the ammonia which gets caught up in the grout within the tile flooring.  By following the below suggestions, you can be sure that the grout within the tile flooring will be cleanse and be urine stench free.

Smell Removal Solution

1 White Vinegar

The chemical acid properties within white vinegar help to freshen the grout by directly combating the ammonia produced from the urine.  Place several paper towels on the bottom of the shower and proceed to pour white vinegar on top of the towels to moisten the towels.  This will ensure that the moisten does not quickly evaporate and continues to combat the odor for multiple hours.  After 6-8 hours, return to lift the paper towels up and throw within the trash.

2 Hydrogen Peroxide

This substance helps to cut through ammonia within the porous grout of the shower flooring.  Place paper towels along the bottom of the shower flooring and pour hydrogen peroxide over the top to moisten the towels.  For added measure, press on top of the paper towels so that they become in contact with the grout between the tiles. Allow for the hydrogen peroxide to work it’s magic for 3-4 hours before returning to remove them from the freshened grout.

3 Enzyme Cleaner

This solution harnesses the power of active enzymes to eat through urine based ammonia residues trapped within the grout.  Put paper towels down within the shower and pour enzyme cleaning solution over the top to make the paper towels wet.  Allow 6-8 hours for the enzyme solution to wipe out the unwanted odor and freshen the grout.

4 Baking Soda

As a household solution, baking soda works wonders at absorbing odors.  Briefly turn on the shower to moisten the tile grout for better absorption.  Sprinkle heavy quantities of baking soda over all of the shower tiles and allow for it to sit for 4-8 hours.  After this time has passed, simply turn on the shower to wash the baking soda down the drain.

5 Bleach

This chemical can be used to strip all residues from the grout between shower tiles.  Set paper towels over the shower tiles and pour bleach on top of the towels to moisten them.  Allow the moist paper towels to sit for 3-5 hours before returning to remove them from the shower flooring.


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