How to Get Smell Out of Used Car

Buying a new (or nearly new) car is an exciting event in anyone’s life. However, no one counts on inheriting a stale smell with a new ride. The kinds of stink that can be lurking in a car can include smoke, dog smell or just a general staleness in the vehicle. None of them smell like new car. All of them have the potential to bring you down every time you get behind the wheel and take a whiff of your car’s interior. Check out this helpful guide to how to get smell out of used car to find out how to make your ride a much more pleasant place for you to spend time in.


When you buy a used car, you also inherit the smell of the previous owner’s personal habits. If he or she was a smoker, liked to snack on the road, or was or a pet lover, your nose will pick up evidence of it when you go for a drivel. You may feel that the stank will resolve itself over time or that you will just learn to live with these smells, but it’s not likely to happen. The smell will simply be a reminder that your car was previously enjoyed and you don’t want to live with that. Do something to get rid of the smell and clean up your car now.




How to Get Smell Out of Used Car

1 Baking Soda on a Plate Solution

To deodorize a new (to you) ride, try putting some baking soda on a plate. You can also open up a couple of new boxes and place them in your car. Roll up all the windows and doors and leave the car overnight. The baking soda should absorb the odor and leave it fresh-smelling by morning.


2 Murphy’s Oil Soap Clean-up

You will want to thoroughly clean the interior of the car to get the used car stank out. Give that smell the ole what-for with a solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap and water. It can be used on the dash, upholstery, carpet and the panels. Make a point of digging into all the nooks and crannies with an old toothbrush or some cotton swabs to remove all traces of dirt and dust.


3 Spray on Some Carpet Cleaner

A good carpet and upholstery shampoo can be used to get used car smell out of your vehicle. Spray it on and let it soak in for a few minutes. Use a Shop Vac to remove the shampoo. Let the car dry thoroughly before you take it out for a spin.


4 Get Tough with Tuff Stuff

Tuff Stuff is a foam cleaner that will lift dirt and help to eliminate used car smell. It can be used on vinyl, floor mats, and your car’s upholstery. You can also use this product to polish up your car’s chrome until it shines. Tuff Stuff is available in Wal-Mart stores.


5 Run an Ozone Generator

Rent an ozone generator and run the unit to get rid of any lingering odors. Depending on the severity of the problem and the sensitivity of your nose, you may need to crank it up and run it for several hours. You will need to run the hose into the car and seal up this window with cardboard and masking tape as best you can.


6 Rock on with Volcanic Rock

Visit your local home improvement store and pick up some volcanic rock. This product is sold in a small mesh bag. Place it inside the vehicle and leave it in place to absorb the stink where it lies.


7 Use Oatmeal to Absorb Odors

You can use oatmeal to get the smell out of your car. Make sure you choose the type that you need to cook (not instant oatmeal) for this purpose. Put it in a dish or sprinkle it on the floorboards and leave it in place. You can let your nose be your guide as to whether you can remove the dish or vacuum up the rolled oats.


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