How to Get Smell Out of Shofar

Upon purchasing a brand new shofar, many people are surprised to smell the stinky remains of the previous animal that it belonged to. Meaty animal particles often remain in shofars and begin to smell as decomposition of the bits rot away within the interior of the horn.


In such cases, you can wait for this or to naturally dissipate, or you can speed the process by using some household solutions. By applying the following suggestions, you can be sure that you will be blowing your freshened shofar in no time!


Shofar Smell Removal Solutions


1 White Vinegar

This household acid can work well at cutting through the odorous organics within a shofar. Begin by plugging the mouth piece of the shofar with an ear plug or a small cork. proceed to pour in a solution of one part white vinegar with three parts warm water. Allow this solution to sit within the shofar for 24-48 hours. During this time the vinegar mixture will work to eliminate any meat rot odors and freshen the interior of the horn. Finalize by pouring the solution out and allowing the shofar to naturally air dry.


2 Rubbing Alcohol

This alcohol can be helpful in neutralizing odors and sanitizing surfaces that stem from the decomposition processes. After plugging the mouth hole, fill the shofar with one part rubbing alcohol and three parts water. Allow for the solution to sit for 24 hours before returning to pour the deodorizing mixture out. Once completed,


3 Enzyme Cleaner

This solution works well when others have been less successful. The active enzymes within this solution will help in literally eating through the rotting particles within the interior of the horn and leave the natural fiber smelling fresh. Enzyme cleaners can be purchased at pet stores and most large supermarkets. Pour equal parts of enzyme cleaner and water inside the interior of the shofar after successfully plugging the mouth piece with cork. Allow the solution to sit for 24-48 hours as the enzyme reduce the odor levels within the shofar. Once completed, pour the contents out and allow the shofar to air dry.


4 Hydrogen Peroxide

This solution works well at eliminating high bacterial levels within the horn that may be causing the odor. Mix a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts and pour within the shofar. Once completed, allow for the shofar to sit for 24 hours before pouring the contents out and allowing it to air dry.


5 Cat Litter

This is an unconventional solution that can eliminate odors. Pour clean unused cat litter within the horn and allow it to sit for 5-7 days after being filled. During this time the fresh cat litter will help in absorbing much of the odor and drying out any of the smelly organics living within the shofar.


6 Product Solution

Many may be surprised that such a product exists, but specialized shofar deodorizing solutions can be purchase to fix your horn smell issues. The product spray is sold on and is called “Shofar Odor Neutralizing Spray”.

Photo Credit: Ethan Ablemon



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