How to Get Smell Out of Keurig

A Keurig coffee maker is marketed so that people can brew a variety of single-serving hot beverages at home. While this product may be convenient, it can also give off a stink that has been described by different people as smelling like something between rancid plastic and burnt metal. That is definitely not what you want to greet the ole schnoz when you hit the floor in the morning. You want your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to smell like those drinks, not like a clothes iron or like something in your house is burning. Yecch! Even the thought of that level of stank is enough to make you want to give up caffeine forever. Since we don’t want to be too hasty about ditching coffee, this guide will tell you how to get smell out of Keurig so you can focus on enjoying your favorite warm drinks.



Rather than waiting and hoping that the stink coming from your new coffee maker will dissipate on its own, you can help matters along by taking action right away. If you just sit back and do nothing, the smell will just worm its way down through the machine and into your drink. One sip of coffee that tastes like warmed-over plastic would be enough to turn you off Java for awhile. As if having a funky coffee maker wasn’t bad enough, you can’t even enjoy the beverages it produces for you! Some things just aren’t right. Rather than suffer in silence and put up with lousy coffee, a much better choice is to check out the solutions listed here.



How to Get Smell Out of Keurig

1 Air Out Your Unit

One strategy for dealing with a smelly Keurig coffee maker is to take it out of the box and letting it sit out for a little while. Put it on your kitchen counter and let the air get at it. Don’t use it for a week or two, even if you are really tempted to check it out. The offensive smell may be gone if you just give it some time, and your patience will be rewarded.


2 Run Some Hot Water Through It

Flushing the Keurig with a lot of hot water may help to dissipate the smell. This solution will take several days, though. You will need to be patient with the process, and prepared to run 20-30 cups of water through the unit before you will know whether this solution is successful at eliminating the stink from your coffee machine.


3 Run a White Vinegar Cycle

Fill up the reservoir on the unit about halfway with white vinegar. Run the cycle with no K cup in the holder. When you have finished, remove the reservoir from the unit and rinse it thoroughly with water. Refill it with water and run it again until you don’t smell the vinegar anymore. At that point, you will know you have eliminated the stank situation.


4 Soap and Water Fix

Take the removable parts off the unit and wash them with dish detergent and water. You can also put them in the dishwasher and run it through a full wash cycle. These parts can be placed on the top rack if you decide to go with the second option. The reservoir from the Keurig is the part that you should be focused on to get rid of the new coffee maker smell. Check the parts after they have been thoroughly cleaned to see whether you have eliminated the bad odor. If not, repeat the process.


5 Add Some Vanilla

To get rid of the smell from your Keurig, try adding a few drops of vanilla extract to the water. Run the cycle through. The vanilla will replace the burnt Lego smell with something that is much more pleasant. Let your nose be your guide as to whether this solution has been successful in solving the funk issue for your Keurig coffee maker.


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