How to Get Smell Out of Diaper Pail

Having a baby can be the one of most wonderful events in a person’s life. While everyone is cooing about the new baby’s face, no one talks about the stuff that comes out the other end. It’s hard to imagine how something so cute and cuddly can produce so much stinky stuff in his or her diapers. It just keeps on coming. The diaper pail becomes Stink Central. Every time you lift the lid, the smell of baby pee and poop is waiting to jump out and pummel your nostrils. Trying to go all Mission Impossible to sneak up on the pail and just opening it a crack so you can slide the newly soiled diaper in won’t help. Call in the bigger guns and check out this guide to how to get smell out of diaper pail.


Unfortunately, getting the used diapers into the pail is only half the battle. You will also be faced with being slapped up the side of the head with stank when you empty the pail at some point. Sooner or later, the lid will have to come off and you simply have to accept this fact. Try emptying the pail daily to keep the smell from building in intensity if you can. Letting the diapers sit for any length of time will only prolong the agony and give the waste time to ferment. The suggestions here will help to keep the reek down to a more manageable level when you are dealing with a malodorous diaper pail.




How to Get Smell Out of Diaper Pail

1 Activated Charcoal to the Rescue

Activated charcoal is well known for its ability to absorb stink out of materials of all kinds, and diaper pails are no exception. You can find the stuff you need at a pet store that offers products for fish tanks. Look for the type that comes in a mesh or perforated plastic bag for best results. Dust it off before use.  Place it in the bottom of the diaper pail and use a fresh one every two or three months to keep it fresh smelling.


2 Fridge It Out

Fridge It Odor Eliminator uses activated carbon to get rid of stubborn smells. The toxic waste fumes of a diaper pail would definitely fit into this category. This product traps the smell particles instead of covering them up. It is safe to use around pets, too. Just hang it close to the diaper pail and it will get work eliminating the stank at its source.


3 Baking Soda Odor Neutralizer

Baking soda is an excellent all-purpose, non-toxic neutralizer. It’s absolutely safe to use in a baby’s room or anywhere in your home. You can add a new box to the bottom of your diaper pail or sprinkle some at the bottom of it, if you prefer. Either way, it will help to keep the smell down. If you decide to use a box, just remember to replace it every two or three months.


4 Scrub with Bleach and Water

Keeping your diaper pail clean means bacteria won’t have the chance to start growing on its inside surface. Wash it regularly with a mild bleach and water solution to keep it fresh. The bleach will help to deodorize it as well. Some people like to use ammonia, but this chemical doesn’t kill bacteria. Bleach is your best bet if your goal is to go after the stench before it has a chance to start forming. If you decide to use ammonia, do not mix it with bleach. Be sure to rinse the pail thoroughly before you replace it in the baby’s room.


5 Take the Problem Outside

This solution falls under the general category of letting the sunshine in. Empty the diaper pail out thoroughly and leave it wide open. Set it in a sunny spot and leave it outside for a time. The fresh air and sunlight will work together to remove the stink from the pail naturally.


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