How to Get Skunk Smell Out of Cat

Although cats get skunked less than dogs, the resulting stench can be just as unpleasant. A skunk spray of a cat is often much more challenging, as they will put up a greater fight during a deodorizing bath.


Bathing your cat may have challenges, but there remain several household solutions to eliminate the odorous skunk oil within the its fur. By following the below steps and solutions, you can be sure that your cat will be free of skunk stench and smelling fresh.



Skunk Smell Removal Solutions for Cats


1 Prepare Yourself and Treat Quickly

Once your cat gets sprayed, you will need to first prepare yourself for it’s treatment. The smelly oil residues sprayed on your cat can easily rub off on your hands and clothes. With this in mind, you should immediately change into clothing that you do no care for and place on rubber gloves to protect your hands from the treatment.


2 Quarantine in Bath or Shower

Once you have prepared yourself, you will need to proceed to quarantine your sprayed kitty within the bathroom. This will help to minimize the damage that a freshly sprayed cat can have when rubbing up against various areas of the home. If you can manage to contain your cat within the bath or shower this will work even better in minimizing the potential odorous damage that this can create.


3 Prepare Bath or Shower

In order to prepare the cat for the bath, you will need to plug the drain and create a pool of water that is a minimum of 3-4 inches deep. Ideally, you will want the water reach close to your kitten’s chest. During this time, do your best to calm your cat to ensure that it does not panic within the water.


4 Traditional Deskunking Solution

A household de-skunking solution can be made from simple ingredients that are found within most households. It is highly effective at breaking down and liquifying the skunk oil and working to absorb and cut through the odor. To create, you will need to produce a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and one teaspoon of dish detergent. Dunk an old rags within the foamy substance and proceed to scrub down the cat’s fur and scrub away any skunk residues. Once the household solution has been applied to the entire cat, you can proceed to wash the solution away from the cat’s fur with the available water at the base of the tub. Take precaution to avoid getting this solution within the eyes of your cats.


5 Tomato Juice

Tomato juice can have a powerful effect in cutting through the skunk spray oils and neutralizing the odors. Fill a bowl with tomatoes juice and dunk a old hand towel within the substance. Proceed to rub down the entire cat from head to toe with the solution to ensure that no area is left untouched. Make sure that you rub the juice within the fur for a few minutes, before washing the tomato juice from the cat’s fur. Similarly, you will want to be careful to not get any tomato juice within cat’s eyes while applying to the cat’s face.


6 Cat Shampoo

As a final solution, the use of cat shampoo can have a powerful effect in cutting through the skunky stench within your cat. Use vet approved cat shampoo within a bowl and proceed to dunk an old small hand towel within the mixture. Next, begin rubbing down the cat with the solution to ensure that the entire feline has been scrubbed down. Upon completion, wash away the solution with the bath water below. As a final precaution, take care to avoid getting the solution within the cat’s eyes.

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  1. I bathed my cat for de-skuning with the home made solution but missed a spot so it still has the bad smell. I can’t trick him into another bath so want to clean the spot which is yellow on my white cat so easy to tell where I should wash. My question is: can he get sick if he licks the spot afterwards which probably won’t be rinsed well? I would like to use just the baking soda and peroxide without the Dove soap but not sure if that would work.

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