How to Get Rotten Fish Smell Out of Freezer

Our freezers do their best to maintain and preserve our frozen frozen fish. Unfortunately, power outages, misfunctions and accidental unplugs can lead to thawing and rotting of fish. When this happens, an over powering stench can develop that can last long after the fishy remains have been cleared and clean from within.



Though the stench of rotten fish is extremely difficult to treat, there exist a range of household solutions for deodorizing a freezer after an unlucky accident. By using the tips and tricks outlined below, you can be sure that the rotten fishy funk will be eliminate to leave the freezer smelling fresh.




Rotten Fish Smell Removal Solutions for Freezer

1 White Vinegar Wipe Down

This household acid is a great preliminary solution for striping away any remaining fish residues. Mix one part white vinegar with five parts water within a large bowl. Proceed to dunk a sponge within the solution and proceed to scrub down the interior of the freezer to clean away any smelly residues. Once completed, closed the door and allow the vinegar to deodorize over the course

2 Sprinkle Baking Soda

The use of this deodorizing powder can work as a great solution for absorbing rotten fish juice odors from the inside of a a freezer. After cleaning out all fish juices with a soapy solution and and dish towel, you can sprinkle heavy quantities of baking soda over the floor space of the freezer. Proceed to close the door and allow the baking soda to slowly absorb fishy aromas for the subsequent two days. ONce completed, you can finish by opening the freshened freezer and sweeping out the baking soda.

3 Coffee Grounds Tray

The use of coffee grounds work in a similar function to baking soda and can be extremely successful in absorbing freezer odors. To apply, begin by pouring coffee grounds on a flat tray. Next, spread the coffee ground out on tray and place the tray within the empty freezer. Allow the coffee grounds tray to absorb odors for two to three days before removing the tray from the deodorized freezer.

4 Vanilla & Newspaper Wads

The use of vanilla extract and crumpled newspaper together can work well at absorbing rotten fish odor and replacing it with a pleasurable scent. Begin by filling a small saucer with vanilla extract and water in equal parts. Crumple up enough newspaper wads to fill the freezer and proceed to lightly dip them within this mixture and then place within the freezer. Once the entire freezer has been filled, close the door and allow the contents to deodorize the freezer’s interior for the following 2-4 days.

5 Lemon Juice Spray & Wipe

As a fast and natural solution, the use of lemon juice can be effective in combating rotten fish related odors in the freezer. Begin by mixing a solution of one part lemon juice with two parts warm water within a generic spray bottle. Proceed to spray down the freezer’s interior and close the door for 6-8 hours. After this time has passed, return to wipe down the freezer walls to lift away any freezer residues.

6 Bleach Floor & Walls

As a final solution, the use of bleach is almost always effective at eliminating rotten fish odor. Fill a bowl with a solution of one part bleach to three parts water. Proceed to dip a paper towel within the solution and lay it out along the bottom of the freezers floor. Continue this procedure until the floor is completely covered with paper towels. Using an old towel, wipe down the walls and chilling of the freezer and close the door for 24-48 hours. After this time period, remove the bleach soaked paper towels from the freezer’s floor and wash down the interior with a wet rag.

Once the rotten juices make their way deep inside the freezers interior walls, there is often no choice but to buy a new one. When this becomes a necessity, you can use this guide for installing a new freezer.


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4 thoughts on “How to Get Rotten Fish Smell Out of Freezer”

  1. Your first Vinegar solution ends with “the course”and looks cut off as to it’ ending.

    How long do you let the vinegar sit with the door closed?

    Really like your suggestions, had freezer given to me which had a rotten fish on the bottom self that had been thawed out for quite some time. Maggots and plenty of maggot eggs.

    Hosed iit out , sprayed with bleach soliton and have tried charcoal, baking soda, and some coffee grounds and still have a rotten smell but it is better. Will try the vinegar next.

    An appliance part store here in town told me the repairmen he knew use vinegar douche when working on units which next to be deodorized. Might try that if the other things on the list don’ work

    1. Bought a deep freeze for my daughter from a friends friend. Got it home thinking nothing of it and opened it up to the most horrible shrimp smell. I scrubbed it out with soft scrub with bleach and it took some of it out. So then I used bleach and water literally leaving bleach on the bottom of the freezer for hours. went out and cleaned it all out and washed it again with hot rinse water. Opened it up this morning and I can still smell the shrimp odor. not so bad but it is still there. Tried the vinegar, coffee…ect…I think mine is to gone into the walls of the freezer. Figured bleach would do it and I mean I used alot of bleach. Let me know if you find anything.

  2. I had a rotten meat odor in my deep freezer, I mixed half cup fresh squeezed lemon juice, half cup vinegar and quarter cup water, I sprinkled the freezer with baking soda then sprayed all sides with the lemon vinegar solution and left the freezer closed for few days, then I wiped it clean again. Now it smells fresh and clean again.

  3. Your comments on getting rid of the fish smell works only if you can reach the surface, but how do you really get the smell of fish if it’s in side the frig. The smell of fish, I do not know how it got there is coming out of the freezer exhaust vent where the fan blows the smell right into your face the minute you open the freezer door. Is there any suggestion on how to spray or put something down the exhaust vent to get the smell out. Any help to get rid of the nasty fish smell is appreciated. Send any information that would help. Thank you very much for any helpful suggestions. Sincerely a devoted person to a clean environment.

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