How to Get Rid of Asian Cooking Smell

While many people enjoy eating Asian food, the aroma of this cuisine is not one that they want attaching itself to their home or clothing. It tends to waft through the house and cling onto any and all surfaces that it encounters along the way. The stank is made up of an interesting combination of chill powder, chilies, curry powder, onions, cooking oil, garlic, salt and various other ingredients. No wonder the reek packs such a wallop when they are combined. Our guide focuses on how to remove Asian cooking smell in case you find some lying in wait after you make a stir fry or other similar dish.


Asian cooking smells aren’t easy to get rid of after eating a meal, either. We’ve included some solutions for getting rid of the funk from your breath in case you are concerned that brushing your teeth and using mouthwash may not be enough to deal with the issue. That way, you can enjoy Asian cooking with confidence that you won’t reek of the stuff after the fact.



How to Get Rid of Asian Cooking Smell from House

1 Lemon Water Boil-up

Start by placing a pot of water on the stove. Bring it to a boil. Squeeze the juice from two or three lemons into the water. You can toss in the rinds to give it an extra boost of citrus freshness. The aroma will spread through your house to get rid of the Asian cooking smell.


2 White Vinegar Cup Odor Absorber

White vinegar will absorb a number of household smells, including the unwelcome aromas from cooking. To send the stank packing, fill some cups with pure white vinegar. Leave them out overnight. Your place will only smell like a French fry factory for a short time. The vinegar will absorb the smell by morning.


3 Light Up Some Candles

Burning candles in your home can help to get rid of the smell of Asian cooking. Choose a scented one in a fragrance you find particularly soothing and light it up. A variation to this solution that will work is to add some concentrated oil to a candle burner. Plug it in and allow the fragrance to fill the room.


Get Asian Cooking Smell Out of Clothes

1 Store Them in a Cedar Chest

To keep your clothes from picking up a stanky Asian smell, avoid any prolonged exposure to the source of the issue. Buy a cedar chest and store your belongings in there. (Shop around for an unfinished style to get the best price.) Your clothes will have the much more pleasant aroma of cedar on them, rather than the heavier, greasier food smell. Another option if you don’t want to invest in a cedar chest is to place some cedar shavings in a tray in the bottom of your closet.


2 Cat Litter Stank Absorber

This solution will get the smell of Asian food out of your clothes closet, and you don’t need to have a cat to make it work. Spread some cat litter in a pan and leave it out. Over time, the the litter will absorb the smell, leaving your closet a much more pleasant-smelling place.


3 Oust Air Sanitizer Spray Solution

You can find Oust Air Sanitizer spray at Lowe’s and other retailers. This product is used to kill germs on hard surfaces and in the air. Close your bedroom door and spray the closet and the room. Give the spray some time to work before re-entering the bedroom and closet area.


How to Get Rid of Asian Cooking Smell Breath

1 Clove or Cardamon Treatment

You can banish the smell from Asian cooking from your mouth by placing one or two pieces of cloves or cardamon in your mouth. Be careful not to bite down or chew on them. Leave them in place for a few minutes and remove.


2 Drink Some Real Lemonade

A citrus flavor will combat the smell from Asian cooking. If you can’t stand to eat a lemon, drink some lemonade made with the real fruit. If you don’t have an old-fashioned recipe handy, look one up online and try it.


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