How to Get Mold Smell Out of Wood

When mold gets within wood, the pungent odor can be quite challenging to escape from.  Wood left within a damp or dark location can develop a distinct set of smells which only become worse if left untreated.



This guide provides a range of solutions will be provide for wiping out these spore and then neutralizing the unpleasant aroma.  By following the tips below, you can better your chance of eliminating moldy infestation of your wood, and return it to normal.


Eradicate Mold

The first step to eliminating the odor is to kill the mold spore that creates this stench.  The best way to do this is by using bleach to wipe out all of the mold at it’s source.


1 Bleach

This is best solution for eliminating a variety of organic organisms including mold.  The bleach cuts through wood fiber and works well at sterilizing any surface that it is applied to.  Prepare a solution of one part bleach to six parts water within a bowl.  Dunk a cloth within the formula and begin scrubbing down the moldy surface.  Be sure to wipe off all visible mold growth, while scrubbing down all areas within a few feet of the mold’s location.


Bleach can be very effective, but it also can cause bleaching of sensitive wood fiber. To prevent this on a delicate piece of wood, you can further dilute the solution to one part bleach and twelve parts water.  As a final preventative step, be sure to rinse bleach off with a water solution.


Smell Removal Solutions

The following solutions can be used by themselves or in combination.  By using more than just one tip, you can increase your chance of success.


1 White Vinegar

Create a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts.  Scrub location down thoroughly to wipe off any remaining bleach.  Vinegar has the effect of neutralizing the bleach and mold odor with it’s own distinct smell which will go away once dried.


2 Hydrogen Peroxide

This powerful household ingredient does a great job at breaking down organics.  Mix this solution in equal parts with water and apply to the origin of the odor.   Scrub this into the fiber and let sit to air dry.   A lesser known benefit of this solution is that it will also work to remove any unwanted discolorations or stains caused by the mold.


3 Baking Soda

Mix a solution of one part baking soda with 5 parts water to scrub area down.  If smell persists, sprinkling baking soda in heavy quantities over this location and leave it to sit for 24-48 hours. Upon competition, sweep powder up and leave freshen wood behind.


4 Murphy’s Oil Soap

This is a wonderful product for cleaning and deodorizing wood.  The oil works well at getting deep within the fiber of the wood and neutralizes odors.  To use, pour this product on the location and scrub substance into the wood’s grain.  You can lift remaining solution from the surface with a cloth.


5 Nature’s Miracle

This is another product which works well in cleaning wood.  It harnesses the power of active enzymes that actively work to wipe out organic materials like mold.  Apply this solution and scrub the product deep within the wood’s fiber.  Upon competition, wipe up the moisture leaving wood’s grain to air dry.



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