How to Get Dog Smell Out of House

Doggy odor produces a musty smell that is not easily removed from the home.  When our canine companion’s dander sets into all areas of the interior, many question whether they will ever be able to regain control of their home.


Fortunately, there exist a wide range of solutions for neutralizing our doggy odor.  In this guide, there will be a wide range of tips to bring you closer to getting the freshness back within your household.


Dog Household Solutions

The combination of the below tips will go far in removing doggy odors from any house.


1 Open Windows

The first step to removing the smell of dog within your home is allowing fresh air to circulate through it.  In the rooms in which your dog frequents, open the windows to allow air to pass through it.


2 Remove Dog Toys

Everything from the dogs tug rope to their prized bone must be gathered and placed in a remote location of the house or outside.   When the mixture of saliva and dander builds up on them, they can create an odor of their own within your living space.


3 Clean Dog’s Favorite Furniture

Furniture frequented by dogs often inherit an unwanted aroma.  In most cases,this odor can be removed by mixing a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water.  Pour the contents of this formula within a spray bottle and mist down the furniture.  Open windows within the room to speed the evaporation process.


4 Sprinkle Carpeting with Baking Soda

Dogs spend so much time on the carpeting that much of their dander rubs of on the fiber.  Baking soda can help in removing this smell through it’s power of absorption.  Sprinkle entire carpeting with a light amount of baking soda and allow for it to set in for 24 hours.  A day later, return and vacuum the the deodorizing powder from the carpeting.


5 Spray Vodka

Vodka can work wonders on a range of locations within your house.  Simply pour vodka within a spray bottle and mist down any location smelly of your canine companion.  The vodka will quickly neutralize the odor and carry it away as it evaporates.


Preventative Dog Odor Solutions

There are things that can be done to prevent the odor from taking over the entire house.  Maintenance of these select practices will insure that the odor does not gain a stronghold on the fresh air within the home.


1 Keep Dog Clean

Hygiene and the development of dander depends on the dog.  Some veterinarians recommend shampooing your dog every month to prevent regular odor from building up.  By keeping your dog odor-free, it can help in keeping your house smelling fresh.


2 Cover Dog’s Favorite Furniture

If your dog’s favorite spot is the couch, make sure that you’ve placed a fabric cover over this piece of furniture.  Doing this will save you from the laborious task of cleaning upholstery on the couch.  Fabric covers can be easily removed and cleaned within a washer and dryer cycle.


3 Dog Room

Keeping your dog restricted to certain sections of the house can help prevent the odor from flowing freely throughout all of the rooms.  If dog odor is an issue for you, restrict the dog to the areas of the house where you wont mind a smell developing.


4 Keep Dog Outside

Dogs may be cute, but you may want to train them to be an outdoor dog if odors become an issue.  Providing them with an outdoor dog house will provide shelter, and clear all dog related smell from within your house.


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2 thoughts on “How to Get Dog Smell Out of House”

  1. Whoever wrote this is an idiot.
    Train your dog to be an outside dog just because your house has an odor? Its called keeping things clean. Amd febreze. You are advocating so much ignorance here. People need to do research before the adopt animals. One thing anyone with common sense would know is DOGS SMELL LIKE DOGS. They are not lawn ornaments, they are family members. Get some febreze and suck it up!

  2. I had a roommate with a dog who recently moved out. The bedroom she was in smells of really stinky dog. I live in the keys, so there isn’t really a lot of cool breezes. And the floor is tile, so I can’t use the baking soda idea. Do you have any suggestions on getting this smell out. It’s only in the one room.

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