How to Get Weed Smell Out of Backpack?

Q Reader’s Odor Question

Sooo…. I’m in college and work at a medicinal marijuana distribution facility. I am very straight edge, and my friends, family and roommates have no idea of this part of my life. I’d like to keep it this way! My problem is that my schooling backpack continually smells of a fresh weed odor. Last night, my roommate Jordy actually asked me if I had been around an area of a skunk spray. I worry that they will soon find out about this additional income source if I don’t take measures to prevent it from happening. Can you help me? Many Thanks! – Kevin




A Smell Removal Answers


1 White Vinegar Wash Cycle

As a preliminary step, you will want to work to deodorize the backpack to eliminate any musty weed odors. You can accomplish this by adding an deodorizing boost to your normal detergent washing machine cycle of the backpack. Once you have checked to see if your backpack is machine washable, you will want to place the machine settings accordingly, and proceed to add in a additional cup of white vinegar within the cycle. Once completed, hang the backpack outside to air dry rather than opting for the drying machine. This will help to avoid unwanted shrinkage and will help to lift away any additional odors.


2 Baking Soda Detergent Boost

If you do not have white vinegar, baking soda can work well as a deodorizing alternative. Measure one cup of baking soda and add it within a normal wash cycle along with normal washing machine detergent. The baking soda will work to absorb some of the deep weed odors within the fiber and leave it smelling fresh. Similar to white vinegar, you will want to hang to backpack outside to naturally air dry rather than using the drying machine.


3 Vodka Spray

If you are on the go, spraying your backpack down with vodka can be highly effective at cutting through many of the odors. The high alcohol content neutralizes many weed odors on contact and works to dry away odorously. Pour a small amount of vodka within a spray bottle and proceed to spray down your backpack. Once you have sprayed down the entire backpack, put the backpack in the sun to allow the alcohol to quickly evaporate and lift much of the unwanted aroma away.


4 Deodorizing Product Spray

As another fast solution, the use of a store bought deodorizing product can work well at covering up the odor within the short term. Whether it is Glade or Febreze, will need to give the backpack a thorough spray down and place it within the sun to quickly evaporate. In many circumstances, this will be sufficient to properly cover the scent of weed.


5 Trash Bag the Backpack

As a preventative solution, you may want to consider always having a trash bag within your backpack. Any time that you anticipate being around weed, simply place the backpack within the enclosed trash bag. This will ensure that no weedy residues will make their way within the canvas material.


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How to Get Weed Smell Off Breath

Among our family and friends, we do not want to judged for our extracurricular activities. However, when your breathe smells of weed, these people may begin to believe that you are a pothead.


Within this guide, there are a range of solutions for neutralizing weed odor within your mouth.  By following the below tips, you will be able to increase your odds of eliminating these odors and say goodbye to weed within your breathe.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Mouthwash

Mouthwash is one of the most popular solutions for eliminating weed-based odor within your mouth.  By swishing and gargling this substance you will be able to knock out the most of the traces within your breathe.

2 Hydrogen Peroxide

This is often used as a powerful substitute for mouthwash.  By swishing and gargling this solution, it will cut through the organic materials within your mouth and leave your breathe smelling fresh.  As a note of caution, should mix this substance in equal parts with water to avoid the full strength of this compound.

3 Drinking Water

Drinking large amount of water you will allow you to wash down much of the weedy residue covering your mouth and throat.  One to two pints (16-32 oz) of water usually does the trick.

4 Water + Baking Soda

Baking soda works great at absorbing and carrying off odors.  By mixing a solution of water and baking soda in equal part you can create a homemade mouth wash.  By swishing and gargling this substance within your mouth for 30-45 seconds you will be able to kill off much of the smoke residue contributing to weed breathe.

5 Vodka

The alcohol within vodka cuts through many odor creating residues.  By simply taking and shot and remembering to swish before swallowing, you will be able to eliminate most signs of weed from your breathe.  One benefit of vodka is that it is nearly impossible to smell on someones breathe.

6 Ginger Candies

Candies that containing ginger ingredients do a great job at neutralizing and masking the smell of weed.  Be sure that the candies contain real ginger, as the artificially flavored ones are not nearly as effective.

7 Peanut Butter

Using peanut butter has long been used to mask the smell of weed on one’s breathe.  By simply eating some peanut butter after smoking weed you will be able to cover much weed scent within breathe.

8 Fresh Lemonade

The active acids within lemons do a great job at cutting through smoke related odors.  Be sure that the juice is freshly squeezed, as artificially flavored juice is not nearly as effective. 

9 Fresh Orange Juice

By drinking orange juice, you will be able to apply the same acids as lemonade to the fight against weed breathe.  The citric acid works by breaking down smoke related residues and leaves your mouth smelling fresh.

10 Cigarette

When all else fails, smoke a cigarette.  Smoking a cigarette will mask the smell of weed and give you an excuse to be carrying a lighter.  You should always have a pack of cigarettes stashed for any emergencies.


How to Get Weed Smell Off Yourself

The are many reasons to avoid smelling of weed.  It carries a social stigma, and can bring undesired consequences among certain social crowds.  After we smoke, this residue often lives long after our session within our clothing, hair and hands.

Fortunately, there are several solutions for neutralizing the odor while on the go.  In this guide, several tips are provided for wiping out these odors to ensure that you smell fresh no matter where you are.


Clothes often capture the majority of weed residue.  If you are trying to keep your extra-curricular activities under-wraps, it is recommended that you treat your stinky threads as your first priority.

1 Toke Outdoors

By smoking outside, you will be able to vastly reduce the amount of odor that can find it’s way within your clothing.  This preventative measure works best in remote areas where the smell will not bring any unwanted attention.

2 Window Fan

As an additional preventative step, run a fan by the window to push much of the wanted aroma outside.  This will cut down of the amount of residual weed residue that makes it’s way within clothes, hair and even hands.

3 Cigarette

When all else fails, simply cover up the odor with the smell of tobacco smoke.  By lighting up a cigarette, you can cut down on the detection of weed odor.  As an added benefit, this provides an excuse for carrying around a lighter.

4 Febreze

This product works magic in getting deep within clothing fiber to wipe out smoke related odors.  By spraying yourself down head to toe, you can enter any social engagement with a clear conscience.  Place multiple bottles within strategic positions around the house, car and even office to be prepared for any occasion.

For more solutions on removing weed odors from clothes, click here.


Getting weed smell caught up within ones hair is a constant concern for many people with long hair.  It is rather difficult to avoid getting some smell caught within your follicles, but there are solutions to prevent and remove the odor.

1 Hair Up

As a preventative measure, put your hair up in a bun before smoking weed. This creates a tightened environment, that makes it difficult for weed to find it’s way into follicles.

2 Hair Down + Sun

By going outside with your hair down and sitting in the sun up to 30 minutes, it can have a wonderful effect on removing smoke-based odor.  The fresh breeze and UV rays that exist outside can work miracles in wiping out odors.

3 Vodka

This drink has natural capabilities of wiping out smoke residue odors.  Pour a small portion into your hand and run it through the affected hair.  As the vodka evaporates, it will work to remove much of the odor causing residue.

For more solutions on removing weed odors from hair, click here.


Having your hands smelling of weed can be a dead giveaway to your friends, family and colleagues.  While many do not place a priority on keeping hands fresh, it is an important action to avoiding detection.

1 Antibacterial Soap

If you are within range of a sink with antibacterial soap, be sure to first give this a try.  It should be able to wipe out the smokey odors and return your hands smelling fresh again.

2 Alcohol Splash

For the hard to get weed odors, splash your hands with any kind of alcohol you can get your hands on.  Vodka or even rubbing alcohol will work in neutralizing the odor and carrying it away as it evaporates.

For more solutions on removing weed odors from hands, click here.


How to Get Weed Smell Out of Hair

Weed smelling hair is often an unfortunate side effect of smoking pot.  When this happens, it can easily be detected and make it difficult to keep this activity under wraps.

This guide provides a range of solutions for removing weed odor from your follicles.  By following the below tips, you can increase your chance of neutralizing the odor and enter any social encounter undetected.

Smell Removal On-The-Go

1 Hair Down

After your hair has acquired a weedy funk, be sure to let it down.  Letting your hair down frees the stands up to allow air to sweep through and carry away the unwanted aroma.

2 Sun

The sun naturally works to neutralize weed odors.  Spend a minimum of 30-45 minutes in direct sunlight and allow UV rays to burn out much of the smoke-based residue.

3 Vodka

If vodka is available, it can be poured within your hands and rubbed into areas of hair that has been affected by the smoke.  It can also be applied with a spray bottle allowing for easy application of the substance.

4 Febreze

This product is a wonderful solution for clearing smoke odors from your locks.  Stowing a few bottles within strategic positions can be helpful for deodorizing your hair on short notice.

Smell Prevention

1 Hair Up

Keeping hair up prior to smoking weed can protect the majority of your follicles from being affected by the smoke.  After smoking, spray your hair bun lightly with deodorant or perfume and let your hair down.

2 Smoke Outdoors

By smoking outdoors, the amount of odor captured within hair is much less than smoking indoors.  The open space outdoors is a much larger area for smokey odors to dissipate into.

3 Window Fan

When smoking indoors, make sure to have a fan running by the windows.   This will sweep much of the smoke outside and prevent it from getting within your hair.

4 Use a Vaporizer

Smoking from a vaporizer is another great option for smoking indoors.  Vaporizers are virtually odorless and are great for cutting down on the weed residue that can get within your follicles.


How to Get Weed Smell Off Hands

Hands are often left with a pungent weedy odor after smoking pot.  Due to proximity to the substance, hands usually absorb the most residue and carry the greatest potency.


Fortunately, there are several solutions for removing and disguising weed odor to have your fingers smelling fresh.  By following the below suggestions, you will be able to eliminate this unwanted odor whether at home, school or the office.

Weed Smell Removal Solutions

1 Antibacterial Soap

Simply going to the public bathroom and washing hands is often the best solution.  Antibacterial solutions can vary in their effectiveness, but most are strong enough to neutralize weed odors within your hands.

2 Portable Hand Sanitizer

Carrying portable hand sanitizer is a great idea for anyone on the go.  Portable hand sanitizer contains alcohol effective at breaking down odors and covering them up.

3 Vodka

This party drink has been used for several generations as a household deodorant.  Vodka is great at neutralizing smells, and the alcohol is virtually odorless once dried.

4 Vinegar

This compound works wonders at neutralizing odors and replacing them with a vinegar tinge. After splashing hands with vinegar, be sure to wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap to remove vinegar smell. Alternatively, the vinegar smell will go away once dried.

5 Citrus Fruit

Oranges, lemons and limes all work well in masking smoke related odors.  Open a fruit up and rub it over your hands.  Be sure to follow this by rinsing hands to remove any sticky juices.

6 Deodorant

If you have a speed stick handy, roll it over your hands.  This works well on short notice, when antibacterial soap is out of reach.  If you have time, rinse hands to remove chalky deodorant substance left on hands.

7 Perfume

Spraying perfume into your hands is another last minute solution for covering up odors on the spot.  Also spray your body as this will cover weed odors within clothing as well.

8 Baking Soda

If there is time to create a mixture of baking soda and water, this formula is effective at eliminating odors within your hands.  Mix a cup of water and 3 tea spoons of baking soda, and rub into hands thoroughly.

9 Nail Polish Remover

As a last resort, you can splash your hands with nail polish removal to strip away any residues from your hands.  Be sure to follow this by washing your hands with antibacterial soap to rinse this harsh chemical compound away.

10 Onion & Garlic

Under the presumption that any smell is better than weed odor, you can use onion or garlic when the above options are not available.  Cut either of these in half, and proceed to rub the interior on all areas of your hands.  It’s better to have a stinky hands, than incriminating ones.


How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car

If someone has sparked-up within your car, you will need to take precaution to avoid the smelly after-effects left in the automobile. Undoubtedly, smoking weed within a car is not a wise decision.  It is both dangerous and risky, as you could harm someone and being caught smoking weed on the road commands a DUI.  Just as drinking and driving is frowned upon, authorities do not differentiate when marijuana is found within the confines of an automobile.

This guide is written as a one-time solution, rather than a habitual solution for smoking weed on-the-go. By following the below steps, you can cut down on many tell-tale weed odors, and minimize the scent within your car.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Roll Down Windows

If someone has smoked within your weed within your car, the first thing that you can do it roll down the windows.  Opening the windows and airing out the car has a steady effect of lowering the odor built up within the car.

2 Febreze

This product works wondering in neutralizing smoke-based odors.  Spraying this product around your car is an effective solution for neutralizing this unwanted aroma.

3 Spray Cologne or Perfume in AC Vents

As a quick solution, turn the AC on full blast and spray either perfume and cologne into the vents.  This will have a the quick effect of masking the weed odor within your automobile with a strong personalized scent

4 Cigarettes

You can effectively mask weed related odor by smoking several cigarettes within the car.  Be sure to keep the windows shut while smoking the cigarettes to make sure that the tobacco odor is effectively infused within the car’s interior.

5 Ozium

Similar to Febreze, this product works well at neutralizing odors within the interior of a car.  Many prefer this product due to it’s strong at masking solution and small packaging.

6 Tree Freshener

While this is not a solution in itself, it can only help in masking weed odor after someone has smoked within your car.


How to Get Weed Smell Out of Clothes

We all have our reasons to avoid smelling of pot.   Our authority figures vary with age (parents-employers), but our bottom-line is that we do not want to advertise our extracurricular activities.

The best way to avoid detection is to minimize the lingering smell that is left within clothing. When you toke, there is often a lingering musk infused within clothing.  To minimize and camouflage this remaining odor, there are variety of strategies that you can MacGyver on short notice.  By employing the following tips, you can enter any social engagement with a clear conscience.

Preventative Odor Solutions

1 Blow Away

After taking a hit, be sure to blow the smoke away from yourself and your clothing.  Be sure to blow to the side or upwards rather then down at your clothing.

2 Toke Outside

By smoking outside, you can effectively cut down on the majority of the smoke getting caught within your clothing fiber.  Within the great outdoors, there is a much greater space for the smoke to disburse into.

On-The-Go Solutions

We don’t always have very much time to remove weed based odors.  For when you find yourself in a crunch, you can use one of the following solutions while on the move.

1 Fun in Sun

The natural elements of sun and wind can work in you favor of adding freshness back within your clothing. By walking outside for 15-30 minutes on a nice sunny day, you will be able to cut down on some of this odor.

2 Smoke Cigarette

If you are going to smell of smoke, it is best to smell of a legal substance.  By smoking a 1-2 cigarettes before an risky encounter, you will be able to mask the weed odor with tobacco.

3 Febreze

Having this product on hand or hidden in a key location can be a life saver.  When sprayed on it neutralizes odor, and carry it away as it evaporates.

4 Vodka

This substance has been used for several generations for odor removal.  If you can get a hold of a spray can, and fill it with vodka it is ideal.  However, if one is not available, you can also just pat yourself down with hands that have been moistened by vodka.  This eastern drink works by neutralizing the odor and lifting it off during the evaporation process.

5 Laundry Mat

If you are very worried that the smell has not dissipated,  try thinking if you know of an laundry mats or friends with washer and dryiers that live close by.  If you have an hour and a half to kill, you may want to give your clothes a proper wash depending upon your level of worry.

Household Solutions

For those hard-to-treat items of clothing, it can often take more than one washing cycle to remove pot’s characteristic musk.  The following is a list of long-term solutions for wiping out this odor.

1 Rinse and Repeat

If at first you don’t succeed, wash and wash again.  By placing your clothing through a second or third wash cycle, you will provide more time for the detergent to get into those tough to reach fibers.

2 Hang in Sun

If the piece of clothing has not gotten any better after several wash cycles, take the damp content out of the washer and place them on a clothes line in direct sunlight.  The air and sun will work to draw the remaining odors out while the garments dry.

3 Baking Soda

Not only does this substance make your whites whiter, but it also perform excellent work at getting into fabrics and cutting out odors.  Simply add 1/2 cup of baking soda at the beginning of you wash cycle along with the regular clothing detergent.

4 Hydrogen Peroxide

This household substance also does a great job at cutting into smokey residue and leaving clothing smelling fresh.   Just add one cup of this in with you laundry detergent and run a normal wash cycle to smell results.


How to Get Weed Smell Out of House

When you have house visitors, and you often don’t want all of them to know that smoke pot. In a world of parents and landlords, keeping a squeaky clean reputation has a rather large upside.



Lingering odors are one of the greatest giveaways to any house visitor that you smoke pot. Despite your rationale for keeping these extracurricular activities on the DL, there are several things that can be done to cut down of the potency of the leftover smells.


Quick Smell Removal


1 Open Windows

Make sure that you first open all of the window within your house.  Do so will allow fresh air to sweep through and carry off any unwelcome weed odor.  To speed this process up, you can even use a window fan to push the stagnant air outside.


2 Febreze

This product works great at masking the smell of weed on short notice.  By spraying down your the rooms where you have been smoking the most, you will be able to vastly reduce the detection of the odor.  It is smart to have this spray stored within arrives where you regularly smoke to have on hand with short notice.


3 Spray Cologne or Perfume

On short notice you can also spray high quantities of cologne or perfume around your apartment.  In many cases, this has the effect of covering the smell, but may seem suspicious that you are trying to cover something up.


4 Cigarettes

Another quick solution is to smoke a cigarette.  Cigarette smoke is a bit stronger than weed, and does a great job at mask the odor.  Be sure to greet you visitor while  smoking the cigarette, so you leave no confusion as to where the odor is coming from.  Additionally, be sure to keep a pack nearby,  in case you need to use it on short notice.


5 Ozium

This product works wonders at cutting through odors.  It also comes in a variety of smells and many prefer it to Febreze due to it’s extra strong smell and small size.


Smoking Methods


1 Joints  (Very Potent)

Don’t smoke joints in the house.  They carry the strongest odors and cause the house, as well as your clothes, hair and hands to smell of weed.


2 Bongs  (Mild Odor)

Bongs produce much less marijuana smell than joints.  The smoke gets partially purified from traveling through bong water, which causes the smoke to be more purified.


3 Vaporizers (Virtually No Odor)

Using a vaporizer allows you to make a significant cut within weed odors within your house.  This tool leaves almost no odors behind, and is a great solution for being respectful of non-smoking roommates.


Long-term Smell Solutions


1 Bleach

Make a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water within a large bucket.  Using a sponge scrub down all surfaces including the walls, ceiling and floors with this solution.  Be sure that windows are open during this process so that the moisture can evaporate and sweep any remaining traces outside.


2 Baking Soda

If your carpet has a distinct odor of weed, it can be tricky to get this odor out.  Be sure to sprinkling high quantities of baking soda over the entire surface of the carpet, and let the powder sit for 24-48 hours.  After a minimum of a day has past, you can vacuum all of the baking soda off from the carpet.  The baking soda should have absorbed much of the odor by this point, leaving your carpets smelling fresh.


3 Smoke Joints Outdoors

Due to joints smelly nature, be sure to never smoke a them while being indoors.  If you need to smoke indoors, you may want to consider purchasing an vaporizer to cut down on odors.