How to Remove Smell From Under Armour

Under Armour sports clothes are very popular, but when this stuff gets stinky, you won’t be winning any friends or influencing any people if you smell like the inside of a locker room that hasn’t been cleaned for a couple of weeks. We’re talking stale, lingering sweat that has been left to simmer and go bad, not the fresh, healthy stuff that is a sign that you’re alive and moving on all cylinders. Under Armour meant to be workout gear but the company doesn’t mean to give you a one-two workout by first having your nose go “What the …?” followed by having your feet get into the act to step away from the area. This guide will focus on how to remove smell from Under Armour clothing.

A musty or sweaty smell in workout clothes will not make you want to put those duds on once it sets in. No matter how clean you are, you may be concerned that the smell may transfer to your skin and make you smell stinky even after you have showered after working out. We can all agree that it’s OK to be a jock, no one wants to smell like one, so keep reading for solutions that will deal with the issue of pungent performance clothing.



How to Remove Smell From Under Armour

1 Throw Baking Soda into Your Wash Water

Baking soda is a good, basic deodorizer and it won’t harm the Under Armour fabric. This is a good place to start if you want to de-funk your gear, so throw some in with your regular detergent the next time you are washing your wicking shirts. A half a cup of baking soda per load will usually do the trick. Wash and dry as usual and then give it a whiff to see if you have been victorious in the war on smell.


2 Colloidal Silver Spray

Colloidal Silver Spray is an antiseptic and disinfectant. If the source of your Under Armour stank is bacterial in nature, it will make short work of those microbes. The bonus for you is that you can also use the spray to keep utensils for your food and drink used for hiking spic and span.


3Throw Some Gear Wash in With Your Laundry

Gear Wash is the name of a product sold by Team Clean Gear. It is formulated for hockey equipment, and we know hockey players (and their moms) need all the help they can get keeping that stuff sweet smelling. This stuff will also work on shoes or any other machine-washable items that need to be deodorized.


4 Hang it High

Keeping your Under Armour out of the dryer may help to keep it fresh. The best choice is to hang your clothing outside in the sun and let the UV rays get at it. The fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for lifting smells from fabrics.


5 Vinegar Out the Smell

White vinegar is readily available and is an economical way to get rid of smells from fabrics. Adding a cup of it to your wash will help to get rid of any latent doors, and you don’t have to worry about smelling like you work in a French fry factory. It rinses out well and you’ll be good to go when you put on your clothes next time.


6 Sport Wash It

Sport Wash is a specialty laundry soap made by Penguin Apparel Care. The company contends that if you use “regular” laundry soap on your performance wear, the residue can trap bacteria in the fabric which provides the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of nasty smells. This liquid detergent can also be used as a regular detergent. It’s non-allergenic and residue-free, so using it won’t irritate sensitive skin.



Remove Smell from Under Armor Without Washing

1 Freeze it Out

Once the stench has invaded your Under Armor clothing, you have the option of getting the smell out by lowering the temperature. Place the items into a plastic bag and seal it shut. Place the bag into your freezer and leave it there. When you thaw out your clothes, the bacteria should be dead, which should also mean an end to the malodorous era.


2 Spray it with Febreze

Febreze is made to refresh fabrics without washing, and this is a situation where a quick spray may help. Let your nose and the amount of time you have be your guide as to whether it’s the right choice in your particular situation. A few quick spritzes in a well-ventilated location may be enough to deal with a slight smell issue until you can step up your game to do something a bit more involved to take charge of things.


3 Isopropyl Alcohol Spray

Prepare 60/40 solution of isopropyl alcohol (the type you rub on your body) and water and put it in a spray bottle. Spritz it on your clothes and hang them to dry. This strategy should get rid of the smell in between workouts.