How to Get Weed Smell Out of Backpack?

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Sooo…. I’m in college and work at a medicinal marijuana distribution facility. I am very straight edge, and my friends, family and roommates have no idea of this part of my life. I’d like to keep it this way! My problem is that my schooling backpack continually smells of a fresh weed odor. Last night, my roommate Jordy actually asked me if I had been around an area of a skunk spray. I worry that they will soon find out about this additional income source if I don’t take measures to prevent it from happening. Can you help me? Many Thanks! – Kevin




A Smell Removal Answers


1 White Vinegar Wash Cycle

As a preliminary step, you will want to work to deodorize the backpack to eliminate any musty weed odors. You can accomplish this by adding an deodorizing boost to your normal detergent washing machine cycle of the backpack. Once you have checked to see if your backpack is machine washable, you will want to place the machine settings accordingly, and proceed to add in a additional cup of white vinegar within the cycle. Once completed, hang the backpack outside to air dry rather than opting for the drying machine. This will help to avoid unwanted shrinkage and will help to lift away any additional odors.


2 Baking Soda Detergent Boost

If you do not have white vinegar, baking soda can work well as a deodorizing alternative. Measure one cup of baking soda and add it within a normal wash cycle along with normal washing machine detergent. The baking soda will work to absorb some of the deep weed odors within the fiber and leave it smelling fresh. Similar to white vinegar, you will want to hang to backpack outside to naturally air dry rather than using the drying machine.


3 Vodka Spray

If you are on the go, spraying your backpack down with vodka can be highly effective at cutting through many of the odors. The high alcohol content neutralizes many weed odors on contact and works to dry away odorously. Pour a small amount of vodka within a spray bottle and proceed to spray down your backpack. Once you have sprayed down the entire backpack, put the backpack in the sun to allow the alcohol to quickly evaporate and lift much of the unwanted aroma away.


4 Deodorizing Product Spray

As another fast solution, the use of a store bought deodorizing product can work well at covering up the odor within the short term. Whether it is Glade or Febreze, will need to give the backpack a thorough spray down and place it within the sun to quickly evaporate. In many circumstances, this will be sufficient to properly cover the scent of weed.


5 Trash Bag the Backpack

As a preventative solution, you may want to consider always having a trash bag within your backpack. Any time that you anticipate being around weed, simply place the backpack within the enclosed trash bag. This will ensure that no weedy residues will make their way within the canvas material.


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How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Christmas Tree?

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Help! My Christmas tree smells exactly like cat urine. The smell has overcome the entire living room and I don’t know what to do to get rid of the odor. I have tried spraying the tree with lysol and sprinkling baking soda on the tree. Although the baking soda looks fantastic as a replacement for snow, it has done absolutely nothing to remove the tree stench. Please get back to me soon! Thank you!




A Smell Removal Answers


1 Change the Water in Christmas Tree Stand

Stagnant water within the Christmas tree stand is usually the source of the odor. It can take as little as 5-7 days for a smell to develop within this water, so it is especially important that it gets poured out and replaced on a weekly basis. Though the stench may smell of cat urine, this similar sharp aroma is normally the cause.


2 Hose Christmas Tree Down

Often, the smell of cat urine is the direct result of cat or other tree dwelling animal’s urine. In such cases, the Christmas tree can be taken outside and given a heavy spray with the garden hose to wash the ammonia-based odor away. Once complete, place the erect tree within a location of the yard where it will receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. Once the Christmas tree has completely dried off, it can be taken back within the home and placed within the stand.


3 Spray Tree with Vodka

The high level of alcohol within this solution can help to immediately cut through the ammonia stench. Pour a small portion of vodka within a generic spray bottle and proceed to mist down the entire tree. As a final step, windows can be opened to expedite the drying process.


4 Place Tree Outside in Direct Sunlight

As a final solution, the Christmas tree can be placed erect outside within direct sunlight until the odor dissipates. Similarly, you will want the tree to be in a location within the yard where it will be sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays, open space and fresh air will all work to naturally lift away any unwelcome odors. If this solution has not been effective after one day, try leaving the tree outside for two or even three days until the smell is gone.

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How to Get Hamster Smell Out of Cage?

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My son’s small hamster “Joey” is a truly wonderful little guy, however he really does stink. The smell within his cage smells is truly awful, and the resulting scent within the room is anything but fresh. I’m not sure if I should take him to the veterinarian or if this is normal. I think the hamster aroma is actually causing allergies within members of the family. Obviously, this problem cannot continue as health will always need to come first. How can we properly handle this problem without having to get rid of the little fur ball.




A Smell Removal Answers


1 Change Bedding Regularly

You will want to change the the wood chip bedding every 5-7 days. Build up of hamster waste and urine and water bottle related mildew can quickly lead to an unwanted hamster funk. Failure to change the wood chip bedding is often the most frequent cause of smells developing and can cause the entire room to smell.


2 Monthly Spray + Scrub

Although you may be changing the bedding on a weekly basis, odorous hamster residues can still build up within the cage, interior tub and toys. To solve this problem, you can give these areas of the cage a powerful spray outside with your garden hose on a monthly basis. Before beginning, you will want to remove your hamster, then proceed throw out the bedding, spray down all areas of the cage and proceed to allow the cage to naturally dry within the sun. The spray will have the effect of washing away much of the odorous bits and pieces while the sun will work to neutralize any unwelcome residues.


3 White Vinegar Scrub

Simply spraying a cage is often insufficient in removing the odorous grime that accumulates throughout a cage. Using white vinegar will employ a powerful household acid to cut through any smelly residues to leave the cage smelling fresh. Mix a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts within a bowl and proceed to dunk an old sponge within the formula. Proceed to scrub down all areas of the cage and spray all the residues away with the hose. Then finish placing the parts outside within direct sunlight to deodorize and dry off.


4 Enzyme Scrub

Though white vinegar is very effective, the use of an enzyme cleaning solution can have an even stronger impact. Pour enzyme cleaning solution within a bowl and dunk an old sponge within the product formula. Similarly, carry on with scrubbing down all areas of the cage, spraying residues off with a hose and placing the parts within the sun to dry out.


5 Toss Out Soiled Toys

If smells still remain after performing the above steps, you can proceed to throw out all of the temporary toys that have become soiled within the cage. Often, these toys con within the form of old paper towel rolls and scraps of cardboard. These types of material are difficult to deodorize and are best thrown out.


How to Get Prawn Smell Out of Drawer?

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A prawn head fell into a melamine lined drawer filled with metal utensils and a plastic liner 4 days ago.  After finding and removing the offending item, I washed the drawer with Ajax Spray ‘ Wipe, scrubbed everything in the drawer and left in the sun to dry, wiped interior of drawer with household disinfectant then left drawer open overnight to dry completely and allow airing and dispersal of smell to go.  However, after closing the drawer and opening it again an hour or so later, there is a residual prawn smell.  Drawer and contents are definitely free of any prawn tentacles, shell etc.Can you please assist with a method of removing the smell please – it’s really gross!





A Smell Removal Answers


1 Line Drawer Floor with Baking Soda

As a preliminary step, you will want to line the bottom of the drawer with baking soda. Measure a half cup of baking soda and pour heavy amounts of this deodorizing powder over the location in the drawer where the prawn had been residing. Allow the baking soda to sit for 24-48 hours while it works to slowly absorb the unwanted aroma. Upon the end of this waiting period, the drawer should be left smelling fresh.


2 Place Activated Charcoal Briquettes

If you are not in a rush, several activated charcoal briquettes can be placed over the affected area within the drawer. For safety reasons, you will need to proceed to place activated charcoal briquettes first within an old pair of nylon leggings. This will help to maintain a barrier between the charcoal and the drawer to prevent any unwanted staining. Allow the activated charcoal to rest in place for 4-7 days while the absorbent materials works to suck in the unwanted aroma.


3 Wipe Interior with Rubbing Alcohol

This solution works fantastically at cutting through rotten residues and sterilizing surfaces. Moisten the a rag with rubbing alcohol and give the area where the shrimp had be resting a thorough wipe down. Afterwards, provide 10-15 minutes for the any alcohol residues to evaporate away.


4 Wipe Interior with Lemon Oil

This natural oil can work well in cutting through the stink of a rotten prawn through the chemical effects of citric acid. Moisten a hand towel with lemon oil and proceed to wipe down the affected area within the drawer. Leave drawer open for the lemon oil to aerate. Upon completion, the stench of prawn should be wiped out to be replaced by the welcoming scent of citrus fruit.


5 Wipe Interior with Enzyme Cleaner

As a final solution, use of enzyme cleaner can have a powerful effect in eating through any remaining odorous organics within the location. To be safe, move forward with wiping down the entire interior of the drawer with the enzyme treatment and allow any excess moisture to naturally evaporate away. This product solution can be obtained by purchase at pet store and most large supermarkets.

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How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of Cat Without Bath?

Q Reader’s Question

“I would like to know if you have any solutions for getting the cigarette smell off a cat, without putting them in the bath.  Is there a dry bath that you could use instead.  Like maybe cornstarch with a essential oil or something like this?  Please let me know I really need a solution fast.  Thank you for your help on this subject.”




A Smell Removal Answers

Cigarette smell within a kitten’s fur is undoubtedly an unusual condition. Regardless of how strange this may sound, the following solutions can help to deodorize a feline and ensure that it no longer smells of cigarettes.


1 Cat Bath Wipes

Bath wipes can be used to clean and deodorize a cat when bathing it within soapy water is out of the question. As an additional benefit, cats often prefer bath wipes because they feel as though they are receiving a massage during its application.


2 Deodorizing Cat Spray

In addition to bath wipes, deodorizing cat product sprays can be helpful in neutralizing cigarette odors within a cat’s fur. These types of cleaning solutions are advantagious because they can deliver a deodorizing effect after only a few brief sprays. However, cats will almost always be adverse to direct sprays, so it may be a good idea to team up with a second person to hold the cat in place while you perform this function.


3 Waterless Cat Shampoo

This product solution comes out as foam and can be worked within the cat’s fur with your hands. Initially, most cats will not feel the moisture and will not be adverse to the shampoo’s application. For best results, first spray the deodorizing foam within your hands rather than applying the foam directly on the cat. This will help to minimize any shock within the cat during the cleaning process.


4 Baking Soda + Wet Rag

As a final solution, small quantities of baking soda can be used to absorb cigarette odors within your cat’s fur. Mix a solution of one part baking soda with eight parts water within a small bowl. Proceed to dip a cloth within this mixture and lightly apply it to your cat. It is important not to apply too much of this formula, as large amounts of baking soda can result in adverse health problems if indigested by your cat. As a rule of thumb, keep this solution as light as possible while applying it within your cat’s fur.

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