How to Remove Smell from Insoles

You may shower regularly, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your feet smell like roses all the time. Your insoles take a beating, and if you hold them up to your face, you will know all about the stale, stinky smell that makes up the agony of da feet. The only thing worse than your own foot odor, which admittedly can be pretty wild at times, would be if you were inadvertently exposed to someone else’s barking dogs. Check out this guide for helpful tips on how to remove smell from insoles.


What’s up when the insoles in your shoes get stinky? Blame bacteria for the stench that is drifting in a not-so-subtle manner toward your nostrils. They are naturally present on your feet and love it when your feet get all sticky and sweaty as you go about your daily activities. The more your feet sweat, the more the bacteria can multiply. (If you want to have a bacteria free-for-all in your shoes, go without socks for the day. They will absolutely love it.) What’s a party without munchies? For bacteria, it’s the dead skin cells and oils on your skin, so they start chowing down on that. The bacteria then produces waste products (organic acids) that cause the P.U. in your feet and the insoles in your shoes to rise.



How to Remove Smell From Insoles

1 Bleach and Warm Water Solution

You can tackle the problem of musty, smelly insoles where they lie by soaking them in a mild bleach and water solution for a good half hour or so. Follow up by washing them in the machine or giving them a thorough scrubbing by hand. If you decide to go with the latter approach, make sure you rinse the insoles thoroughly.


2 Let the Sunshine In

Don’t discount the power of the sun when getting smell out of all kinds of objects, including stinky insoles. Start by washing the insoles in a mild detergent and water solution and place them outside to dry. You will want to be gentle when handling the insoles to avoid breaking down the polymers in the product.


3 McNett Aqua MiraZyme Odor Eliminator

McNett Aqua MiraZyme Odor Eliminator is used on Scuba gear and other types of sporting equipment. If it has organic ingredients that can deal with skunk smell and spilled milk stink, it should have not trouble minimizing the smell from some insoles that have been allowed to ferment for awhile. This product is available online and can be delivered directly to you.


Insole Odor Removal Tips for Runners

If you are pounding the you-know-what out of your insoles by hitting the asphalt or the treadmill regularly, your the best defense against stinky insoles is a good offense. Get proactive about dealing with stink before it starts by having a routine for dealing with your insoles after a workout that includes one of the following solutions:

1 Divide and Set in the Sun

Start by removing the liners from your shoes after your workout. Place them in a sunny spot and let them dry thoroughly. Replace the insoles in your running shoes before you use them again to stay ahead of the conditions that can lead to a buildup of foot fustiness.


2 Avmor Biomor Odour Eliminator

Avmor Biomor Odour Eliminator is spray product that neutralizes odors on contact. It is used to deal with vomit, food waste, urine, smoke, and perspiration, so you can see how it would fit right in when it comes to working on how to get smell out of insoles. This product is available online and from some office supply retailers.


3 Dishwashing Soap and Water Solution

Try mixing up a solution of dishwashing soap and water and giving your insoles a good soaking to get the smell out. Body wash makes a good substitute in a pinch. Towel off the inside when you are finished soaking them. Place the insoles near a fan to dry them quickly so they will be ready before your next run.