How to Get Grease Smell Out of Clothes

The smell of grease is one that is particularly difficult to get out of clothing. Whether you or someone you care for is working in the oil and gas industry, in a garage, or simply enjoys working on anything with wheels, this stank just refuses to go away once it gets into clothing. Even when clothes are washed regularly, they can still smell slick and dirty. This guide focuses on How to Get Grease Smell Out of Clothes.


Part of the problem with getting greasy smells out of clothes is that the stank penetrates into the fibers of the fabric. Once it takes up residence there, it’s hard to get it to move on. You’ll have to very aggressive about rooting out the source of this offensive odor. The good news is that you can conquer it and have clean-smelling clothes. Your clothes will be fresh and clean once you try the solutions our exhaustive research has found for you.



How to Get Grease Smell Out of Clothes

1 Oxyclean the Stank Out

Add a scoop of Oxyclean to your laundry detergent to give it a boost and lift the distinctive stank of grease out of your clothing. This product will work with liquid or powder soap. If you decide to try this solution, you will need to add the product to your wash water and wait for it to dissolve before you place the clothes in the wash water. If you are washing your clothes in cold water to save money, dissolve the Oxyclean in a cup of warm water before adding it to your wash.


2 Harness the Power of 20 Mule Team Borax

Borax is a natural product and it can also be used to give your laundry detergent a boost. The chemical name for this product is sodium tetraborate. You can find the 20 Mule Team brand product in the laundry aisle at the grocery store. Add 1/2 cup to a load of laundry to lift out the smell of grease and other assorted yecchiness in your clothing.


3 Lestoil the Odors Away

Lestoil is a pine-scented all-purpose cleaner. Look for it in a hardware store, at Home Depot or online. To use it on greasy clothing, rub a small amount onto the stanky item. Take your fingernails and work the liquid into the fabric. Toss into the washing machine and run it through a regular wash cycle.


4 Brush on Some Eucalyptus Oil

Make a paste out of eucalyptus oil and liquid dishwashing detergent. This product is available at health food stores and online. Rub it onto the clothing. You can use an old toothbrush to get it into the fabric and make sure it penetrates the fibers. Leave it in place for about 10 minutes. Wash the clothes as usual.


5 Go Green With Simple Green Degreaser

Simple Green is a biodegradable cleaner. It’s available at Sam’s Club and hardware stores. Spray a small amount of the product onto the clothing and brush in with an old toothbrush and some water. The best way to deal with greasy, smelly clothes is to spray the brush with the the Simple Green and add the water to it. Wash the clothes in cold water and hang to dry. Hot water and using a dryer will cause the grease and the accompanying smell to bake into the fabric. Repeat the process if necessary if you still notice an aroma after the first treatment.


6 Go for GOJO Hand Cleaner

Mechanics know that GOJO hand cleaner is an effective product for removing grease at the end of the working day. It can also be used to get the grease smell out of clothing. Treat the clothes with GOJO before washing. You will need to wash these items separately. Run the load through the washer a second time and use baking soda instead of laundry soap in the second load to cut out the GOJO smell.


How to Get Mold Smell Out of Clothes

When wet clothing has too much time to set in, a mold infestation can develop within the fabric fiber. Once this happens, you will need to treat the visible mildew as well as the the embedded stench within the clothing.

Although your first reaction may be to throw the clothes away, there are several household tips and tricks to remove the appearance of mildew and ensure that the clothing is smelling fresh.

Clothing Smell Removal Solutions

1 Shampoo Scrub

Before work at removing the stale smell from your clothing, you will want to work at removing the any visible signs of mold. Using shampoo, you will want to apply the cleaner to the clothing and intensely scrub the areas in where that mold is visible. This method will have to loosen and lift away any signs of mold, and ensure that you are only dealing with an issue of odor.

2 Soak in White Vinegar

This household acid works wonders at cutting though mold spore to kill any odor that my be a byproduct of the infestation. Begin by finding a large bucket and filling it with one part white vinegar to five parts water. Proceed to dunk the mold affected clothing within the mixture and allow it to soak for 3-4 hours. Once completed, the clothing can be removed and placed through a normal detergent wash. for an added deodorizing boost, a cup of baking soda and extra cup of white vinegar can be added to the wash cycle to ensure that the odor is completely removed.

3 Let Enzymes Eat It

This product solution works to literally eat through the mold spore within the clothing fiber. Mix a solution of enzymes and water in equal parts within a large bucket and proceed to submerge clothing within the mixture. Allow the clothing to sit for 2-3 hours before removing the clothing to place through a normal detergent clothing wash. Similarly, a cup of white vinegar or a half cup of baking soda can be added to the wash cycle to give it a beneficial deodorizing boost.

4 Bleach (whites only)

As a final deodorizing compound, bleach can also work to kill mold spore and neutralize difficult odors within the fabric fiber. Mix a solution of one part bleach with eight parts water within a tub and proceed to dunk the mold affected clothing within the mixture. Allow the clothing to sit for 1-2 hours before removing the clothing to place through a normal detergent wash. To add an additional boost, an extra cup of bleach can be added to your detergent wash. Finally, be sure to only use this on all white clothing to prevent unwanted whitening of clothing.

5 Sunshine

As a finalizing solution, be sure that you opt to hang the clothing outside within direct sun rather than drying the clothing within a clothes dryer. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will work to kill any remaining mold spore and ensure that the clothing is left smelling fresh. For best results, hang clothing within a location of the yard where it is sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight.

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How to Get Mothball Smell Out of Clothes

Mothball smells are one of the most challenging odors to remove from clothing, and require special treatment and precautions in doing so. The chemical odors left from items are impossible to ignore and require attention before being considered for use.

There are a set of steps that can be followed to ensure that the chemical stench is removed and is not transfered to any other clothing or appliances in the process. The following solutions will make sure that your mothball infused clothing area freshened to make the characteristic odor a thing of the past.

Mothball Clothing Principles

1 Mothball Stink Can Transfer

One of the most important things that you can consider before taking action to freshen your mothball affected clothing is that the smell can easily transfer to anything that it comes into contact with. Often, the clothing affected by mothballs are old and of little importance. for this reason, you do not want to wash this clothing with new and expensive clothing in which the smell can easily rub off on.

2 Initially Keep Out of Washing Machine

While the mothball smell is still at its height, you will want to make sure not to place the clothes within your washer or dryer. The smell of many mothball affected clothing is so intense and sticky that it can be transfer to these machines and present a entirely new problem centered around getting the smell out of a clothing appliance. In addition to smelly appliances, you will also need to worry about then spreading the odor to any clothing that should subsequentially pass through the machines.

Mothball Smell Removal Solutions

1 Soak in Enzymes

Your first action should be to fill a large bucket with a solution of enzyme cleaner and water in equal part. A gallon of this solution is available at pet stores and large supermarkets. Place the mothball clothing within the bucket to soak. The active enzymes in the solution will go to work in literally eating through the chemical residues causing the odors. After 24-48 hours soaking within the bucket the clothing can be removed and hanged within the sun.

2 Hang in Sun

Hanging within the sun is important for multiple reasons. Not only does it provide a safe location away from the dryer to dry the clothing, but it also carries its own deodorizing properties. The fresh air, open space and ultraviolet ray will all work to neutralize the chemical stench and carry it away. Once the clothing has dried, you will need to do an important smell test of the clothing. You will be ready to move on to the next step if after taking a good smell whift of the clothing you notice a sizable freshening effect.

3 Soak in White Vinegar

As an additional step before running a detergent wash through the washing machine is to soak the mothball affected clothing within a new bucket of white vinegar solution. This household acid also works well at cutting through the chemical odor that mothballs place within clothing. Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with eight parts warm water and allow the clothing to soak for a minimum of one hour before placing within a detergent wash cycle.

4 Cup of Baking Soda

Baking soda has a power absorbent ability to remove odors from smelly clothing and can add a boost to any washing machine cycle. Measure a cup of baking soda to add within the wash cycle along with the affected clothing and normal amount of detergent. Upon completion, hang the clothing outside within the sun one final time to remove any remaining smells from the clothing fiber.

5 Run an Ozone Machine

If you are in need of deodorizing a huge amount of clothing that has been affected by mothballs, you want want to consider buying or renting a ozone machine. These devices start have the starting price of $200.00 and can go as high as $1000.00, so you will want to make sure that it is really work the investment. Though they can be dangerous and down right deadly if improperly used, they remain effective at eliminating odors within short periods of time. The machine effectively works by removing the air surrounding the clothing fiber and neutralizing the odorous residues within the fabric.


How to Get Gasoline Smell Out of Clothes

Those who regularly work around gasoline know that the substance can easily make it’s way within clothing and create an unpleasant chemical odor. The subtile fossil fuel odor can cause much discomfort and inflict a sense of nausia in those unlucky enough to get the compound within clothing.

By following the necessary steps, this pervasive odor can be removed from clothing to return freshness within the fiber.  Although a simple laundry cycle is not always enough to remove the odors, using the below steps will ensure that you clothing is freshened and returned to normal.

Gasoline Smell Removal Principles

1 Warm Wash Clothing

After having soaked clothing with one of the below solutions, always make sure to run your detergent wash on the warmest setting that the affected clothing will allow. Using warm water within the detergent wash will have the effect of opening up the clothing fiber to allow increased reach of the clothing detergent.

2 Wash By Itself

Often the gasoline residues within one affected piece of clothing can easily rub off on another item within a washing cycle. For this reason, it is important that all items smelling of gasoline be washed and deodorized apart from you other clothing. If clothing regularly becomes affected by gasoline, it may be a good idea to create a separate clothing basket to place this type of clothing.

Gasoline Soaking Solutions

The chemical properties within the following compounds have the unique capability of breaking down the carbon bonds found within gasoline residues. After these bonds have been broken, the smell and remaining residuals will suddenly become much easier to treat and remove from the piece of clothing.

1 Rubbing Alcohol

As mention above, the alcohol within this solution has the effect of breaking apart gasoline carbon bond to help in deodorizing clothing. Find a large bucket and fill it with one part rubbing alcohol to 15 parts cold water. Place the clothing within this mixture making sure to stir the contents until the deodorizing mixture makes it’s way within all of the stitching. Allow for the clothing to sit within the mixture for 30 minutes, ensuring that it properly soaks in this deodorizing compound before placing within a detergent wash.

2 Vodka Bath

Working on similar principles as rubbing alcohol, soaking gasoline affected clothing within a mixture of vodka will work to break apart the carbon bonds. Unlike rubbing alcohol, vodka is a bit more expensive and carries a lesser percentage of alcohol. This means that it will cost much more to use this solution than opting for rubbing alcohol. Nevertheless, if you find yourself within a crunch, mixing one part vodka with five parts cold water will work to effectively break down the gasoline residues found within your clothing. After letting the clothing soak within this mixture for an hour, proceed to place the clothing within a normal detergent wash.

3 Ammonia

Although this solution maintains zero alcohol content, it remains very effective at breaking down gasoline carbon bonds and freshening clothing. Mix one part ammonia with 15 parts cold water and place the gasoline affected clothing within the mixture. After allow the clothing to soak for 15-30 minutes, remove the contents from the solution and place them within a normal detergent wash cycle.

Gasoline Washing Solutions

Often, a normal washing cycle can fall short of deodorizing clothing to remove the lasting gasoline aroma embedded within the fabric fiber. Using the following solutions can help to boost any wash cycle.

1 Baking Soda Boost

This household powder has been used for generations for it’s absorption capabilities. Once you have placed your detergent and gasoline affected clothes within the washing machine, add in a half cup of baking soda to the mix. This easy low cost supplement to the washing cycle can have a power impact on eliminating any residual gasoline odor.

2 White Vinegar Splash

Similarly the natural acid within white vinegar is well known for freshening difficult odors within clothing. After the detergent and affected clothing have been added to the wash cycle you can add an extra boost by pouring a full cup of white vinegar in before the wash cycle begins. As an additional note, the vinegar aroma will likely present within the clothing until the fiber has completely dried of moisture.


How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes

Spending time around the campfire is a wonderful pastime for friends and family.  Regrettably, the smoke created can quickly make it’s way within clothing while conversations are being held and stories being shared.

Fortunately, there remain several household solutions for lifting the campfire aroma off from clothing.  By following some of the below suggestions, you will be sure to remove this smokey stench to return your camping clothing to normal.

Traditional Washing Solutions

1 Always Use Hot Water

Smells are best extracted by using while using hot water.  Before beginning a washing machine cycle, be sure to check the tags of your clothing to discover the maximum level of heat that they can withstand.  Once you know the limitations, be sure to set the wash cycle to the maximum amount of heat that the clothing will withstand.  Doing this will help to open the clothing fiber and allow for easier access of the detergent to the odorous campfire residues located on the clothing.

2 White Vinegar Cleanse

This household acid works to cut through difficult odors and add an extra deodorizing kick within any wash.  Measure a full cup of white vinegar and pour within the beginning of a normal detergent rinse cycle that includes the campfire affected clothing.

3 Baking Soda Boost

Similar to white vinegar, baking soda is another kitchen ingredient that has long been used to add a deodorizing boost within washing machine cycle. Begin a normal detergent wash cycle with the affected clothing, and simply pour in a half cup of baking soda within the first five minutes of the cycle.

4 Let Enzymes Eat It

Using an enzyme cleaner will have the effect of literally eating the smelly campfire residues off of the clothing.  Mix a solution of one part enzyme cleaner with ten parts warm water and dunk the affected campfire clothing within the mixture.  Allow for the clothing to sit for 2-3 hours before lifting the contents from the solution and placing within a normal detergent wash.

5 Hang In Sun

Rather than drying the clothing within the dryer, opt to air dry it outside within direct sunlight.  The open space, fresh air and ultraviolet rays will all work to help in neutralizing the unwanted odor.  If you suspect that a campfire odor still remains after placing your clothing through the washer, this is a good option to add additional freshness within the clothing fiber.

Deodorizing Solutions Without Washing

1 Vodka Spray Down

Besides being an excellent party drink, this substance has been used for generations for deodorizing unpleasant odors.  Mix a solution of vodka and warm water within a spray bottle.  Proceed to spray down the interiority of the clothing and hang them outside within direct sunlight.  As the vodka quickly evaporates, it neutralizes the campfire aroma and dries away odorlessly.

2 Lemon Juice Squeeze & Spray

The citric acid within lemon juice can work wonders in eliminating unwanted odors.  Mix one part lemon juice with eight parts warm water within a spray bottle.  Mist down the entire outside of area of the affected clothing until it is sufficiently moist.  Hang the clothing outside within direct sunlight and provide 3-4 hours for the formula to dry and for the campfire odor to be lifted off.

3 Deodorizing Product Spray

On short notice, a variety of deodorizing product sprays can be used to lessen the built up  smell of campfire odors.  Simply spray down the affected clothing and provide 30-90 minutes for the moisture to dry off and leave the clothing smelling fresh.  Packing a bottle of Febreze with your camping supplies can go a long ways in covering and eliminating campfire odors.

4 Activated Charcoal Box

If you have the time, using activated charcoal to deodorize your camp clothing can be an effective way to eliminate campfire odor without using any moisture. Place activated charcoal briquettes within an old pair of nylon leggings and place in an enclosed box with the campfire affected clothing.  Allow for the content of the enclosed box to sit for 5-7 days before returning to remove the freshened clothing.

Photo Credit: Martin Cathrae


How to Get Skunk Smell Out of Clothes

When coming into contact with the offensive odor of a skunk’s oily spray, we are often caught in disbelief by it’s intensity and ability to travel from one possession to the next.  Clothing can quickly absorb this stench within it’s fabric fiber and is one of the most challenging items to deodorize.



Fortunately, there are steps to remove a skunks repugnant odor from clothing and help to freshen the fabric.  By following the household remedies outlined below, you can be sure to eliminate any residual skunk spray oil and return your clothing to normal.


Skunked Clothing Principles


1 Wash Skunked Clothing ASAP!

The sooner that you take action to wash and deodorize your clothing the better chance you will have to remove the residual effects of skunk spray.  As a general rule of thumb, try to place the clothing within a deodorizing wash within 1-2 hours from the initial contact.



2 Wash Skunked Clothing with Hot Water

It is always good idea to wash skunked clothing within hot water.  The warm water will work to open and expand the stitching to allow for detergent to make it’s way in to eliminate the odorous skunk oil.  However, always remember to check the maximum water temperature that your clothing will allow before placing through a wash cycle.


Household Solutions for Skunked Clothing


1 Soak in White Vinegar

This household acid works to break apart the skunk spray oil within clothing.   Mix one part white vinegar with five parts warm water and dunk the affected clothing within the formula.  Be sure to work the formula within the clothing fiber for several minutes before leaving it to soak for 2-3 hours.  Once 2-3 hours have passed, place the clothing within a warm wash cycle.  For an added boost, you can add a half cup of baking soda during the beginning of the rinse.


2 Deodorize with Hydrogen Peroxide

This household compound works equally well at breaking down skunk spray oil within clothing, however it is only recommended for white clothing due to bleaching properties within the substance.  Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with six part warm water and dunk the affected clothing within the formula.  After the clothing has soaked for 1-2 hours, remove and place within a washing cycle.  Similarly, you can place a half cup of baking soda within the beginning of wash cycle to provide additional freshness.


3 Tomato Juice – Red & Black Color Exception

The acids within tomato juice work well in breaking down the oils within skunk spray.  However, this solution can have harmful staining effects on all colors of clothing except for red and black.  If the affected clothing is of a black or red color, consider soaking it within a bowl of hot water and tomato juice in equal parts and a teaspoon of dish detergent.


4 Open Windows

Use Solar PowerHanging your clothing outside in direct sunlight will do much remove any residual smell of skunk spray.  The ultraviolet rays, fresh air and open space will all go to work in neutralizing and lifting off any smell of skunk that is left within the clothing fiber.  This solution does much than drying within a conventional dryer, and also works well in combination with some of the home remedies listed above.



Product & Professional Solutions for Skunked Clothing


1 Febreze  Detergent

This is a relatively new detergent developed by Frebreze to directly combat odors within clothing and linens.  In comparison to other detergents, many have found this product to be much more effective at tacklign difficult odors to return freshness within the rinse cycle.  If the above solutions have not been effective at removing skunk spray odor from your clothing, you may want to give this product a go.


2 Enzymes Product Solutions

The active enzymes within the Nature’s Miracle product line work well at eating through difficult animal odors and to freshness. While the majority of their product are aid at tackling dog and cat related odors, the have developed a skunk shampoo for dogs that can be used on clothing fiber.  Draw a large bowl of hot water and mix in 5-6 teaspoons of skunk shampoo.  Repeatedly dunk clothing within the mixture and work the solution within the fiber of the clothing.  Allow for the clothing to soak for 3-4 hours within the solution before place the clothing within a normal detergent wash.


3 Spray Product  Solutions

There are several spray products that work well to mask and eliminate unpleasant odors.  Using Febreze or a stronger spray related product like “Skunk Off” can be helpful to quickly freshen clothing.  This comes in great use for lightly affected clothing that has caught the residual skunk odor from a recently sprayed dog coming into the house.  Simply spray down that clothing and provide 30-45b minute for the clothing fiber to dry before use.


4 Get Professional Help

When the above solutions are not enough to remove the residual effects of skunk spray, consider getting professional help from your dry cleaners.  Though this is a pricey solution, many professional dry cleaners will only make you pay if they can get the smell out of the clothing.  Additionally, this solution works well with clothing items like leather jackets that cannot be placed through a wash cycle.


Skunked Clothing Prevention


1 Keep Your Distance from Skunk

If you happen to spot a skunk, be sure to keep a healthy distance of at least 30 feet (10 yards) and do not do anything to agitate them.  Skunks can spray with accuracy at 10 feet and can still mist your clothing at a distance of 15 feet.  As long as they do not feel threatened they will not resort to using this line of defense.


2 Wash Spray Dog with Old Clothing

Be sure to change into old clothing before approaching your dog to wash and deodorize it’s fur.  Dogs are often covered head to tail in skunk spray, and you should anticipate some of this rubbing off on your clothing.  Although some of your clothing may still get smelly during this process, you can rest easy that it is not an outfit that you care about.


How to Get Perfume Smell Out of Clothes

When perfume gets within clothing it is usually intentional.  However, when the residual smell of the perfume remains within the fiber, it can easily become an inconvenient scent to be trapped within one’s clothing.

There remain several things that one can do to remove the musk of perfume to return one’s garments to normal.  By putting some of the below suggestions to use, you can effective reduce the detection of perfume from any item of clothing.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Hot Water

Before you start the wash cycle to start rinse away the effect of perfume scent from your clothing, check the tags and set the washing machine on the highest allowable heat setting that the clothing will allow.  Hot water will have the effect of expanding and opening the stitching to allow additional clothing detergent to get in and deodorize the threads.

2 Wash Again

Often, washing clothing just one time within a wash cycle will not be enough to remove the residue scent of the perfume.  If you find this to be the case, try washing the garment an additional time, as this will often be enough to diffuse the odor to a freshened state.

3 Baking Soda

This household powder has great absorption powers and can give a boost to any wash cycle. Before starting a normal detergent wash, measure a cup of baking soda and pour within the washer.  Place the the warm wash on, and enjoy the benefits of this absorbent ingredient in combination with normal clothing detergent.

4 White Vinegar

As a natural household acid, white vinegar is very effective at eliminating the scent perfume within clothing.  Simply measure a full cup of vinegar and add within a normal warm detergent wash to experience the benefits of this solution.  In addition to deodorizing the clothing garment, it can be helpful in lifting any existing stains within the outfits.

Smell Product Solutions

1 Febreze Laundry Detergent

This product is made especially for deodorizing clothing within a wash cycle, and can be highly effective with clothing containing a perfume scent within it’s fiber.  While this product can be hard to locate, it is highly praised for it’s effectiveness in removing unwanted scents within clothing.  Measure a normal scoop of this product and add within the normal detergent wash for full benefits.

2 Oxiclean

This solution is nearly as effective on difficult perfume scents as it is on removing stains.  Fill a large bowl with water and add in one scoop of Oxiclean.  Soak clothing within this product solution for two hours before removing the clothing to place within a a normal warm detergent wash.  Alternatively, a scoop of this product can also add a deodorizing boost by adding it within a detergent wash.

Deodorizing Drying Solutions

1 Hang Dry

Though this method may leave clothing feeling stiff to the touch, it is by far the most effective deodorizing method for drying clothes. The open space, fresh air and direct ultraviolet rays all work to neutralize scents and lift perfume aromas of the clothing.  To perform this, simply hang the clothing on a clothes line and remove them once they have dried.

2 Fabric Softener

As an alternative to hang drying the clothing, using scented fabric softeners within the dryer can help to deodorize the outfits.  After placing the clothes within the dryer, add 2-4 fabric softener sheets to give the clothing one final boost from the lingering perfume scent.


How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Clothes

Our little feline friends often have strange ways of showing their affection.  The most uncomfortable display is undoubtedly when they choose to urinate on our clothing. This may be a sign of urinary incontinence diagnosable by a feline veterinarian, and treatment could be required after deodorizing the feline misfire.


Though kitty litter has it’s appeal, it seems that it is often not enough to prevent such occasions.  When this happens, it often can take days or even weeks to discover the deed, and in this time the smell ferments and becomes more difficult to remove.


Smell Removal Suggestions

These following suggestions will help in returning freshness within the fiber of your clothing.


1 Hot Water

Washing clothing with hot water helps in opening up fabric and allowing detergent to get deep within the fiber.  Check the washing instructions for your clothing and set it the the maximum that it will allow.


2 Wash Again

Often washing clothing one time is not enough to remove to remove deep down urine odors.  When urine is left to set within clothing it will become entrenched within the fiber and usually require more than just one washing.  A second or even third washing can be enough to get urine soaked clothing smelling fresh again.


3 Baking Soda

This is a wonderful household ingredient for absorbing unwanted odors within clothing.  Measure half a cup of baking soda and add it within a detergent wash.  Adding baking soda usually gives a load the needed boost to remove urine odor within one wash cycle.  As an extra benefit, baking soda will make the whites whiter.


4 White Vinegar

This substance works wonders at neutralizing the smelly ammonia within cat urine.  Measure a full cup of white vinegar and pour within your normal detergent wash.  Combined with normal wash, it can help in restoring freshness within the fiber.


5 Air Dry

Hanging your clothes outside on a clothesline will do more in removing odors than throwing them within the dryer.  A fresh breeze and open space will work to carry off much of the unwanted odors.


6 Sun

Likewise, hanging the clothing within direct sunlight will have an added effect in  neutralizing cat urine odor.  The UV rays from the sun will work to dry out odor producing reside and freshen the clothing.


How to Get Smell Out of Clothes

When odor develops within your clothes, quick measures need to be taken to neutralize the smell.  No one wants to be the “smelly guy”, and unless you action to remedy this the funk, people may associate this embarrassing label with you.


Several smells can develop within clothes, and this guide will work to explore them while providing unique solutions on a case by case basis.  By using the following below tips, you will be able to increase your odds of eliminating your particular odor.


Preventative Solutions

There are preventative steps to ensure that a load of laundry is properly cleaned and removed of any odors.  The following two steps will help in ensuring that this happens.


1 Wash Immediately

Once an odor develops within your clothing, it is important for you to wash them as soon as possible.  If the clothes are not cleaned shortly after an odor develops, they can worsen and become more difficult to remove.


2 Don’t Leave in Washing Machine

When clothes are left to sit within the washing machine too long they have the potential to develop a pervasive mildew odor.


Odor Removal Solutions

Once odors have developed within clothing there are several solutions to give a load of laundry and extra boost.  These solutions will go a long ways in helping you freshen your clothing.


1 Hot Water

Running your washer on it’s hottest setting that your clothing will allow will help in deodorizing clothing.  The hot water works by opening the fiber within the clothing to ensure that the detergent wipes out the odor.  Be careful doing this with delicate clothing as this can potentially shrink some items of clothing.


2 Wash Again

When the first load of laundry has not been effective at removing the odor, running it through the wash a second time can be all you need to eliminate the smell.  If at first you don’t succeed, wash and wash again.


3 White Vinegar

This household solution works wonders at getting deep down within clothing fiber to neutralize odors.  Measure one cup of white vinegar and add it into a normal detergent wash.   As an added benefit, the vinegar will help in making the clothing softer.


4 Baking Soda

This kitchen ingredient is a fantastic solution to add and extra kick to your wash.  Measure a half cup of baking soda and add within you normal detergent wash.  The baking soda will work by absorbing much of the unwanted odors and will also help make your whites whiter.


Drying Odor Solutions

There are steps that can be taken to help in removing residual odors within the drying process.


1 Hang Dry

For light clothing that dries quickly, hanging clothing on a clothes line is the best solution.  The UV rays, fresh air and open space all help in neutralizing odors.  Be careful hanging anything that will not dry within 24 hours, as this may lead to mildew odor developing within the fiber.


2 Fabric Softener

For heavier clothing, place within the dryer and include 2-3 sheets of fabric softener.  The subtle scent will help in removing any residual odors that were not eliminated within the washing process.


Solutions Without Washing

Several compounds exist that work well at removing odors from clothing without washing.


1 Vodka

Fill a spray bottle with vodka and heavily mist down the entire article of clothing.  For an added effect, hang the clothing outside to air dry.  As the vodka evaporates, much of the odor will be swept away.


2 Lemon Juice

The citric acid in lemon juice works great at cutting through fabric surface odors on clothing that cannot be washed. Squeeze 3 teaspoons of lemon juice within a cup of water and pour formula within a spray bottle.  Mist down the entire article of clothing and hang outside to air dry.


3 Activated Charcoal

Though slow, activated charcoal is effective at absorbing odors from clothing.  Place several activated charcoal briquettes within an old pair of nylon leggings.  Place the nylon enclosed briquettes and clothing with a sealed trash bag and allow the items to sit for 5-7 days.  After a week has passed, remove the freshened clothing.


How to Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes

In the line of work, a variety of professions can get the smell diesel stuck within the fiber of their clothing.  This potent and unnatural odor can be quite bothersome and cause discomfort on the part of the owner.  It can also cause mild embarrassment among peers who you prefer not to advertiser this odor to.


Fortunately, there do exist several solutions to neutralizing this odor, leaving your clothing fresh for the day.  In this guide, there are a range of solutions provided for solving this problem and removing this unwelcome chemical aroma.


Smell Removal Solutions

1 Hot Water

Be sure to set washing machine to the hottest water setting when washing your clothing.  The hot water helps in opening up the clothing fiber and allowing for the detergent to neutralize the odor.


2 Wash Again

Washing clothing affected by diesel a second or even third time helps in washing much of the odor away.  If at first you don’t succeed, wash it one more time.


3 Baking Soda

This kitchen ingredient can work wonders in absorbing diesel odor from clothing.  Measure a half cup of baking soda and pour it in with clothing within a normal detergent wash.  The baking soda will provide an added boost of freshness and will help in making the whites whiter.


4 Rubbing Alcohol

The carbon bonds within diesel are effectively broken down by apply alcohol.  Measure a half cup of rubbing alcohol and pour within a half gallon bucket of water .  Dunk clothing within the bucket and allow 20 minutes for the alcohol to set into the fibers.  Once this time has passed, remove and place within the washing machine.


5 Vodka

Similarly, vodka works on the same principles of breaking down carbon bonds and washing away diesel odors.  Mix water and vodka in equal parts within a shallow buckets and dunk clothing into the mixture allowing to sit for 20-30 minutes. Once completed, run clothing through a normal detergent wash.


6 Ammonia

Ammonia also works great at breaking down the diesel within clothing.  It also combats the carbon bonds and makes it much easier to remove it from the clothing fiber.  Mix one part ammonia with ten parts water within a bucket and dunk clothing in the mixture.


7 White Vinegar

Similar to baking soda, vinegar is a kitchen ingredient that will add a boost of freshness to any load of laundry.  Measure a half cup of white vinegar and pour it in with your normal detergent load.