How to Get Dog Smell Out of Area Rug

Many dog owners quickly discover that the home’s area rug is favorite nap spot for their canine companion. After spending much time resting on this decorative textile, the dog’s dander and oils can build up within the fiber to create an unwanted stink. The musty stench can grow in intensity and seem as though it may never go away.

Fortunately, there exists a range of household solutions for freshening the rug fiber to ensure that all embedded odors are lifted away. The following tips and tricks can ensure that the rug is smelling fresh even if your dog continues to use it for daytime naps.

Smell Removal Solutions for Area Rug

1 Baking Soda Infusion

Using this household deodorant can help to absorb unwanted dog odors before they develop. Sprinkle 3-4 teaspoons of baking soda over the area rug and lightly rub the absorbent powder within the textile fiber. When dealing with a stronger odor, you can place your area rug within a remote corner of your home and pour heavy quantities of baking soda on top of the rug. For this solution to work properly, you will need to allow the rug to sit for 3-4 days with the baking soda on top. Once this time has passed, the rug can be vacuumed to removal the large amount of baking soda residing on it’s surface.

2 White Vinegar Spray

This household acid can work wonders in cutting through odors originating from a dog’s dander. Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with four parts warm water and proceed to mist down the area rug, making sure that no area is left untouched. Next, hang the area rug outside within direct sunlight until the fiber has completely dried off.

3 Pet Enzyme Spray

Using an specialized enzyme product spray can work wonders to literally eat through the odorous organics that your dog has left within the rug. Mist liberal amount of this spray over the entirety of the rug and making sure that no area has been untouched. Proceed to hang the area rug outside within direct sunlight and allow the spray to naturally evaporate away.

4 Activated Charcoal Roll

Another slow but effective solution is to place activated charcoal briquettes within the rug to absorb the doggy odors. Begin by acquiring 8-10 activated charcoal briquettes and placing them within an old pair of nylon stockings. Tie a knot to enclose the briquettes and proceed to line the length of the nylon enclosed briquettes along the edge one end of the rug. Proceed to roll the entire rug around the briquettes and place the rug within trash bags. Allow the area rug to sit for 5-7 days while the charcoal works to extract the dog related odor and leave the rug smelling fresh. Upon completion the rug can be removed and placed back within use.

5 Vodka Spritz

As a quick solution, you can use this party beverage to help deodorize the area rug. The high alcoholic volume content within vodka works to neutralize many odors on contact and leave them smelling fresh. Pour a small amount of vodka within a generic spray bottle and proceed to mist down the area rug. Once you have performed this function, hang the area rug outside and allow the vodka to quickly evaporate away.

6 Lemon Juice Mist

The citric acid within this compound can work to cut through much of the dog dander odor within the area rug. Mix a formula of one part lemon juice with eight parts water within a spray bottle. Proceed to mist down the area rug making sure that no spots are left untouched. Once the entire rug is sufficiently moist, proceed to hang it outdoors within direct sunlight until is becomes fresh and dry.

Photo Credit: Eric Seiler