How to Get Smell Out of Airwalks

After much wear and tear, the build up of foot-related funk can develop within your Airwalks. This offputting odor can be grow in intensity with time and can be challenging to remove.


Although this foot bacteria stench can be difficult, there remain several household things that can be done to remove the odor. By using the below solutions, you can be sure that this footy funk is eliminated and that your Airwalks are always smelling fresh.


Smell Removal Solutions for Airwalks


1 Baking Soda Additive

As a preliminary step, try using the absorbent powers of baking soda to extract any unwanted foot odors from your Airwalks. Measure 2-3 teaspoons within each shoe and proceed to give the shoes a light shuffle to evenly spread the deodorizing powder. Allow the Airwalks to rest overnight as the baking soda works from the inside out to deodorize the shoes. Thus method can be repeated nightly until all of the odor has been extracted from the shoes.


2 Detergent Washing Cycle + Baking Soda

Most Airwalks allow for the use of a washing machine to clean and deodorize the shoes. Be sure to check your Airwalk’s tag to see if this is a possibility before running them through the washer. If so place the shoes within the washer and add in your normal clothing detergent along with a half cup of baking soda. Run the wash on the coldest setting and place the shoes outside within direct sunlight for drying to prevent shoe shrinkage.


3 Insert Activated Charcoal

If you have the time, activated charcoal can work to extract odors and ensure the maintenance of freshness. To use this solution, you will need several activated charcoal briquettes and an old pair of nylon legging to deodorize. Begin by cutting the nylon leggings in half and putting several charcoal briquettes within the ends of each nylon legging. Tie a knot to enclose the briquettes within each nylon stoking and place each one stocking within the interior of the Airwalk shoes. Continue this process nightly until all of the odors have been absorbed from the interior of the shoes.


4 Air Out in Sun

Oftentimes, the cause of odor within Airwalks stems from the shoes being worn too often and not having an adequate time to air out and deodorize. If this is the cases, try putting your Airwalk shoes outside within direct sunlight at least one day every week. The fresh air, open space and UV rays will all contribute to the freshness of the shoes. For best results, find a location within the yard where the shoes are sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight.


5 Enzyme Spray + Newspaper Stuff

As a final deodorizing solution, enzyme spray and newspaper can be effective at killing the foot-related bacteria and absorbing the odor. Begin by spraying the interior of the Airwalks with enzyme spray to ensure that each shoe is sufficiently moist. Next, wad up several pieces of newspaper and proceed to stuff it within the interior of each shoe. Simply allow the contents to sit within the Airwalks for 24 hours, and proceed to remove the contents within from the freshened shoes once this period of time has passed.

Photo Credit: Steve Maw