Get Smoke Smell Out of Hair Without Washing

There are a number of ways to develop unpleasant smokey odors within hair.  When you do develop this odor, it can feel like taking a shower is the only thing you can do to remove it.

Fortunately, there exists a wide range of solutions for removing smoke odors from hair without washing.  By following the below tips, you can free your locks of the uninvited aroma while on-the-go.

Smoke Smell Removal Solutions

1 Hair Down

Putting your hair down frees up the follicles and allows them to begin aerating.  By allowing air easy access to the strands, it can begin the process of sweeping out smoke residue.

2 Sun + Fresh Air

Sun and open air can have a significant effect on lowering the potency of smoke odor within your hair.   UV rays and open spaces work work to neutralize odors and carry them off.

3 Febreze

This product can work wonders in adding freshness back within your follicles.  Be sure spray from various angles into you hair, ensuring that your affected hair becomes moist.  The solution will evaporate within minutes, and carry off nearly all the residual odors.

4 Vodka

Undoubtedly, within nighttime venues likes clubs and bars, this is a substance that is easily accessible.  Pour a small amount within your hands and work the solution within your hair.  As the alcohol drys, it works by striping all unwanted odors from your hair.

5 Lemon Juice

The acidic compounds within lemon work well in wiping out smoke odors.  Squeeze a small amount of lemon juice into you palm, and run it through the affected portions of your hair.  Be careful using this remedy during the day, as sun exposure can lead to lightening of your hair follicles.

6 Fabric Softener

Though many consider this only for clothing, these sheets are fantastic for killing odors within hair. Rub the laundry sheet through different section of hair and continue until all smoke odors have been neutralized.

7 White Vinegar

Spray or run this compound through your hair until you have covered the entire affected area.  Vinegar carries a rather strong odor itself, however the smell goes away as soon as it evaporates.


How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Clothes Without Washing

We can find ourselves in uncomfortable situations that require us to remove smells from clothes without washing.  This is often the case of having limited clothing, where the needed attire is caked in the smoke of countless cigarettes from the night before.

Fortunately, there exist a wide range of solutions for removing the smell of smoke from clothes without washing.  In this guide, there will be an assortment of tips provided for people who are away from their home and on the go.  No matter where you happen to find yourself, you should be able to utilize one of these solutions for bringing the freshness back to your clothing and removing a smokey odor.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Vodka

Splash or spray vodka on clothing and hang for 10-15 minutes to air dry.  The solution evaporates much faster than water and will carry of much of the odor with it.

2 Febreze

This product works wonders at eliminating odors.  Simply spray down clothing with this solution and allow 10-20 minutes to air dry the smokey odors should be neutralized and off your clothing.

3 Softener

FabricPlace 3-4 sheets of clothing softener with smelly clothes in dryer and turn on high for the sheets to release there full effect.  Let turn cycle run for 10-20 minutes before clothes become odor free.

4 Fresh Air + Sun

Harnessing natural UV rays can be one of your best defenses against this smokey build up.  Though it can take some time for this process to work it’s magic,  a day or two hanging in direct sunlight will rid the worst smokey odors from your clothing.

5 Tea Tree Oil

This chemical compound has been used for several household solution over multiple generations.  Mix a teaspoon of tea tree oil with one cup of water.  Liberally spray clothing down and hang it to dry outside on a clothes line.

6 Borax & Baking Soda

Mix Borax and backing soda within equal parts to create a smell removing powder compound.  Place clothing on floor within the corner of room, and proceed to spread the powder over the entire article of clothing. After 24-48 hours, shake powder off clothing and vacuum the powder from flooring.

7 Activated Charcoal

Place several activated charcoal briquets within the pair of nylon leggings.  Take clothing and nylon enclosed activated charcoal briquets and place within sealed trash bag.  Let contents sit within bag for 5-7 days, before removing freshened clothing.

8 Dry Cleaners

If the above household solutions have not been effective, you can resort to taking your clothing into the dry cleaners.  Though this option costs more money, it does save you time and also ensure that you garments will be smelling fresh again.