How to Get Prawn Smell Out of Drawer?

Q Reader’s Question

A prawn head fell into a melamine lined drawer filled with metal utensils and a plastic liner 4 days ago.  After finding and removing the offending item, I washed the drawer with Ajax Spray ‘ Wipe, scrubbed everything in the drawer and left in the sun to dry, wiped interior of drawer with household disinfectant then left drawer open overnight to dry completely and allow airing and dispersal of smell to go.  However, after closing the drawer and opening it again an hour or so later, there is a residual prawn smell.  Drawer and contents are definitely free of any prawn tentacles, shell etc.Can you please assist with a method of removing the smell please – it’s really gross!





A Smell Removal Answers


1 Line Drawer Floor with Baking Soda

As a preliminary step, you will want to line the bottom of the drawer with baking soda. Measure a half cup of baking soda and pour heavy amounts of this deodorizing powder over the location in the drawer where the prawn had been residing. Allow the baking soda to sit for 24-48 hours while it works to slowly absorb the unwanted aroma. Upon the end of this waiting period, the drawer should be left smelling fresh.


2 Place Activated Charcoal Briquettes

If you are not in a rush, several activated charcoal briquettes can be placed over the affected area within the drawer. For safety reasons, you will need to proceed to place activated charcoal briquettes first within an old pair of nylon leggings. This will help to maintain a barrier between the charcoal and the drawer to prevent any unwanted staining. Allow the activated charcoal to rest in place for 4-7 days while the absorbent materials works to suck in the unwanted aroma.


3 Wipe Interior with Rubbing Alcohol

This solution works fantastically at cutting through rotten residues and sterilizing surfaces. Moisten the a rag with rubbing alcohol and give the area where the shrimp had be resting a thorough wipe down. Afterwards, provide 10-15 minutes for the any alcohol residues to evaporate away.


4 Wipe Interior with Lemon Oil

This natural oil can work well in cutting through the stink of a rotten prawn through the chemical effects of citric acid. Moisten a hand towel with lemon oil and proceed to wipe down the affected area within the drawer. Leave drawer open for the lemon oil to aerate. Upon completion, the stench of prawn should be wiped out to be replaced by the welcoming scent of citrus fruit.


5 Wipe Interior with Enzyme Cleaner

As a final solution, use of enzyme cleaner can have a powerful effect in eating through any remaining odorous organics within the location. To be safe, move forward with wiping down the entire interior of the drawer with the enzyme treatment and allow any excess moisture to naturally evaporate away. This product solution can be obtained by purchase at pet store and most large supermarkets.

Photo Credit: Stuart Bannocks