How to Get Rid of Crayon Smell

Crayons are a simple drawing tool that most children are familiar with. First introduced to the market in 1903 and offered in eight colors (black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, violet, and yellow), they have been used to create works of art in homes, schools, on trips, and in restaurants around the world. All is not rosy when it comes to these colorful products, though, and you may be wondering how to get rid of crayon smell, you’ve come to the right place. While they may be bright and cheerful to look at, the aroma is not something you want assaulting your olfactory organs. (Just in case we’re mistaken in this assumption, you’ll be happy to know that crayon cologne is available online.)


A crayon smell can show up in places unrelated to where children are working on their own personal masterpieces. At times a car can smell like a five year old has gone to town in it, or your laundry can take on the waxy smell of crayons. Keep reading for solutions to help you get the smell out.



How to Get Rid of Crayon Smell from a Car

1 Ozone Generator to the Rescue

An ozone generator can be used to remove any offensive smells from a car, including a crayon smell. Some types, such as VW and Mercedes Benz, seem to have more issues with this type of door than others. These machines can be ordered online or are available from a local rent-all dealer.


Be sure to clean the interior of the car thoroughly before you run the ozone generator. Any trash or personal belongings should be removed beforehand as well. If the unit you choose does not come with a flexible duct, you will need to attach one before you run the machine. You can use a dryer duct for this purpose. Duct tape can be used to secure it in place.


Close all the doors of the car. Roll up all the windows, with the exception of one. Leave it open wide enough so that you can feed the duct tube into the car. The ozone generator unit itself should remain outside while in use. Use cardboard and tape to seal the space around it. Run the ozone generator for 30 minutes-2 hours to get the crayon smell out of the vehicle.


IMPORTANT: Be absolutely sure that neither you or anyone else spends time inside the car while the ozone machine is running. Failure to do this can cause serious lasting health issues and even death. Once completed, open car doors and allow 20-30 minutes for the car to air out completely.


2 Get the Oil and Filter Changed

It’s possible the crayon smell in your car is coming from the type of fuel you are using. Have your oil and filter changed to see if that improves the situation. Using a premium gas in the tank may help to improve conditions in the passenger cabin, even though it will cause a ding in your wallet.


3 Contact the Dealer for Help

If you notice a crayon smell in a new vehicle that is confined to a certain area, such as the trunk, it may be due to a particular type of solvent used during the manufacturing process. If too much was used, it can give you a momentary flashback to kindergarten (since scent is tied to memory) and not everyone wants to go there when they have long since graduated into their big boy and girl panties. The solution may be covered under a new car warranty, and it worth discussing with the dealership to find out whether this is the case.


4 Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray

Ozium is available online and retailers. It’s an aerosol deodorizer that you spray inside the car to eliminate odors of all kinds, including crayon smell. This stuff is also used in hospitals to deal with things not usually discussed in polite company so we’re confident it can deal with the crayon issue in a vehicle quite effectively. Just follow the directions on the can and make sure you are using it in a well-ventilated area for best results.


Power Out Crayon Smell from Laundry

1 Lower Your Dryer Temperature

Synthetic fabrics should not be dried on high heat. You may be tempted to crank the heat up so that you get this necessary, but boring chore out the away asap so you can move on to other things. We’ve all done it, but you are paying the price if your laundry is not coming out April Fresh. Taking the time to sort your clothes and drying anything that is not 100 percent cotton or another natural fabric on a lower setting can help to eliminate the problem.


2 Take Clothes Out of Dryer While Slightly Damp

Leaving clothes in the dryer a bit too long can also lead to the burnt crayon smell. Rather than trying to bake them in there, take them out when they are a bit damp and hang them up to dry.



Deal with Crayon Smell in Laundry after Drying

1 Baking Soda in Rinse Water

Add a half cup of baking soda to the rinse water in your washing machine. It is a natural and economical deodorizer that should get rid of crayon smell from a previous load of laundry.


2 Add Some Febreze Odor Eliminator

Febreze Odor Eliminator is formulated for use in your wash. It will eliminate smelly stuff like B.O., smoke, cooking odors, and crayon smell from your clothes.


How to Freshen Dog’s Breath

When “Man’s Best Friend” wants to give a friendly lick, cuddle up nearby, or play a game of fetch, that bad doggie breath can be very unpleasant. Dogs don’t know that their breath is offensive but they are sensitive to how you treat them. Don’t let your pooch feel unwanted and unloved because of bad breath. Especially when a dog is panting, canine bad breath can make your car smell or even an entire area of your house. Some people think dogs have naturally bad breath but this isn’t so. Your pet does not want to be offensive and really needs your help!

There are numerous things that you can do to freshen your dog’s breath and also to prevent bad breath in the future. These remedies will be easy to implement and will simply become part of your daily routine and regular pet care. Everything you need to keep Fido from having halitosis is probably right in your home.




Dog’s Breath Freshening Solutions

1 Spritz of Lemon Juice

Bad breath can be caused by a build-up of plaque and food debris between your dog’s teeth. Brush your dog’s teeth daily using a soft bristled brush and warm water. A spritz of lemon juice in the warm water will really help the cleaning process. It’s best to brush your dog’s teeth at the same time every day when your dog is generally relaxed so that the brushing procedure is calm and comforting.


2 Floss it Out

Twisted or braided rope toys can actually work like doggie dental floss between the teeth. Try sprinkling a bit beef or chicken broth on the toy to entice your dog to chew. Whenever you select dog chew toys, look for ones that will clean the surface of your dog’s teeth and exercise the gum area to cut down on smelly build up.


3 Make Dog’s Breath Minty Fresh

mint mouth Float spearmint leaves or peppermint leaves in your dog’s water bowl. Cut them in small pieces so that they will be lapped up along with a good drink. Just like mint freshens human breath, it works wonders on dogs too.


4 Parsley Your Dog’s Mouth Up

Boil a few parsley stalks in water for about 5 minutes. Cool the water before giving it to your dog in their regular water bowl. Don’t forget to bring “parsley water” on trips to keep canine breath fresh.


5 Carrot Cleaning

Carrots are a good healthy treat for your dog and help eliminate unpleasant doggie breath. Unlike meat chews, they are better for the teeth, are easily digested, and leave your dog’s mouth smelling clean. The other great thing about carrot snacks is that they are low calorie if you are conscious of your dog’s weight. Your pup will enjoy carrots as much as any dog treat. If your dog likes vegetables, celery is another great breath freshener. It is also low calorie, and easily digested.


6 Hydrate Your Pooch

Like humans, a dog’s good digestion keeps dogs from burping up strong food odors. Be sure your dog drinks plenty of water which aids in digestion. Also, drinking lots of water helps in another way. When your dog’s mouth is kept moist, the bacteria that can cause bad breath are less likely to thrive.


Good oral hygiene, good diet, and natural breath fresheners will make your dog’s breath pleasing to everyone. After all, your dog is your best friend and best friends take care of each other. Your dog will be healthier and more confident with great smelling breath.

If your dog’s breath continues to smell after trying all of these solutions, we suggest contacting your vet and looking into pet credit options.


How to Get Smell Out of Nose

When we have sniffed something that is especially foul, a residual stink can develop within the nose. This is often the result of odorous particles making their way within the nose and lining the walls of the nostrils.

Although many people rely on waiting it out and allowing their nostrils to aerate, there are a handful of solutions for speeding the freshening process. By following the below solutions, your nostrils will be cleared to freshly smell whatever it is the you like.

Solutions for Removing Smell from Nose

1 Homemade Nasal Deodorizer

A Gather Sport Water Bottle + Baking Soda + Salt

You make your own household nose cleaner from a range of household ingredients. You will need to track down a sport water bottle, some baking soda and salt. The salt will work to allow the fluid to go into your body without it immediately rejecting it, while the baking soda provides a deodorizing effect. You will need to make sure your sort water bottle contains a suction nipple for this solution to provide desired results. See example in adjacent photo ->

B Mix Ingredients

You will want to partially fill a clean sports water bottle with a cup of warm water and teaspoon of baking soda and salt. Next, you will need to close the cap and give the mixture a good shake to ensure that the salt and baking soda completely dissolves within the mixture.

C Apply to Nose

To apply, you will need to open the valve on the water bottle’s nipple and press the opening against one of your nostrils while creating an airtight connection. Tilt head silty and begin to squeeze the bottle and allow the deodorizing substance to flow through your nasal passage way. You will then need to proceed to doing this with the other nostril to completely wipe out the unwelcome aroma within your nose.

2 Nasal Spray + Baking Soda

A Apply Baking Soda

As the preliminary step, you will need to apply baking soda within your nose. This is best accomplished by moistening your finger and sticking it within a mound of baking soda. This will cause heavy amounts of baking soda to naturally clump to your finger. Next, you will need to stick and then twist your finger deep within your nose. Twisting finger will ensure that much of the powder will reside within the walls of you nostrils. Once both nostril walls are covered in baking soda, you may appear to have a dangerous drug habit, but rest assured that baking soda is doing it’s job.

B Squirt Nasal Spray

After applying baking soda, proceed to use two bursts of your nasal spray within each nostril. This will help to dilute the baking soda and allow the deodorizing powder to work it’s magic deep within your nasal passage way. Finish by blowing nose and wiping away any baking soda remaining on nostrils.


How to Get Smell Out of Crocs

After much use, the rubbery surface of Crocs can become infused with smelly foot residues. Once this happens, the organic bacteria can take hold of Crocs and create and unbearable stench that can be difficult to neutralize.

Fortunately, there exist several household solutions for treating the foot related odor within croc to have them smelling like new. By using the below solutions, you can successfully wipe out the footy funk inhabiting your Crocs and keep them smelling fresh within the future.

Smell Removal Solutions for Crocs

1 Drown Crocs in White Vinegar

This household acid can work wonders in cutting through the entrench foot aroma within your Crocs. Mix a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts warm water within a large rectangular container. Next, proceed to dunk your Crocs within this solution making sure that they are fully submerge. If your pair of Crocs have a tendency to float, a weight can be placed on top of them to ensure that they remain fully within this solution. Allow to Crocs to soak for 4-6 hours before returning to remove the Crocs from this formula. Upon removing the Crocs, place them outside within the sun to air dry.

2 Open Air + Sunlight

If you have the time, placing the Crocs outside within direct sunlight for several days can be a deodorizing charm. Find a location within the yard where the Crocs are sure to receive a minimum of eight hours of direct sunlight. At the end of each day perform a smell test on the Crocs. Once non odor remains within the Crocs, they can be taken inside and put back within your daily footwear collection.

3 Bury In Cat Litter

Many people would not consider cat litter for deodorizing Crocs, but it’s absorbent granules happens to work well in pulling difficult odors out from the interior of the Croc rubber. Fill a small clean tub with unused cat litter and proceed to bury your smelly Croc within the deodorizing granules. Allow 2-3 days to pass before removing the freshen Crocs from the mound of cat litter and putting them back within use.

4 Enzyme Soak

For especially difficult odors, a rubber safe enzyme solution ca be used to literally eat the odorous organic foot residues from the Croc’s interior. Fill up a large rectangle tub with enzyme cleaner and water mixed within equal parts and proceed to dunk the smelly Crocs within the solution. Make sure that the Crocs remain within this solution for a minimum of 3 hours before removing to air dry within the sun.

5 Act Fast

Foot odors have a nasty way of building within rubber footwear unlike any other material. It is important that the Crocs are treated as soon as the smallest hint of an aroma develops. If the odors go untreated, sweat and dead skin cells can accumulate and odorous bacteria that feeds upon these residues will not be far behind. The longer you wait, the smellier they will get and the more challenging the Crocs will become to deodorize.

Photo credit: Mark Crawley


How to Get Smell Out of Pickle Jar

After eating all of the pickles from a jar it is a shame to have to just toss the jar out. Many people would like to reuse pickle jars for other purposes, yet choose to forgo this because of the intense pickle odor that clings to the inside walls of jars long after the last pickle has been eaten.


Though the residual stench of pickles can be unpleasant, there remain several household solutions for removing the smell from the jars. By following the below solutions, you can be sure that you future pickle jars will be smelling fresh with limitless storage potential.


Smell Removal Solutions for Pickle Jars


1 Run Through Dishwasher

This may seem to good to be true, but simply running the pickle jar through the dishwasher will often be enough to eliminate the pickle smell. The extremely hot water and dish detergent work in tandem to initially expand the glass jar and allow the detergent to cut through the residues.


2 Bottle Hot White Vinegar

The household acid within white vinegar can effectively cut through the embedded pickle odors within most jars. Fill the jar half way with extremely hot water and proceed to fill the remainder with white vinegar. Quickly close the lid on the jar and allow the jar to sit on the counter for 24-48 hours. After this time has passed, the mixture can be poured out and


3 Baking Soda

Baking soda has been working to remove difficult odor from kitchen odors for generations, and can help in removing pickle smell from a glass jar. Measure 3-4 teaspoons of baking soda and place them within the jars. Next, fill the jars to the rim with extremely hot water, give it a stir with a utensil and seal the lid on the jars immediately. Allow the jar and it’s contents to sit for 24-48 hours before opening it, pouring out the contents and putting the jar into use.


4 Lemon Juice

In a similar function to white vinegar, the acid within lemon juice will work to cut through the pickle odor within the jars. Squeeze the juice for a whole lemon within the jar and then place the crushed remains of the lemon within the jar. Next, fill the jar to the rim with very hot water and seal the lid. Again, allow the jar to sit for a minimum of 24 hours as the hot water expands the jar and the citric acid deodorizes the jar’s interior.

5 Rubbing Alcohol

As a final solution the high alcohol content within rubbing alcohol can have a powerful sterilizing and deodorizing impact on the pickle odor within a jar. Fill the jar up with 3/4 hot water and top off the remainder with rubbing alcohol. Proceed to seal the lid and allow the jar to sit for 6-8 hours before returning to pour out the deodrizing solution and rinse the freshened jar out.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Acosta


How to Get Smell Out of Fur Hat

When you realize that your favorite wolf-devouring-face fur hat has developed an odor, it can be an extremely distressing event. Many recount this tragedy as one of life’s most difficult challenges that requires trial and perseverance to overcome.

Fortunately, there exist simple freshening steps for removing odor from any fur hat to return it to its former glory and prestige. By following the below solutions, you can return things to normal, and be back to wearing your freshened fur hat on a daily basis.

Smell Removal Solutions for Fur Hats

1 Outside in Sun

Placing the fur hat out in the sun can have a safe and chemical-free deodorizing effect. Wait for a sunny day and find a location within the yard where the fur hat can receive a minimum of 8 direct hours of sunlight. During this time, the open space, fresh air and ultraviolet rays will work to lift any odors away. If any odor remains within the fur hat after the first day within the sun consider a second or even third day for it to have a full effect.

2 Activated Charcoal Absorption

If there is enough time, activated charcoal can work well at slowly pulling in any activated charcoal from a fur hat. Find an appropriate sized cardboard box and place 10-12 activated charcoal briquettes along the bottom of the box. Next, put the fur hat within the box and close the lid to seal the content inside. Once completed, place the sealed box and its contents aside for 5-7 days. During this time the activated charcoal will slowly work its magic in sucking up available odors to freshen the fur hat.

3 Freeze It

Development of sweat and skin cells can often cause bacteria to develop within the interior of a fur hat. This is problematic because this bacteria can often develop the odor that causes much discomfort during the fur hat’s use. Fortunately, freezing the fur hat will have the effect of killing the bacteria that resides within the hat. Place the hat within a sealed trash bag and put within the freezer for 24-48 hours for best results. Upon completion, it is a good idea to remove the hat from the trash bag and freezer and place it within the sun for 8 hours for a final freshening effect.

4 Lemon Juice Spritz

The citric acid within this solution can have the positive effect of cutting through difficult odors within a fur hat. Mix a solution of one part lemon juice with ten parts water within a generic spray bottle and proceed to mist down the fur hat. Upon spraying it down, proceed to place the fur hat outside within the shade until dry. It is important not to sun dry the hat after using lemon juice because the combination could lead to minor bleaching of the fur.

5 Baking Soda Box

As a final solution, baking soda can have an extremely powerful effect on absorbing odors from the hat. Fill the bottom of an appropriate sized cardboard box with baking soda and place the hat on top of the powder before sealing it. After the box has been closed, allow the box and it’s contents to sit for seven days until it has absorbed all of the odor from the fur hat.

Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek


How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

In a social world, bad breathe can be a deal breaker.  Interacting with someone who has chronic bad breathe is an unpleasant experience that can lead to discomfort.  The stale stench can be embarrassing and can lead to others question your bodily and oral health and hygiene.

Fortunately, there exist several solutions for treatment of difficult oral odors to return freshness to your breath.  Using a combination of the following solutions will be sure to reduce or remove the foul stench within your breathe and ensure that it never returns.

Deodorizing Solutions for Bad Breath

1 Drink More Water

Regularly drinking water will help in ensuring that you maintain fresh smelling breath. Water helps the mouth in staying hydrated and makes sure that bacteria does not become stagnate and grow. This is important because bacteria is one of the largest contributors to bad breath.

2 An Apple A Day

Many claim that eating an apple a day will do much to remove the negative effects of bad breath. While this is only a temporary solution, the crispy fiber does a great job in cleansing the mouth getting rid of excess plaque that may be causing the problem. Similarly, bananas also can have a positive effect if you are out of apples.

3 Candies & Gum

This solution has been used for generations to cover up bad breath. While most any candy or gum will have some short-term positive effect, ones that are naturally supplemented with cinnamon or ginger will have a much greater effect.

4 Mouthwash or Hydrogen Peroxide

Both hydrogen peroxide and astringent mouthwash can be effective at removing bad breath. When selecting mouthwash you can usually spot the astringent variety by it’s intense blu or green coloring. While all mouthwashes work, ones that only use high alcohol levels to kill bacteria will not be as powerful.

Bad Breath Prevention Tips

1 Keep Good Oral Health

The number one thing you can do to ensure good breath is to maintain good oral health. Keeping good oral health means that you are complying with the following standards:

A Brushing Teeth

It may sound gross, but many people fail to brush their teeth on a daily basis. Be sure that you are different, and always brush you teeth during both morning and night before going to bed. As a general rule, if you are brushing for less than 60 second, you can be doing a better job in cleaning your teeth.

B Flossing Teeth

Much of the odor producing plaque that causes bad breath lives in the cracks and creases of the gum line and between the teeth. Flossing will help you reach these difficult location the snap out any bacteria grim that may be causing you mouth to smell. Make sure that you are flossing daily to prevent unwanted buildup.

C Scraping Tongue

People rarely scrape their tongue, but this remains an important step in fighting the odorous bacteria within your mouth. The are countless groves and seams within your tongue where bacteria can grow. Scraping your tongue on a daily basis will ensure that this area is kept clean and clear of plaque.

2 Stay Away From Garlic and Onions

Both of these ingredients are known perpetrators of bad breath. If you are eating high quantities of these white vegetables of a regular basis, they may just be the source of you problem. As a preventative measure you can either test your own breath or ask a friend to smell you exhale after eating either of these ingredients at a restaurant.

3 Don’t Smoke Cigarettes

Besides being harmful to your health, smoking cigarettes on a regular basis can have a negative effect on your breath. Regular smokers should consider cutting back on there habit or stopping altogher if they are regularly combating a stale smoker’s breath. If quitting is not an option, the following guide can provide some extra ideas for freshening breath on the short term: Guide: How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Mouth

Long-term Bad Breath Solutions

1 See a Family Physician

If you are doing everything you can to reduce staleness within your breath with no success, your particular problem may be a medical one. During your next visit to the doctor bring up your problem and ask if it may be indicative of any larger problems.


How to Get Smell Out of Jewelry

Antique jewelry often has an aged metallic odor which has the effect of leaving a stale impression on the owner.  Jewelry is supposed to add glamour to confidence to it’s owner, yet this metallic musk can have the unfortunate opposite effect.

Fortunately, there exist several solutions for extracting the odor from your aged jewelry to make it smell like new.  By following the below solutions, you can be assured that your bling will be clean and odor-free.

Metal Jewelry Smell Removal Solutions

1 Rub Down with Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

If you need to remove odor from a mystery metal, the safest way to deodorize it is by using a jewelry cleaning cloth.  Jewelry cleaning cloths work to remove the oxidation that regularly build up and cause old metal odor.  Though this may not be effective in all cases, it cannot hurt as the cleaning clothes retail at the low price of 4 dollars.  At a minimum, this solution will remove any dullness and leave the jewelry shining brighter.

2 Soak in Hot Water and White Vinegar

This household solution is used for cleaning and deodorizing metallic jewelry.  Create a mixture of one part white vinegar to three parts water within small kitchen glass.  Sumerge jewelry within the formula, and allow it to soak for 12-24 hours.  After a day, you can remove the jewelry draw off with a paper towel.

3 Soak in Hot Water and Baking Soda

This solution has been used of generations for it’s absorption powers. Mix a solution of one part baking soda with five parts water within a kitchen glass.  Drop jewelry within the mixture and allow for it to soak for 8-12 hours.  After this time has passed, you can remove the freshened jewelry to rinse off and dry within a paper towel.

4 Soak in Dish Detergent and Lemon Juice

This concoction works well at cutting through the musty smells of old jewelry.  The dish detergent helps to loosen skin cells while the citric acid cuts through residual odors.  Fill a kitchen glass with water, and add a teaspoon of dish detergent and 3 teaspoon of lemon juice.  Stir the solution, and submerge the smelly jewelry with the formula.  After 5-8 hours remove the jewelry and wash off any residual residue before drying off.

5 Polish with Toothpaste

Old fashion toothpaste works great doubling as a cleaning solution for metal. Using an old toothbrush, scrub the toothpaste within the various nooks and crannies of the metal jewelry.  After doing to for 5-10 minutes, rinse clean under the faucet and dry within a paper towel.

6 Gentle Jewelry Cleaner

This is a fantastic product solution for cleaning and deodorizing jewelry.  A gentle jewelry cleaning solution can be purchased at most drug stores and is a wonderful solution if you are short on time.  To use product, simply remove lid and soak jewelry within the liquid formula.


How to Get Smell Out of Tent

When tents are smelly, it can make for an uncomfortable camping experience. These shelters are meant to provide comfort and protection from the elements.  However, when they possess odorous fumes, you may choose to sleep under the stars.

Fortunately, there remain several things that can be done to remove odors from tents, and prevent them from developing within the future.  By following the the below suggestions, you can be assure that you tent will be smelling fresh and offer a pleasurable camping experience.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Open & Air Out in Sun (Minor Mildew Odor)

The musty smell within a tent usually results from packing the tent within the bag while it is still moist from morning dew or rain.  This results in mildew when the moisture is trapped and is unable to evaporate from within the confines of the tent’s bag.  Once you get home, some of the musty odor can be eliminated by unpacking the tent, setting it up, and placing it within direct sunlight.  In most cases involving minor mildew odors, an entire day within the sun will be enough to freshen the tent.

2 Hot Sponge Wipe (Mild Mildew Odor)

Take precaution in using harsh chemicals that can strip the waterproof sealant from the tent canvas.  Often, using hot water in combination with open air and direct sunlight will be sufficient to remove the odor.  Draw a bucket of warm water and apply a damp sponge to the interior and exterior surface of the tent.  Provide sufficient time for the entire interior and exterior of the tent to dry before repacking the tent within it’s bag.

3 White Vinegar (Strong Mildew Odor)

This household compound is effective at cutting through mildew and rendering a tent odorless.  Additionally, unlike harsher compounds like bleach and soap detergent, it will inflict a lesser impact on the waterproof sealant within the tent’s canvas.  Mix a formula of one part white vinegar with six waters warm water and sponge down the interior and exterior of the pitched tent canvas.  Leave tent setup until all moisture has evaporated before packing away within the tent’s bag.

4 Enzyme Cleaner (Strong Mildew Odor)

Similar to white vinegar, enzyme cleaning solution works well at killing mold spores without harming the waterproof sealant within the tent’s canvas.  Pitch the tent, and mix a formula of enzyme cleaning solution and warm water in equal parts.  Using a sponge wipe down the interior and exterior of the tent and leave tent setup until all of the moisture has air dried from the canvas.

Smell Prevention & Precautions

1 Dry Before Storing

Once you return from your trip, remove your tent from it’s bag and setup within direct sunlight on a clear day.  As an added step you can use warm water to scrub down the inside and outside of the tent as outline above.  Allow moisture to air dry from canvas before repacking tent and storing within a cold and dry location.

2 No Detergents

The use of detergent soaps and bleach will have the effect of leaving residues within the fabric that will not go away.  It has the additional effect of the weakening the waterproof sealant within the canvas, and can lead to the tent’s inability to provide shelter from rain.


How to Get Smell Out of Hair

Within any given day, a smell can develop within one’s hair.  Like any fiber, hair accumulates residues, oils and smoke fumes.  When the smell develops within hair follicles, it can be quite unpleasant and can act as a constant annoyance.


Fortunately, there exists several solutions for removing odors and freshening hair.  By following the below solutions, you can remove any hair stench and free your follicles from odor.


Hair Deodorizing Solutions


1 Hair Down

When hair is tied within a bun, odor becomes locked in and does not have an opportunity to escape. Placing your hair down frees the individual strands and allows fresh air to sweep through and carry unwanted odors away.


2 Direct Sunlight

The UV rays of the sun can work well in drying out and neutralizing residues within follicles to render them odorless.  Spending 45 to 60 minutes within direct sun will have a freshening impact on any odor found within your hair.


3 Fresh Air

Spending time outside can be very beneficial to odorous follicles.  The fresh breeze and open space will work to lift off much of the unwelcome smells.  If you don’t have access a shower, aim to spend a minimum of an hour outside with you hair down.


4 Wash Again

It may sound simplistic, but washing hair a second time within the shower can have the effect of lifting out residual odors that weren’t eliminated during the first use of shampoo.  If you can tell an odor particularly bad, be sure to shampoo hair, then rinse and repeat.


5 Apple Cider Vinegar

Many naturalists regularly substitute shampoo for apple cider vinegar due to it’s powerful cleaning effects.  Mix a solution of apple cider vinegar and shampoo within a cup and bring within the shower.  Proceed to apply to hair and provide a minimum of 2-3 minutes for the chemicals to work their magic.  The vinegar will have the positive effect of stripping the odor producing residues to freshen the hair.


6 Baking Soda Paste

This household powder works wonders at absorbing odors.  Mix a paste solution of water and baking soda in equal parts within a cup.  Bring cup within the shower and apply to hair.  Provide 3-5 minutes for the the baking soda to pull the unwelcome odor from your locks.  After this time has passed, rinse baking soda paste out and enjoy freshened follicles.


7 Lemon Squeeze

The citric acid within citrus fruit can cut through smelly residues and add a nice sheen to hair.  Mix a solution of your normal shampoo and lemon juice in equal parts and apply to hair during shower.  Provide 2-3 minutes for the formula to set in before rinsing out from hair


8 Vodka Spray

This party drink drys odorless and is highly effective at lifting unwanted smells from hair.  Pour a small amount of vodka within a spray bottle and spritz down hair from all angles. Allow 5-15 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate, and leave hair smelling fresh.


9 Febreze It

This product is fantastic on short notice.  Spray hair down from multiple angles and provide 10-20 minutes for the solution to air dry away.  If smelly hair is a regular occurrence, consider placing Febreze in strategic location within the office, car and home to use on a moments notice.