How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Laptop

After countless hours smoking while working on the laptop, the stench of cigarettes can easy be transferred into the computer’s surface.  Once this happens, the odor can be overwhelming serve as a constant distraction in getting things done.

Fortunately, there exist several solution to reducing the odor and adding freshness within the computer.  By following some of the below suggestions, you can rest assured that the smell of cigarettes will be lifted from the laptop to return it to normal.

Liquid Deodorizing Solutions

1 Rubbing Alcohol

This substance works wonders in cutting unwanted smoking odors within laptops.  Moisten a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the entire exterior of the laptop. Because there exist several creases within a laptop, you may wish to moisten the tip of a cue-tip to wipe doe down all of the crevasses within the  computer’s case.

2 White Vinegar

This household acid can be similarly used in cutting through cigarette stench build up.  Mix a small bowl of white vinegar and water in equal parts.  Moisten a paper towel within the solution and wipe down the exterior of the laptop.  Finally, use a moistened cue-tip to get into all the cracks within the laptop.  Take precaution while cleaning cracks not to allow moisture to wipe down and into the circuitry of the device.

3 Lemon Juice

The citric acid in lemon juice cuts through cigarette smoke odors and freshens surfaces.  Within a small bowl, mix a formula of lemon juice and water in equal parts.  Dip a paper towel within the mixture and proceed to wipe down the exterior of the laptop.  As with any electronic, take precaution to avoid moisture from getting within the circuitry of the computer.

4 Baking Soda

This household powder works wonders in absorbing uninvited smoke odors.  Mix a solution of one part baking soda with three parts water.  Using a paper towel, dampen within the solution and wipe down the exterior of portions of the laptop, ensuring that no area is left untouched.

Absorption Deodorizing Solutions

1 Activated Charcoal

If the time is available, this substance has fantastic at absorbing odors.  Place the several activated charcoal briquettes within the bottom of a medium sized cardboard box.  Place a paper towel over the briquettes and set the closed laptop on top of the paper towel.  Close box and provide 3-4 days for the charcoal briquettes to absorb all of the unwanted odors.  After several days have passed, open box and put freshened laptop back into use.

2 Cat Litter

This substance works for more than absorbing cat related waste. Fill the bottom of a medium sized box with cat litter, lay a paper towel down and place the laptop within the box. Allow 48-72 hours for the cat littler to freshen the laptop and put back into use.