How to Get Bleach Smell Off Hands

You dutifully scrubbed every surface until it shined to prepare for guests and now your hands smell overwhelmingly like bleach. The house smells fresh as it sparkles from your efforts, but your hands smell like a heavily chlorinated swimming pool. The odor of bleach on your hands smells antiseptic, off putting, and might even engage your gag reflex as you sit down for dinner.



How do you remedy hands that smell strongly of a job well done?

Bleach contains chlorine which is a strong alkali. The pH of alkalis neutralizes naturally when combined with any acid. However, in combining both alkali and acid it is possible to release harmful gasses. To reduce the chance of producing and inhaling a harmful gas, prior to applying any of these smell reduction methods be sure to rinse your hands throughly with tepid or cool water for a few minutes to reduce the amount of physical chemical remaining on your skin.

While all of these methods with eliminate or reduce the smell of bleach on your skin, many of the offered remedies carry their own odors. Select the solution that best meets your needs!




How to Get Rid of Bleach Smell on Hands

1 Splash with White Vinegar

Natures all purpose acidic cleanser neutralizes the bleach smell quickly and easily. Simply soak hands in 1:1 vinegar and water solution to reduce and remove bleach odor. Your hands may smell a little like vinegar after treatment, however the familiar salad dressing-like odor evaporates from skin more quickly than the heady chemical smell of bleach.


2 Lemon or Orange Squeeze

Similarly, the acid of lemon or orange juice helps to neutralize the chemical components of the bleach making your hands smell fresh and citrusy. Rub a sliced lemon or orange directly on your affected skin, or squeeze lemon or orange juice into a bowl of lukewarm water and allow your hands to soak in the mixture for a few minutes. Give yourself a full spa treatment and add some rose petals or basil and natural salts to give your hands a luxury bath.


3 Coffee Ground Rub

Use a palm full of dry coffee grounds to remove the chemical bleach odor and replace it with a warm, organic smell. The acid in coffee grounds both cuts the alkali of the bleach chemicals and the grounds absorb the offending odor. Rub the coffee grounds into your skin like an exfoliant, then dust of the grounds into the waste bin. Rinse any excess coffee into the sink. Your hands will smell of coffee, but in a pleasant and homey way far superior to the harsh smell of bleach.


4 Soap with Citric Acid

Lather up with a soap that contains citric acid to most effectively remove a bleach smell. A soap containing citric acid proves a gentle and effective solution for neutralizing the bleach smell, and leaves hands smelling clean and fragrant. Use a high quality hand soap with added moisturizers to relieve your hands of any dryness or chapping created when cleaning with the bleach solution.


5 Coconut or Almond Oil

Moisturize your skin with a subtle, yet fragrant all natural oil like coconut oil or almond oil. While these oils do not chemically neutralize the chlorine in bleach, they do offer a silky smooth scent to mask the odor of the bleach. Unlike store bought moisturizers, natural oils absorb deeply into your skin. Allow time for the oils to saturate and repair the affected area and reapply until skin appears hydrated and the bleach odor fades.


6 Flower Petal Squeeze

Pluck a few rose petals from your garden or centerpiece and rub them between your fingers until your skin absorbs the essential oils. The natural oils and fragrances from the petals serve to mask the bleach odor with a pleasant, natural perfume. Be sure to use nice smelling blooms like rose or honeysuckle, not all flowers smell so sweet!


7 Wear Gloves when Handling Bleach

Don’t forget to wear gloves next time! In the future a good pair of rubber gloves prevents your skin from absorbing the harsh chlorine of bleach in the first place. Not only will wearing gloves as you clean prevent unwanted hand odors, the gloves also protect your skin from the harsh irritation of the chemicals present in bleach cleansers.


Bleach smells strongly and the odor may linger on fingers and palms for days if left unattended. Prevent the absorption of strong bleach odor into skin initially by using gloves and using an appropriate bleach to water ratio to dilute the chemical cleanser. After use, employ your preferred method from above to remove, absorb, and cover the sometimes overwhelming odor of bleach.


How to Get Gasoline Smell Off Hands

While fueling up a car or performing yard work, gasoline spills have been known to be a common occurrence. When these slip-ups do occur, our hands are usually the first thing that gasoline comes into contact. After a spill, the sharp chemical odor can burrow deep within our palms and fingers and present a challenge to effectively treat.


Though deodorizing gasoline from one’s hands is never an easy task, this can be accomplished by using a handful of helpful household remedies. By following the below tips and tricks, you can successfully get the gasoline smell off your hands and have them smelling fresh again.




Gasoline Smell Removal Solutions for Hands

1 White Vinegar Splash

Splashing hands with white vinegar can be a great solution for getting rid of gasoline smell within hands. The chemical properties in vinegar will work to break apart the gasoline bonds that hold the gasoline residues together. For best results, rub the vinegar between palms and fingers for a minimum of 30-45 seconds before washing hands off under the faucet.


2 Lemon Juice Rub

The citric acid within lemon juice can have a powerful effect in elimination the entrenched gasoline odors within your palms. Mix a solution of lemon juice and water in equal parts inside a cup and proceed to rub the moisture through your palms and finger for a minimum of one minute. During this time, the lemon juice will work to cut through the troublesome gasoline aroma and replace it with the gentle scent of freshly cut lemons.


3 Dish Detergent & Salt

The use of detergent yields a similar result on gasoline residues as it does in breaking apart the chemical bonds in grease. As a preliminary step, pour 1-2 teaspoons of salt within a cup next to the kitchen sink. Wet hands and later palms and fingers dish detergent and then pour the salt within hands. Continue to rub the materials between palms for another minute before rinse hands clean and enjoying freshened hands.


4 Hand Sanitizer or Rubbing Alcohol

The use of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol can work well in neutralizing difficult gasoline odors within one’s palms. The high percentage of alcohol in both these solutions will provide similar results. Pour small portion of either of these options within your palms and proceed to rub it within hands. For best results, be sure to continue to rub this solution in until all of the alcohol solution has evaporated away.


5 Baking Soda Paste

The use of the household deodorizing powder can provide fantastic odor absorption for benefits within hands. Begin by creating a paste of one part baking soda with three parts water inside a cup. Pour this solution within palms and rub the solution through your fingers and palms for an entire minute. Finally, if any odor remains after your first application, you can try this for a second or third time until all of the odor has been eliminated.


6 Dunk Hands in Hydrogen Peroxide

This cleaning and disinfectant solution is safe to use on your hands and can be used of a variety of odors within the home. Mix a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide wot three parts water within a large bowl. Proceed to submerge hands within hydrogen peroxide for 1-3 minutes until the gasoline odors have been wiped away. If any odors remain after this period of time, try dipping your hands for an additional period of time until the gasoline odors have been removed from your hands.


7 Mechanics Soap

If you regularly work with gasoline, and regularly find your palms soaked in the chemical compound, you may wish to invest in specialty mechanics soap. This product solution can work wonders in eliminating challenging gasoline odors from hands and return them to freshness. For best results, keep mechanic’s soap close to your gasoline work site and deodorize as soon as possible.


How to Get Latex Smell Off Hands

For many occupations, the use of latex gloves are a necessary barrier between your skin and potentially dangerous chemical and biological matter. Regrettably, the constant use of latex can leave your hands with an off-putting unnatural odor.


Fortunately, there remain a wide range of household and workplace solutions for making latex stench a thing of the past. The use of the following tips and tricks will help to eliminate any latex smell within your hands to leave your palms and fingers smelling fresh.


Latex Smell Removal Solutions for Hands

1 Regular Soap & Wash

Although you may have already given this a try, washing hands with regular hand soap under a faucet will usually do the tick in removing any unwanted latex odors. For especially pervasive latex odors, you my want to consider one of the following solutions.


2 Hand Sanitizer

Besides being a useful hand cleanser on the go, the high level of alcohol within this solution can work well at cutting through latex odors. If you find that you need to wear latex gloves on a regular basis, you may want to consider carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer with you for deodorizing purposes.


3 Baking Soda Sprinkle

Several workers within the medical fields have claimed that sprinkling baking soda within the glove prior to use can help a great deal in cutting down on the odor. For an additional boost, you can also sprinkle a small amount inside your hand and proceed to rub the powder through your palms and finger before placing the latex gloves on.


4 Squeeze Lemon Juice

The citric acid within lemons makes the fruits juice very effective at cutting through difficult latex odors in your hands. To apply, squeeze a small amount of this juice within your palm and proceed to rub the juice through your palms and fingers. Once completed, the lemon juice residues can be rinsed from your freshened hands under a faucet. As an additional note, using the juice from oranges and limes can have a similar positive effect as lemons, because they all possess citric acid.


5 Shampoo Hand Wash

Although this solution may sound strange, many claim that the use of shampoo is far more effective on latex hand odors than using regular hand soap. Simply apply the shampoo as though it were a hand soap and proceed to wash hands under the faucet to eliminate the rubbery latex odor within your palms and fingers.


How to Get Poop Smell Off Hands

Poopy mishaps have been known to while cleaning ourselves or our baby’s bottom. Once the stench of fecal matter has found it’s way within our fingers, it can be an extremely difficult scent to eliminate.

Though it may seem like your hands will never return to normal, there are a range of effective household solutions for deodorizing your palms. By using the following tips and tricks you can be sure that your hands will be poo-free and smelling fresh.

Poop Smell Solutions for Hands

1 Old Fashion Detergent

If you haven’t already done so, you should try washing hands with dish detergent soap. This type of soap has some deodorizing properties and may help in breaking down residual poop particles that may be clinging to your palm or fingers. In many cases, the use of dish detergent will be all that is needed to rid yourself of poop smelling palms.

2 Baking Soda Paste

This household powder has been used for generations as a deodorizer of difficult odors. If imply washing hands with soap has not delivered desirable results, you can proceed to create a baking soda paste that can help to absorb the residual poop aroma. Mix a solution of one part baking soda with two parts water within a small bowl and proceed to apply to the affected areas of your hands. Once you have rubbed this deodorizing compound through hands for 60-90 seconds, the baking soda residues can be washed away to leave hands smelling fresh.

3 White Vinegar Splash

As a common cooking and cleaning acid found within the kitchen, this substance can work wonders in cutting through difficult poop related odors within your hands. Begin by splashing hands with this solution and proceed to rub the white vinegar within the affected areas of the palms and fingers for 60-90 seconds. You may need to do this process 2-3 times if any odors remains within hands after the first application.

4 Neutralize with Rubbing Alcohol

In a similar application as white vinegar, the high alcohol levels within this compound can work to neutralize fecal odors on contact. After first washing hands, proceed to splash palms with rubbing alcohol and proceed to rub the solution within the hands until the alcohol has completely evaporated. If odors remain, try a second or rubbing alcohol splash until your hands are completely freshened.

5 Lemon Juice Squeeze

The citric acid within the lemon juice can work to slice through the difficult poop stench within your hands. Once you have soap washed hands, proceed to squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice within one palm,and proceed to rub the juice through hands. If lemons are not available, an orange or a lime can yield similar deodorizing results.

6 Vodka

When rubbing alcohol is not available, the use of vodka can provide similar results. As always, make sure that hands have been washed with soap before using this method. Begin by pouring 1-2 teaspoons of vodka within one palm, and proceed to rub it within hands until the alcohol has completely evaporated away.


How to Get Skunk Smell Off Hands

While treating your dog or cat, the problem of getting skunk oil entrenched within one’s hands is a serious problem. The sharp stench of skunk oil can cause an overwhelming amount of discomfort and require immediate attention.


Fortunately, there are several household solutions that can be used to deodorizing one’s palm’s no matter how bad the odor is. By using the below tips and tricks, you can be sure that the odor will be removed to never return again.



De-Skunking Solutions for Hands

1 Mandatory: Eliminate Skunk Oils

You will need to begin by breaking down the odorous skunk oils within the hands. Using soap detergent is effective at doing this and works well at cutting through these oily residues to allow them to be stripped away. While applying to your palms, be sure to lather well and keep the detergent on the hands for a minimum of 1-2 minutes. Upon completion wash the dish detergent away with cold water.


2 Pour Hydrogen Peroxide

This deodorizing compound works well at eliminating odors and neutralizing the smell of skunk on contact. Pour the hydrogen peroxide in your hands and proceed to rub the solution through your hands and fingers. Allow the solution to stay on your hands for 1-2 minutes before washing the chemical compound away.


3 Mouthwash Splash

This solution does more than clean and deodorize your teeth. Splash hands with mouthwash and proceed to rub the solution through your palms and hands. Rub for 20-30 seconds before washing the mouth wash residues away from your hands.


4 Rub Hands with Tomato Juice

Tomato juice can have a similar effect on one’s hands as it does while deodorizing the fur on cats and dogs. Pour a small portion of tomato juice within your hands and proceed to rub it through hands for several minutes before washing your freshened hands clean under the faucet.


5 Lemon Juice Squeeze

The citric acid within lemon juice can do much to cut through the difficult stench of skunk smell. Squeeze a good amount of lemon juice within one’s palms and proceed to rub the acidic solution through your palms and fingers.


6 Baking Soda Rub

This odor absorbent powder can work wonders at pulling in difficult odors. Place 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda within one’s palms and proceed to create a paste of the powder by quickly putting hands under the faucet. Proceed to rub the paste within palms and fingers for 2-3 minutes before rinsing clean of hands.


7 Rubbing Alcohol Wipe

As a final solution, the high alcoholic content of this solution can work well in neutralizing odors within hands upon contact. Splash hands with this solution and proceed to rub the alcohol through palms and fingers. Do this for 30-40 seconds before washing the hands clean of any moisture.


Photo credit: Brian Garrett

How to Get Garlic Smell Off Hands

This cooking ingredient has the ability to season and enrich a wide variety of dishes.  While it can be beneficial to flavoring, it can also have the unwanted effect of rubbing off on one’s hands during it’s preparation.  When garlic residues get within hands, the sharp stench can be quite intense and very challenging to remove from one’s fingers and palms.

Luckily, there are several household remedies for neutralizing the stench of garlic odors within hands.  By following some of the below solutions, you can be certain that your palms and finger will be smelling fresh again.

Hand Deodorizing Solutions

1 Rub Stainless Steel Utensil Under Cold Water

It may sound silly, but rubbing a stainless steel utensil under cold running water is a tested method that works to remove that smell of garlic from one’s hands.  Turning on the faucet, and rubbing for a minimum of 20-30 seconds has a somewhat mysterious molecular reaction that combats the odorous garlic oils.  Allow though any stainless steel utensil will work for this home remedy, a stainless steel spoon is recommended because you are less likely to poke yourself while rubbing.

2 Rub Ice Cube Under Cold Running Water

Rubbing an ice cube under cold water will have a similar effect as using a stainless steel utensil.  Grab a large cube of ice and rub the interior of you palms and fingers under the faucet.  If melting takes place simply continue with a new cube until you have rubbed all affected areas over the course of 60-90 seconds. The cold water will have the effect of tightening your pores within your hand while the water and friction from the ice cube loosens the oils and washes it away.

3 Toothpaste Scrubdown

The use of toothpaste can work wonders in eliminating the smell of garlic from one’s palms and fingers.  Squeeze double the quantity of toothpaste that you would normally use for brushing your teeth within hands.  Proceed to rub the toothpaste within palms and in and between fingers.  Finally, finish by rinsing off the toothpaste from hands under the faucet.

4 Lemon Juice

The citric acid within lemon juice can help to strip the garlic oil from hands and leave palms and fingers smelling fresh.  Either splash hands with lemon juice or proceed to scrub palms and fingers with the inside of a lemon.  Either way, lemon juice will need to come into contact with all affected areas for 5-10 seconds for desired results.  As a note of precaution, you may want to avoid this particular remedy you your hands are dry, cracked or have any cuts.  The acid within lemons can cause quite a bit of pain if you presently have any of these conditions within palms or fingers.

5 Tomato Juice

This solution works in the same fashion that it eliminates and makes sprayed oil from a skunk’s behind.  Although opening a can of tomato juice may not be warranted for removing garlic smell from hands, this is nonetheless effective at eliminating garlic oil odor.  Splash palms and finger with tomato juice and rub through hands for 10-15 seconds over the sink.  Once complete, rinse hands under faucet and enjoy freshened hands for the rest of your day.

6 Palm Rubbed Salt

Rubbing salt between palms under  cold water can have the effect of wiping out garlic odor within one’s hands.  Pour 1-2 teaspoon of salt in hands and rub between palms and fingers for a total of 30-60 seconds under a cold faucet.  It is important that enough salt is poured prior to washing to avoid the salt be liquid and carried away prematurely.

7 Splash of Mouthwash

Similar to toothpaste, mouthwash can be used to clear your hands from garlic odor.  Pour a small amount of mouthwash in hand and proceed to rub it between palms and fingers for 15-30 seconds.  If the smell persists after one use, try pouring and repeating an additional time for better results.

8 Drizzle Olive Oil

Many claim that using olive oil to helps diffuse the natural garlic oils and remove the smells from one’s hands.  Pour a teaspoon of olive oil in hands and rub between palms and fingers for 30 seconds.  After this time has passed, place hands under a cold running faucet and wash with dish detergent to remove both type of oil.

9 Apple Cider Vinegar (or White Vinegar)

The strong acid within vinegar works well in striping garlic odors from out hands.  This household acid directly lifts the natural garlic oils from palms and eliminates the source of the stench.  Pour a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar within hands and proceed wit rub between palms and fingers for 30-45 seconds.  Once complete, wash hands under faucet with dish detergent to remove any existing vinegar odor.

10 Rub a Bundle of Parsley

This method may not completely remove the garlic odor from your palms, but many stand by it’s ability to mask the stench within your hands. Select a small bunch of parsley and wad up and rub between palms and fingers for 45-60 seconds.  The fiber will work to strip some of the garlic oils while the parsley juices cover up the garlic smell.

Extra Garlic Hand Tips

1 Prepare Garlic With Cold Water

When preparing and washing garlic, always make sure that you do it with cold water.  The hot water has the effect of opening the pores within your hands and letting the odorous garlic oils within the palms.  Cold water has the opposite effect of contracting the skin pores and preventing garlic oil from making it’s way within the pores of your fingers and palms.

2 Preventative Latex Gloves

As a preventative method, latex gloves can be worn prior to handling garlic cloves.   It can be a bit of a hassle to if you regularly find yourself cooking with garlic cloves, however it is 100 percent sure to keep garlic oils off of your hands. Warning:  If you are serving to any one who may potentially have latex allergies, you may need to go without using this preventative method.

3 Stainless Steel Soap Bar

This product solution works under the same principle used while rubbing a steal utensil under cold water.  The increased benefit of rubbing stainless steel within bar form is that it will allow for faster deodorizing due to it’s ability to come in contact with more areas of your palms and fingers.

Photo Credit: Clay Irving


How to Get Squid Smell Off Hands

While fishing and cooking squid, touching this sea dwelling creature is unavoidable. After handling it, the squid residue will often be very challenging to remove from one’s hands.

Fortunately, there exist several home remedies for the removal of squid odors from one’s hands.  The below tips while help increase your odds of returning your hands smell back to normal.

Fishy Odor Removal Tips

These tips will bring you closer to removing squid funk from your fingers.

1 Antibacterial Soap

This solution is not the most effective home remedy for removing smells, however it is great for getting squid grim out of nails and off hands.  While lathering up be sure to target all crevasses in and around fingernails.

2 Wash Again

If one soapy wash is not effective, wash your hands a second or even third time.  Every time you wash your hands, more slimy grim is striped from your hands, providing a fresher smell.

3 Citrus Fruit

These fruit have wonderful natural properties at eliminating unwanted odors.  The citric acid within lemon, oranges and limes works to eat through odor causing properties of squid residue.  To apply, cut open the fruit and squeeze juice within palms.  Continue by running moisture through knuckles, fingers and nails.

4 Baking Soda

This household substance is highly effective at absorbing odors and freshen hands.  Pour a small portion of baking soda within palms, and place hands under running water until baking soda becomes moist.  Rub moist baking soda through hands and under fingernails.

5 Vodka

This party beverage has more than one use around the household.  The alcohol within vodka works to neutralize much of the squid smell, and dries away odorless.  Splash hands from the bottle and rub through hands and under fingernails.

6 White Vinegar

This household ingredient combats a variety of organic odors like squid.  Splash hands with white vinegar and 2-3 times before washing the substance off under the faucet.  In-between splashes make sure to rub the liquid through hands and into areas under fingernails.


How to Get Weed Smell Off Hands

Hands are often left with a pungent weedy odor after smoking pot.  Due to proximity to the substance, hands usually absorb the most residue and carry the greatest potency.


Fortunately, there are several solutions for removing and disguising weed odor to have your fingers smelling fresh.  By following the below suggestions, you will be able to eliminate this unwanted odor whether at home, school or the office.

Weed Smell Removal Solutions

1 Antibacterial Soap

Simply going to the public bathroom and washing hands is often the best solution.  Antibacterial solutions can vary in their effectiveness, but most are strong enough to neutralize weed odors within your hands.

2 Portable Hand Sanitizer

Carrying portable hand sanitizer is a great idea for anyone on the go.  Portable hand sanitizer contains alcohol effective at breaking down odors and covering them up.

3 Vodka

This party drink has been used for several generations as a household deodorant.  Vodka is great at neutralizing smells, and the alcohol is virtually odorless once dried.

4 Vinegar

This compound works wonders at neutralizing odors and replacing them with a vinegar tinge. After splashing hands with vinegar, be sure to wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap to remove vinegar smell. Alternatively, the vinegar smell will go away once dried.

5 Citrus Fruit

Oranges, lemons and limes all work well in masking smoke related odors.  Open a fruit up and rub it over your hands.  Be sure to follow this by rinsing hands to remove any sticky juices.

6 Deodorant

If you have a speed stick handy, roll it over your hands.  This works well on short notice, when antibacterial soap is out of reach.  If you have time, rinse hands to remove chalky deodorant substance left on hands.

7 Perfume

Spraying perfume into your hands is another last minute solution for covering up odors on the spot.  Also spray your body as this will cover weed odors within clothing as well.

8 Baking Soda

If there is time to create a mixture of baking soda and water, this formula is effective at eliminating odors within your hands.  Mix a cup of water and 3 tea spoons of baking soda, and rub into hands thoroughly.

9 Nail Polish Remover

As a last resort, you can splash your hands with nail polish removal to strip away any residues from your hands.  Be sure to follow this by washing your hands with antibacterial soap to rinse this harsh chemical compound away.

10 Onion & Garlic

Under the presumption that any smell is better than weed odor, you can use onion or garlic when the above options are not available.  Cut either of these in half, and proceed to rub the interior on all areas of your hands.  It’s better to have a stinky hands, than incriminating ones.


How to Get Fish Smell Out of Hands

Fishy hands are not something that you want coming with you outside of the kitchen.  The sharp stink can cut through the air and deliver a constant reminder of earlier cooking activities.

Fortunately, there exist several unconventional household solutions for removing this odor.  By following the tips provided within this guide you will come closer to eliminating the fishy stench inhabiting your hands.

Fish Smell Removal Solutions

1 Antibacterial Soap

Getting fish odor out of  hands is often as simple as washing them with antibacterial soap.  If the smell persists after washing them more than once, there exist other household solutions.

2 Portable Hand Sanitizer

This substance works great for it’s ability to cut through organic materials.  The alcohol within the mixture drys and sweeps off odors as the sanitizer evaporates.

3 Vodka

As a home remedy, vodka works great at cutting into hands and removing odors.  Simply splash hands with vodka to remove fishy odors and shake them off to air dry.

4 Rubbing Alcohol

Similar to vodka, rubbing alcohol works from the same principles of smell removal.  The alcohol cuts through many organics and works at neutralizing any odors.

5 Vinegar

This compound is also successful at breaking down odors.   Just splash and rub this on your hands to remove any residual odor.  As a final step, be sure to rinse hands afterwards to remove any lingers smell of vinegar.

6 Citrus Fruit

All types of citrus work well in reducing odors due to their natural citric acid compound.   By rubbing hands with lemon, orange or lime  juice, you will be able to cut down on the fishy odor.

7 Baking Soda

Baking soda can do wonders at reducing fish related odors within your hands.  Pour a small amount of baking soda within your hands and rub it in thoroughly under the kitchen faucet.  Finally, wash all of the substance away to reveal freshen hands.

8 Nail Polish Remover

As a last resort, you can quickly splash your hands with nail polish removal.  This substance is quite strong, and it is recommended that you wash hands off shortly after using this solution.


How to Get Onion Smell Off of Hands

Anyone who has worked within the kitchen has experience this problem.  Upon cutting into an onion, the potent spray works it’s way into your hands, and leaves a long-lasting unwanted aroma.  The smell  resiliently lasts through several soapy hand scrubs, making you question if it will ever go away.

While getting onion odor off of your hands is not an easy task, it can be accomplished by employing some of the solutions offered within this guide.  By following the below tips, you will increase your odds of eliminating your onion-based odor.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Cold Water

Be sure that when you do wash your hands you do so with cold water.  Washing your hands with warm water has the effect of opening your pores and allowing the onion residue to sink deeper within your you skin.

2 Stainless Steel

Place a any type of stainless steel utensil in your hands so that the maximum amount of your fingers are touching it.  Then place hands with utensil under water for 60 seconds to remove any lingering onion odor.

3 Salt

Pour a few tea spoons worth of kitchen salt within your hands, and place under warm running water.  Rub hands thoroughly for an entire minute, and the smell should be swept away.  Using warm water is an exception, as you want the salt to go deep within your pores to kill off any onion smelling odors.

4 Toothpaste

Squeeze toothpaste within your hands and rub the substance through your fingers and palms under cold running water.  If smell remains after the first time, squeeze a bit more toothpaste into palms and repeat.

5 Coffee Grounds

Pour fresh coffee ground within hands and rub the substance through hands intensely for 60 second under the faucet.  This has the effect of removing the onion smell and replace it with the aroma of fresh made coffee.

6 Tomato Juice

Open a can of tomato juice and pour the contents within a bowl or tray large enough to stick your hands in.  You can also add a bit of hot water to this mix to make sure that your pores will open to let the tomato juice in.  Place hands within tomato juice for 3-5 minutes, before washing this substance off with dish detergent under warm water.

7 Lemon Juice

Squeeze lemon juice withing a bowl or try a large enough to place hands in.  Add some water to ensure that the container is half way filled with contents, then place hands within the substance for 2-4 minutes.  The citric acid will work to neutralize the onion’s odor and will leave your hands smelling lemon fresh.

8 Peanut Butter

The chemical composition of peanut butter works in covering up several smoke and organic odors.  Apply peanut butter to palms and work the substance through fingers and into palms for 2-3 minutes.  Next, run your hands under water and wash hands with dish detergent to remove all traces of peanut butter.

9 Olive Oil

The oil within olive oil works to breakdown the smells left behind by onions.  By pouring some of this oil within your palms and rubbing through hands you will be able to neutralize your onion-based odor.   To remove olive oil from hands, you can use dish detergent to cut  through the oils leaving your hands smelling fresh.