How to Get Diarrhea Smell Out of Carpet

Accidents happen and if you have ever been faced with having to clean up a pet accident or a leaky diaper spill, you know how unpleasant they can be. Sometimes all you can do is hold your nose and suck it up. (You may also want to keep your mouth closed when cleaning up this type of mess.) A poopy smell in your carpet won’t go gracefully, though, and this pungent odor will smell like crap for some time after you have done a surface cleaning. We wouldn’t suggest getting rid of Fluffy or Fido or choosing a child-free existence to lower the risk that you may have to deal with this situation. Instead, we offer practical solutions for the problem. This guide will focus on how to get diarrhea smell out of carpet.


No one wants to feel like they are living in an outhouse. To get this particularly offensive smell out, you will need to make sure that no stank molecules are clinging to your carpet fibers. Otherwise, you run the risk of catching a whiff of stray poop when you walk near that area of the room for quite some time after the initial event. Taking the time to deal with it thoroughly from the outset will mean a fresh-smelling carpet and no lingering problems with smell after you have cleaned up the mess.



How to Get Diarrhea Smell Out of Carpet

1 Laundry Detergent and Warm Water

Combine some laundry detergent and warm water and apply it to the spot on your carpet where the poop was plopped. Most brands contain some type of enzymes that work well on this type of odor problem. Let the detergent soak in to the carpet for at least a few minutes. The longer you let the detergent do its work, the more chance it has to get the smell out of your flooring. Blot up the spot with a clean towel when you are ready to clean up the moisture. You may want to use more than one towel. Keep blotting until you get most of the moisture up.


2 Distilled White Vinegar Soak

After removing as much of the er, solid, waste as possible, soak the carpet with distilled white vinegar. It will put the stank to bed quite nicely. It will also help to lift out the stain. The strong smell from the vinegar will dissipate as it dries.


3 Nature’s Miracle from the Pet Store Will Help

Nature’s Miracle is a product that is available at pet stores. If you decide to use this option, make sure that it is your first choice to get the diarrhea smell out of your carpet. It won’t work as well if you have used other detergents or products on the carpet first. Nature’s Miracle has enzymes that work to eliminate the stank from feces quickly.


4 Odoban Cleaner will Get the Stank Out

Odoban is another deodorizing cleaner that will work hard to get the crappy smell out of your rug. You can buy it at Walmart, the Home Depot or It is available in a spray or in a liquid format. Apply it to the carpet as directed and your flooring should be stank-free by the next day.


5 Get it Out with White Vinegar and Baking Soda

To get the poopy smell out of carpet, make up 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water using a half cup of each ingredient. Pour the solution over the stinky spot. Next. put paper towels on the spot and step on them until the towels are completely saturated. You will want the paper towels to absorb the excess moisture from the vinegar and water. Keep repeating the process until there is little or no moisture left on the paper towels.


Then follow up by taking a handful of baking soda and working it into the carpet with your fingers. Allow it to dry overnight. You can help this process along by placing a fan or a heater close to the spot and allowing to run. Once the baking soda is completely dry, vacuum it up from your carpet. Following this process carefully should result in a sweet-smelling carpet with no trace of a crappy smell after the event.