How to Get Dead Animal Smell Off Dog

Dogs love to get mixed up in all sorts of trouble. Live or dead, they will track down critters and make dinner of their remains.  This all makes sense within the animal kingdom, but not once these activities enter the household.

Once animal residues sink within a dog’s fur, they can be quite challenging to remove.  Fortunately, several solutions exist for cleaning these frisky fluids off your dog to have them smelling fresh again.


Smell Removal Solutions

1 Wash Again

Rinsing and shampooing a dog is often not enough to removal all dead animal odors from it’s fur.  Before resorting to other solutions, try shampoo washing it a second time.  Take note to wash with a dog shampoo as human ones can be harmful to their PH balance.


2 Deskunking Shampoo Remedy

What works on skunks, work just as well on dead critter fluids caught within your canine companion’s fur.  Within a large bowl, mix a quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup of baking soda and one teaspoon of dish detergent. Wet the dog and begin shampooing the dogs fur this this household odor removal solution.  After formula has been applied multiple times, heavily rinse dog’s fur and enjoy your cleaned canine.


3 Coffee Tub

This household beverage works wonders doubling as a household deodorant. Brew 2-3 pots of coffee and pour within a large tub.  For the dog’s comfort, chill coffee by adding ice within the tub and waiting for the coffee to drop in temperature. Wash dog within bath tub and cleanse it with it’s normal shampoo. After all of the fur has been washed pour coffee half of over the entire dog and rub the coffee within it’s fur.  Repeat by pouring the remaining coffee over the dog and finish with a final shampoo to remove the coffee.  The dog will be freshened with a subtle aroma of fresh brew coffee beans.  As a note of caution, take preventative action in preventing the dog from drinking too much coffee.  Dog’s can over dose on caffeine if the they consume huge quantities of caffeinated brew.


4 Tomato Juice

This solution can be messy, however it is very effective option.  Open two large can of tomato juice and pour within a large bowl. Wash the dog within the bath tub with it’s normal shampoo, then pour the tomato juice contents over the entirety of the dog and rub within it’s fur.  During this process prevent the dog from shaking this juice off, as it can create a mess within the bathroom.  Finally, rinse the dog off and shampoo again to remove the smell of tomato juice.


5 Apple Cider Vinegar

This substance works well at striping odors from a dog’s fur.  After shampoo washing the dog with it’s normal shampoo, pour apple cider vinegar over the dog’s affected areas and rub within the fur.  Finish by shampoo washing the dog a second time to remove any remaining vinegar from the dog’s fur.