How to Get Smell Out of Chaco Sandals

After wearing Chacos during a long trek or international trip, you may notice the stench of foot odor developing within rubbery surface of Chaco Sandals. This smell can be especially challenging to deodorize as bacteria odor can live within the rubber fiber long after they have been worn.


Despite how putrid the Chacos may smell, there are several household solutions for deodorizing the sandals and freshening them for your next big hike. By following the solutions outlined below you can ensure that your Chacos are deodorized and retain freshness within the future.




Chaco Sandals Smell Removal Solutions


1 Deodorize Within Sun

Placing your Chacos outside within the sun can have a power deodorizing effect on the sandals. The UV rays will work to dry up and neutralize any foot related bacteria that may be causing the odor. Additionally, the open space and fresh air will work to diffuse the any remaining stink within the rubber material. For best results, place the Chacos within a location within the yard where it will receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. If any odors remain after the first day, feel free to place them within the sun for a second or third day until they are smelling fresh.


2 Cut Through with White Vinegar

This household acid works well at cutting through surface foot odors to leave your Chacos smelling fresh. Find a large flat dish container and fill it half way with one part white vinegar and three parts warm water. Proceed to place your smelly Chacos within this mixture face down. You will want the areas of the Chacos that normally come into contact with the foot are submerged in the formula. Allow the sandals to sit within the solution for 6-8 hours before removing them to air dry the freshened Chacos within the sun.


3 Baking Soda Paste

In a similar function to white vinegar, the use of baking soda can be applied in a paste compound to eliminate smelly foot bacteria inhabiting the surface of Chaco sandals. Mix a solution of one part baking soda with two parts water and mix into a paste. Proceed to spread this paste over the surface area that your foot normally comes into contact on the Chaco sandals. Provide 24-48 hours for this paste to harden and absorb the footy odor from the rubber’s surface.


4 Dunk In Enzymes

If the foot odors are especially bad within the Chacos, the use of active enzymes can be effective in freshening the rubber fiber. Pour enzyme cleaner within large rectangle container until the solution becomes a half inch deep. Next, place the Chacos within the solution upside down to ensure that all areas of the sandal that normally come into contact with feet are submerged within the formula. Allow the Chacos to sit for 4-6 hours before removing to place the sandals outside to air dry.


5 Efferdent Tablets

As a product solution, many people would not think to use denture cleaner for deodorizing rubber Chacos. However, this ingredient can work wonders in cutting through smelly foot residues to leave the Chacos smelling fresh. Fill a large rectangluar dish with water and drop in one tablet of Efferdent. Next, place the Chacos within the solution upside down and allow the sandals to soak for 2-3 hours. After this time has passed, remove the Chacos and air dry them within the sun.


6 Don’t Wait Too Long

It is important to treat the Chacos as soon as an odor is found within them. The longer that you wait, the stronger the odor will get and the more challenging it will be to neutralize. Much time and effort will be saved by treating the odor within your Chacos immediately after it has been discovered.

Photo credit: Clara S.