How to Get Smell Out of Airstream Travel Trailer

The Airstream travel trailer has been described as an American cultural icon. The first thought that crosses a potential owner’s mind is not how badly these things can stink. They can develop smells from mold, pets, and former owners who smoked. Over time, these trailers do leak. Once water gets in, they start to take on a dank, musty smell that only gets worse over time.


If a trailer has been closed up for a time, it can develop a stale smell that will need to be dealt with to make spending time in the unit much more pleasant. Eventually, the floor of the trailer can start to rot. Airstream owners will need to check for signs of damage at the back of the trailer. A major smell problem that gets worse over time may be a sign of a growing mold problem and warrants further investigation. This type of issue can be time-consuming and expensive to repair.



How to Get Smell Out of Airstream Travel Trailer

1 Open a Box of Baking Soda

To get rid of musty smells or pet odors, open up a fresh box of baking soda. Place it in the middle of the floor. Close up the trailer and leave it for a few days. When you come back, give it a good sniff to see whether the stank is gone. If not, close it back up and let the baking soda work for a few more days and check again. Keep repeating the process until you are satisfied with the result.


2 Load it up with Dryer Sheets

You can freshen up a trailer by using dryer sheets. Start by picking up a couple of economy size boxes in your favorite scent. Put them all over the interior of the unit, including inside cabinets. Shut the trailer for at least a week and then let it air out. The stank will be replaced by the fresh scent from the dryer sheets.


3 Replace the Carpet

The source of the stank may be mold under the carpet in the trailer. Replacing the flooring may solve the funk problem. As a bonus, you will get a clean, fresh look. Before you choose new flooring, make a point of shopping around to check out your options and find the best deal. Make sure you pull out the old tackstrip, put bleach on the floor where the strip had been and install a new one.


4 Put up New Curtains

Curtains can absorb odors and get moldy over time. You can give your trailer an updated look and get rid of some stank by replacing your window treatments. If you aren’t handy with a sewing machine, find a local seamstress who can make some new ones for you at a reasonable price.


5 Ice Cream Salt Solution

This solution has the advantage of being economical and easy to implement. Buy some ice cream salt (also known as rock salt) from Walmart, a grocery store or a pool supply outlet. Put it in trays. Place the trays in various places throughout the trailer to absorb odors.


6 Rent an Ozone Generator

Run an ozone generator inside the travel trailer to get rid of unwanted odors. These machines work by creating ozone and attacking the odor at its source. Consider this option if you are dealing with mold, pet or smoke issues in the trailer. The units are available in different sizes, depending on the size the trailer you need to deodorize. Some models come equipped with a timer that you can set to run for up to 60 minutes at a time. The doors and windows of the trailer would be closed while the machine is running. You would set up the machine for a cycle and let it run. If the odor persists after the first cycle, you can repeat it.