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Sometimes banishing stinky household odors requires a simple yet elegant solution. Sprays damage cloth and leather, candles pose fire hazards and mostly just mask odor with fragrance, and natural household products demand homeowner vigilance and maintenance. It can be frustrating to find a solution to smells that haunt small places in the home that doesn’t require constant attention and vigilance. Fortunately, for those looking for a simple way to clear the air, Renuzit Adjustable Super Odor Killer Air Fresheners offer an easy and practical solution to keep small spaces smelling light, fresh, and welcoming.


Benefits & Uses

The deodorizing power of the gel-based air freshener works consistently for up to thirty days, allowing users to place the unit in a smelly space and enjoy consistently great smelling results without concern about changing filters, replacing oils, or turning machines on. Users should place the air freshener as near as possible to the the source of an offending odor to achieve the best and fastest results.

Renuzit Adjustable Super Odor Killer Air Fresheners feature not only deodorizing fragrances but also odor neutralizing technology designed to capture and abolish most foul smelling odors. The unique conical design allows users to adjust the level of deodorization with a simple twist of the cone. Renuzit Adjustable Super Odor Killer Air Fresheners provide a great solution for anyone looking to leave rooms smelling great without weighing down the air with associated clinical smells or heavy potpourri type fragrances. This odor neutralizing properties of this air freshener leave rooms smelling light and clean as opposed to filling the air with heavy perfumes.

The odor neutralizing ability of the Renuzit Adjustable Super Odor Killer Air Freshener makes this product great for handling persistent pet odors as well as other troublesome household odors like cigarette smoke and bathroom stink. It also works as an ideal solution for closets that contain dirty laundry hampers and odorous shoes, especially notoriously stinky teenager closets. This product also works well to keep home gyms stink free without the annoyance of added fragrances keeping workout areas smelling great at keeping air breathable.


Deodorizing Speed & Strength

The Renuzit Adjustable Super Odor Killer Air Freshener utilizes the odor neutralization and absorption ability of salts to help clear the air. Combined with a notably light fragrance, the Renuzit Adjustable Odor Killer Air Freshener provides quick and sufficient odor removal in a small and inexpensive package. With the ability to adjust the level of gel exposure with a twist of the cone, users may choose what level of deodorization is appropriate to their needs. Users experience immediate relief from some odors, though it may take time for the air freshener to fully absorb heavier smells. This product is best used in conjunction with a steady routine of cleansing and sanitation. If possible, users should remove of the cause of unwelcome odors prior to employing the Renuzit Adjustable Super Odor Killer Air Freshener

The air fresheners work best in small spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, or closets to remove troublesome odors. They work adequately in larger areas when placed near the source of the odor. Or, for improved freshness in larger spaces, users may wish to employ two or more fresheners.The deodorizing strength often lasts up to 30 days or more, allowing users to place the air freshener and forget it until the odor fighting ability dissipates with time and odors return.

Cautions & Warnings

The Renuzit Adjustable Super Odor Killer Air Freshener should be kept out of reach of children as well as away from pets. If the gel is ingested, contact poison control or a physician immediately.

Some people find air fresheners agitate allergies leading to complications with breathing, irritation of the lungs, or even migraine headaches. If discomfort continues discontinue use. When storing, keep the product upright. The gel interior can melt and slide if not stored properly.


Common Active Ingredients

Carrageenan as a gellant,
Calcium Acetate and Potassium Chloride both act as odor absorbing salts.
2-methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-One as a preservative
Acid Blue 9 and Acid Red 33 as colored dyes

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