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Pet grooming and deodorizing products tend to be predictable and maybe even a little boring. However in 2007 Kyara Mascolo ,the original creator of Bed Head hair care products, decided to add the same edgy, fashion forward style that she brought to the Bed Head line of human hair products to the world of pet care and grooming. Pet Head products come attractively packaged and ready to tend to the needs of a posh pooch.


Uses & Benefits

Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray offers dog owners a “yummy orange” scent to freshen and deodorize dog coats. The scent is pleasant and lighter than most other pet deodorizing fragrances. Baking soda and other salts as well as enzymes help to absorb and neutralize odors naturally while the great fragrance perks up puppy’s smell.

Use to improve pet coat odors between bath times and groomer’s appointments. The Pet Head poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray mist comes out in a fine spray designed to keep dogs comfortable and happy while being sprayed. Apply a liberal amount of mist to the coat. For ensured saturation comb the product through fur after application or rub into the coat with a hand towel.

Keep Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray on hand to spritz your pooch’s coat prior to having guests over or to deodorize pet beds, outfits, and other pet accessories that hold onto pet smell. It makes a great permanent addition to pet brushing sessions.

Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray, like all Pet Head products, is pH adjusted and free of dangerous parabens and sulfates. Pet Head products are also cruelty free.

Pet Head products are manufactured in the United States of America

PPet Head poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray manufactured to be safe for use by humans, should you wish for your scent to mimic your puppy’s.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray leaves pets smelling great with a fresh orange scent more reminiscent of human body sprays and shampoos. However, while the product does feature odor neutralizing ingredients like baking soda and other salts as well as enzymes as active ingredients the spray does not always fully neutralize offending odors.
Once the fragrance wears off often the offending odor returns, or in the case of heavy outdoor odors never completely goes away at all. The product is best utilized to improve dog odors between grooming appointments or baths and is best applied to dog’s who do not pick up a lot of outside odors. To truly achieve the odor neutralization effects, fur must be saturated leaving Fido as wet as if he’d been given a bath. Otherwise Pet Head poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray needs to be reapplied regularly to maintain the deodorizing effect. Other pet deodorizers offer full odor neutralization, but perhaps lack the charm of the packaging or feature less lovely scents.


Cautions & Warning

Keep spray out of dog’s eyes and ears. The product is natural and non-harmful however id large amounts are ingested, sickness may occur. Some people who experience sensitivities to sprayed fragrances might experience similar irritation with Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray.
Pay attention to your pet’s reaction to the spray. While Pet Head poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray is very gentle, dog’s with sensitive skin may have adverse reactions to the product leading to lick, chewing, and scratching. If such behaviors occur discontinue use immediately. If you are concerned your dog may have an allergic or adverse reaction, spot test the spay on a small area of fur and skin. Allow the product to set for 24 hours, then examine the skin for irritation.


Common Active Ingredients

Cetrimonium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Saccharomyces Ferment , DMDM Hydantoin, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Citric Acid work in tandem to neutralize odors.
Fragrance provides the Yummy Orange smell.
Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice conditions the fur.
Nonoxynol-9 as a surfactant and water.

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