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Dogs are man’s best friend, but they often carry with them an entourage of odors that can affect the freshness of the house. Unwanted odors can impact carpeting, bedding, and even the coat of your pet making it unpleasant to cuddle up with him. Regular baths prove a sloppy and sometimes stressful ordeal for dogs. Too many baths can also strip the natural oils from your pup’s coat.


Benefits and Uses

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer does not employ potentially harmful chemicals, enzymes, masking agents, or even alcohol to deodorize dog smells. Instead MrGreen Dog Deodorizer harnesses the power of micronutrients to get stink out by using a custom blend of all natural and organic materials designed to neutralize odors while keeping dogs healthy and happy. MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is safe for the environment as well as for use around the home. In fact, MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is so safe, dog owners may apply it directly onto dog to freshen a stinky coat between grooming sessions.

The gentle nature of MrGreen Dog Deodorizer makes it safe and effective to target dog odors on carpet, bedding, upholstered furniture or just as a general air freshener sprayed around the house to remove dog odors.

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is lightly fragranced with lemongrass, providing a light citrusy tone appropriate for almost every space including car interiors affected by pet odors like wet dog!

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is gentle yet strongly formulated enough to combat the strongest dog odors, including skunk spray. Humans may also wish to employ MrGreen Dog Deodorizer to remove skunk odor if sprayed.

To freshen your dog’s coat, spray a towel thoroughly and then wipe the dog down versus spraying directly onto the coat. This method is more comforting to the dog than directly spraying the MrGreen Dog Deodorizer onto the coat.

Mix a 1:10 parts MrGreen Dog Deodorizer to water to wash down and refresh the interior of a kennel. Spray down any kennel associated liners or bedding for full effect.

Veterinarians and vet office’s can spray MrGreen Dog Deodorizer to keep waiting areas and examination rooms fresh while preserving the health of pet patients.

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer also works well to keep dog boarding areas, groomer’s front and back rooms, and dog sitter residences smelling fresh despite heavy dog traffic.

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer can be applied to directly puppy accidents before waste is cleaned up and then once again after waste has been removed.

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer pulls double duty as a kid deodorizer. It’s safe, organic properties make it ideal for deodorizing stinky athletic equipment, toys, and shoes. The light lemongrass scent leaves bed rooms, gear bags, and mud rooms smelling fresh and clean.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer works quickly to both neutralize and cover pet odors with a combination of organic compounds and micronutrients designed to neutralize odors and leave dog affected areas smelling pleasantly of lemongrass. As the micronutrient blend both abolishes smells and replaces them with a simple Lemon Grass scent, the spray works quickly to neutralize odors including dog urine and even skunk spray.

Larger pet odors including waste might require cleaning and sanitation to full remove smell. MrGreen Dog Deodorizer should be employed as part of a full cleaning process.


Cautions & Warnings

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is all natural and organic and poses no health risks. As MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is biodegradable, the product is also safe for the earth.

The natural properties of MrGreen Dog Deodorizer also makes it safe for use for those with asthma or allergies.


Common Active Ingredients

Amino acids
Organic compounds minerals


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