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What makes a room stink? When it comes to public lavatories, the answer is obvious. But other public spaces build up a funk as well. Decaying food in the refrigerator and an untidy microwave coated in yesterday’s microwaved limburger can leave break rooms smelling more like garbage than a healthy place for employees to relax. Pets and kids drag a wide variety of odors through the main rooms of a home. Sanitation and cleaning help smells, but rooms with bigger smell problems require constant and consistent mediation. That where the Lysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC®comes in. Operating on intervaled settings, theLysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® spritzes the air with a bacteria-neutralizing spray.


Benefits & Uses

The spray also freshened the air with additional, pleasant fragrance to leave all spaces feeling truly renewed and refreshed. The unit sprays one of three option time settings, freshening the air every nine, 18, or 36 minutes. On the 36 minute interval setting, the spray canister lasts for up to 60 days. Since the unit requires so little attention, users may enjoy the benefits of the spray without being tied down to more time intensive methods of deodorization such as manual sprays. Refills come in four unique scents: Fresh, Lemon Essence™, Morning Linen™, Lavender Mist™.

Lysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® makes a great companion to break rooms, small public lavatories, and other spaces where bacterial odors hang in the air. Place the unit in these areas and select an appropriate interval for unit to spray. In conjunction with a regular sanitation schedule, the Lysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® provides coverage that keeps guests and co-workers happy and comfortable. The unit also works well in spaces in the home that need regular freshening including bedrooms, living rooms, and rec areas. Place near odor causing a source such as pet bed, litter boxes, or areas with dirty sports gear or stinky shoes. The anti-bacterial spray will neutralize odors and replace them with a fresh, clean scent.

The intervaled settings ensure that a space is never overwhelmed with scent Likewise if an area requires more frequent deodorization, the nine minute interval provides ample coverage for most spaces. Placement in rooms with entrenched odors like cigarette smoke and mold benefit from the strength and efficiency of this air freshener.

The Lysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® is easy to set-up and provides continuous coverage of an area allowing spaces to be continuously refreshed without demanding attention. It is best placed up high in an area such on a tall shelf to best distribute the spray around the area for full coverage. Up high placement also keeps the unit in a safe space where it is not at risk of accidentally spraying pets, children, or unsuspecting adults.


Deodorizing Strength and Speed

The Lysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® uses the anti-bacterial power of Lysol to kill airborne bacteria. In conjunction with added fragrances, the Lysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® works quickly to eliminate bacterial based odors and replace them with light and refreshing scents.

While the Lysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® does neutralize airborne bacteria, smells associated with non-airborne bacteria should be treated at the source for best results. Maintaining a regular cleaning and sanitation schedule in conjunction with use of the Lysol® NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® yields the best results.


Cautions & Warnings

Keep spray pointed away from eyes and mouth. Position the machine away from where contact could be made with the face, preferably up high. If contact is made with eyes, flush immediately and contact a physician. If ingested, contact poison control immediately. Airborne sprays may irritate allergies affecting breathing as well as causing headaches. If irritation persists discontinue use. The spray noise can be jarring to some, however most users adjust to the noise over time.


Common Active Ingredients

Triethylene glycol is the ingredient employed to neutralize odor-causing bacteria.
Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium saccharinate is also employed to kill odor causing microbes.
Additional fragrance is added.

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