How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car

If someone has sparked-up within your car, you will need to take precaution to avoid the smelly after-effects left in the automobile. Undoubtedly, smoking weed within a car is not a wise decision.  It is both dangerous and risky, as you could harm someone and being caught smoking weed on the road commands a DUI.  Just as drinking and driving is frowned upon, authorities do not differentiate when marijuana is found within the confines of an automobile.



This guide is written as a one-time solution, rather than a habitual solution for smoking weed on-the-go. By following the below steps, you can cut down on many tell-tale weed odors, and minimize the scent within your car.


Smell Removal Solutions


1 Roll Down Windows

If someone has smoked within your weed within your car, the first thing that you can do it roll down the windows.  Opening the windows and airing out the car has a steady effect of lowering the odor built up within the car.


2 Febreze

This product works wondering in neutralizing smoke-based odors.  Spraying this product around your car is an effective solution for neutralizing this unwanted aroma.


3 Spray Cologne or Perfume in AC Vents

As a quick solution, turn the AC on full blast and spray either perfume and cologne into the vents.  This will have a the quick effect of masking the weed odor within your automobile with a strong personalized scent


4 Cigarettes

You can effectively mask weed related odor by smoking several cigarettes within the car.  Be sure to keep the windows shut while smoking the cigarettes to make sure that the tobacco odor is effectively infused within the car’s interior.


5 Ozium

Similar to Febreze, this product works well at neutralizing odors within the interior of a car.  Many prefer this product due to it’s strong at masking solution and small packaging.


6 Tree Freshener

While this is not a solution in itself, it can only help in masking weed odor after someone has smoked within your car.



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