How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Hair

Smelly hair is one of the nasty side-effects of cigarette smoke.  In a world where we don’t wish to advertise our smoking habits, this is often a dead giveaway.  There is not much that one can do to prevent the development of hair odor.  However, there are several remedies that can be employed to cover it up.

This guide reviews many of the available solutions for removing cigarette smell from hair while at home or on-the-go.  By using the below smell removal tips, you can increase your odds of eliminating this smoke-based odor, and introduce freshness back within your follicles.

Smell Removal On-The-Go

People are not always at home when they need to remove smoke odors from their hair.  for this reason, many methods have been developed to neutralize the odor while on the move.

1 Sunshine

Sitting out in direct sunshine has a natural effect of decreasing the potency of smoke odors within your hair.  The UV rays go to work by neutralizing the smell, leaving your hair odor-free.

2 Hair Down

Letting your hair down opens up the strands and lets air in.  When air is allowed to sweep through your hair, it has the effect of carrying much of the unwanted odors off with it.

3 Vodka

This party drink has long been used as a household deodorizing compound.  Pour vodka into your hands and run the solution through the affected areas of your hair. The alcohol will quickly air dry and remove much of the smoky aroma.

4 Febreze

This product works wonders in wiping out smoke-related odors.  Spray this formula from multiple angles into your hair ensuring that all of the follicles have been moistened.  Allow product to air dry and rid your hair of smoky odors.

Smell Removal at Home

Washing hair is not always enough to remove the lingering smells of smoke.  When this happens, there are solutions available to rid any remaining odor from hair.

1 Wash Again

If you’re unsuccessful at removing odor from your hair the first time, you should simply wash your hair a second or third time.  Smoke residues are often challenging to remove and often require shampooing more than once to wash away.

2 Lemon Juice

Lemons are the perfect solution for combating smoke odors.  The citric acid contained within citrus fruit cuts through the smoke residues and leaves fresh hair behind.  Mix four teaspoons of lemon juice with one cup of water, and pour within a spray bottle.  Mist down from a variety of angles to ensure that all of your hair becomes moist.  After providing your hair time to air dry the smell is often removed.  As a precaution, avoid direct sunlight while your hair is drying.  This solution can lead to a lightening effect of your hair if you are in the sun too long.

3 Baking Soda

Baking soda does a wonderful job at absorbing unwanted odors.  Create a homemade shampoo paste of baking soda and water in equal parts.  Upon entering the shower, begin to run this substance through your hair ensuring that no follicle is left untouched.  Rinse this formula from your hair and the smell will be gone.

4 Apple Cider Vinegar

This compound works great at striping loose organics from your hair and scalp.  Often used as a shampoo substitute, it does a good job of clearing smoky residues from hair. Mix the apple cider vinegar with your regular shampoo in equal parts and wash your hair as normal.


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