How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Furniture

A smelly consequence of cigarette smoke can be the odorous residues that build within the furniture of a home. Once the smokey funk of cigarettes get within this furniture’s fiber, it can be a challenging task to neutralize and remove.


Following regimate of household solution will help to eliminate the cigarette odor and ensure that it does not return. The following solutions can be helpful at freshening the furniture within your home and making the stench of cigarette smoke a thing of the past.


Deodorizing Furniture Solutions


1 Lemon Juice Wipe

The citric acid within lemon juice is the most effective solution against cigarette odor. Create a solution of one part lemon juice with 4 parts water within a bowl. Proceed to dip a small clean hand towel within the solutions and rubbing the formula into the affected areas of the furniture. In furniture containing upholstery, the solution can be poured within a generic spray bottle and sprayed on. As a final step, simply allow 30-45 minutes for the citric acid to do it’s job while it naturally evaporates away.

2 Vodka Mist

This spirit has much many more powers than fueling parties. The alcohol within the solution works to neutralize odors on contact and quickly evaporate away. Pour a small amount of vodka within a spray bottle and spray down the affected area of the furniture. When dealing with large flat surfaces, a small clean hand towel can be moistened with vodka and used to wipe down and deodorize the specific piece of furniture.

3 Enzyme Spray

Using an enzyme spray is both safe and powerful in combating smoke related odors within furniture. This solution is available in pet stores and most large supermarkets. It works by harnessing the active enzymes within the solution to actually eat through the odorous smoke residues within the furniture. After spraying down the cigarette affected piece of furniture, make sure to follow up by wiping down the flat areas with a clean paper towel to spread out the formula and ensure that no surface area is left untouched.

4 White Vinegar Mixture

Similar to lemon juice, white vinegar works by using it’s acid to cut through difficult odors. Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with eight parts water within a bowl.  Using this mixture, dampen a small hand towel within the liquid and proceed to wipe down the affected sections of the furniture.  Alternatively, this same formula can be sprayed on upholstery through a generic spray bottle.  As a note of precaution, immediately after application the solution will contain a vinegar scent which will go away immediately after drying.


5 Soak Within Sun

The solar rays of the sun in your backyard can do much to reduce the odor of cigarettes within the furniture.   The open space, fresh air and ultraviolet rays will all help in neutralizing the smokey residues.  Find a location that receives a minimum of eight hours of direct sunlight and move your furniture within the spot in the morning.  Perform a smell test at the end of the day and consider taking the furniture outside for more sun a second or even third day if any odor remains.


6 Sprinkle Baking Soda

The absorption powers of baking soda has been known and used for several generations.  Sprinkle heavy quantities of the deodorizing powder of the the smoke smelling piece of furniture.  Allow the baking soda to sit and absorb the odors for 48-72 hours before doing a smell test.  If the cigarette odor remains, allow the baking soda to remain where it is for another 48 hours.  Once the furniture has been freshened, proceed to vacuum the powder up with a hose attachment.


7 Citrus Product Spray

When lemon or lemon juice is not available, citric cleaning  product will work nearly as well.  Orange TKO is one that can be sprayed onto the cigarette affected piece of furniture to remove all signs of cigarette odors.  As a precaution, always make sure that your specific product spray will do no damage to the material of your specific piece of furniture.  In short, always make sure that your read the bottle before use.


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  1. Thank you so much for the advice on getting cigarette smell out of furniture, I bought several dressers and a desk and they reaked! Can’t wait to try the lemon juice tomorrow.

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