How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Clothes

Whether smoking like a chimney or indulging a daily cigarette, people never want their clothes to smell of cigarettes.  Once the pungent odor gets into clothing, it is never easily removed and is even more challenging while on the move.


Fortunately, several household solutions exist for the removal of such odors to return clothes back to normal.  In this guide, a range of solutions will be offered for removing smoke odor with or without washing.


Machine Washing Solutions

1 Wash Again

Often, one detergent wash is not enough to strip the smoke odors from clothing.  If the first wash is not powerful enough, try washing the clothing a second or third time to remove the clothing.


2 Baking Soda

This household substance is known for its ability to pull odors out from clothing.  Measure a half cup of backing soda and pour within your detergent machine wash.  After wash has completed dry as normal.


3 White Vinegar

White vinegar does wonders at neutralizing a variety of odors.  Similar to baking soda, pour a half cup of vinegar in with your detergent wash to give your clothes an extra deodorizing boost.


Odor Removal Without Washing

1 Sun

The UV rays of the sun and fresh air have a powerful effect on neutralizing odors.  Simply hang the clothing in direct sunlight for an entire day to sweep much of the odors away.


2 Lemon Juice

Citrus fruit have a natural capability to cut through smoke odors.  The citric acid within lemon juice has cuts through smoke odors and renders them odorless.  Mix three teaspoons with one cup of water and pour within a spray bottle.  Mist down smoke ridden clothing and let moisture air dry.


3 Vodka

The alcoholic drink does a great job doubling at removing odors.  Pour vodka within a spray bottle and mist down the clothing.  The alcohol will quickly evaporate leaving freshness behind.


4 Febreze

This product is a good solution for wiping out smoky aromas.  Keeping a spray bottle strategically within your office, car and home can help you on short notice.  Just spray down clothing and let air dry.


5 Activated Charcoal

This process takes a bit longer, however works well at absorbing odors.  Prepare by first placing activated charcoal briquets within an old pair of nylon leggings.   Place nylon covered activated charcoal and clothing within a enclosed container for 5-7 days.  After a week has passed, remove the freshen clothing from the container.


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