How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car

While smoking in your car, a major concern is to avoid the long lasting odor that can inhabit your automobile. There is no saying who you will be providing a lift to in the future, and you are pretty sure that you do not want this odor to be associate with you.


Smoke odors within automobiles can often be overwhelming and cause much discomfort on the part of non-smokers.  By following a series of preventative steps, you will be able to cut down on this smell and continue this as guilt-free habit while on-the-go.


Quick Smell Solutions

Often there is not enough time to create a long-lasting solution, and you are required to cover the odor on short notice.  In such cases, the following solutions can be of help.


1 Ozium

This is a power product that is made within a large range of options.  It is a handy solution to keep within your glove  compartment for easy access for when it is needed.  With one spray the scent covers nearly any odor and replaces it with a personally selected scent.


2 Febreze

This product also work well in covering and neutralizing smoke odors within automobiles.  It often requires spraying down the upholstery, dashboard and ceiling in heavy quantities.  Be sure to open the windows to allow for the car to aerate and quicken the evaporation process.


3 Deodorant & Perfume Spray

In a jam you can spray perfume or deodorant within the air conditioner while running on full-blast.  It will help in spreading proliferating the scent throughout the car in equal proportion rather than simply spraying the car down directly.


Longterm Smell Solutions

To clear all odors from your car, the following solutions can help in neutralizing the odors and ensuring the they do not gradually return.


1 White Vinegar

This solution works well in getting into upholstery and interior surfaces and neutralizing odors.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts water and pour within a spray bottle.  Throughly spray down the interior of the car and close doors and windows to allow for moisture to sink into the interior of the car.  After sealing the car up for a few hours, open the windows to help with a faster evaporation  process.


2 Baking Soda

Baking soda is known for it’s power to absorb difficult odors.  Mix a formula of six teaspoons of of baking soda with two cups of water and pour within a spray bottle.  Spray down the entire interior and allow for the moisture to soak within the upholstery.  After the baking soda has soaked in, open the window for a quicker drying process.


3 Lemon Juice

The citric acid within lemon juice directly combats smoke related odors.  Squeeze six teaspoon of lemon juice and within a cup of water and pour within a spray bottle.  Mist down the entire interior of the car ensuring that easy square inch gets saturated by the mixture.  Be sure to leave windows open to speed up the evaporation of the formula.


4 Rubbing Alcohol

The alcohol within this compound breaks down odors and lift them out of the car’s interior.  Mix a solution of water and rubbing alcohol in equal parts and pour within a spray bottle.  Cover the entire upholstery, carpeting and ceiling with the formula and open windows for faster evaporation.   Be sure to allow interior to dry before operation vehicle to prevent car from smelling of alcohol.


Preventative Solutions

There are things that can be done to ensure that smoke odors do not take hold of you automobile.  By following the below tips, you can take preventative steps for the detection of the smoke odor.


1 Roll Down Windows

Leaving windows rolled down during smoking and at least 20 minutes after will help in cutting down on the residual odors.  Many people roll down their window during smoking, but few leave them open afterward to allow added traces of the smoke to be swept away.


2 Air Freshener

Using a car air freshener can help in maintain the a pleasant scent within the interior of a car.  Though it does not work in removing the odors, it does it is very effective at masking the smells within the interior.


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