How to Get Smell Out of Upholstery

This material comes into contact with range of people and substances while covering seat and furniture padding.  The build-up of food, bodily odors and mysterious grime can leave a characteristic stench that is never easily removed.


Fortunately, there are several household remedies to lift away any odors that have found there way within upholstery.  By using the below methodologies, you can be sure that the odors found within your upholstery lines furniture or automobile will be a thing of the past.


Upholstery Deodorizing Solutions


1 Sprinkle Baking Soda On

In most cases that involve built up odors within seat upholstery lining, baking soda can work wonders in alleviating the smell.  This household powder has been used for decades for it’s unique capability in reducing and absorbing unwelcome odors.  To apply, simply sprinkle a healthy quantity of to baking soda atop the affected upholstery and proceed to work some of the powder into the fiber.


2 White Vinegar Mixture

As another helpful household ingredient, white vinegar is fantastic at getting deep into the source of odors to neutralize them on the spot.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with ten parts warm water within a spray bottle, and proceed to spray down the affected upholstery.  Open windows within the space and provide 24-48 hours for the solution to evaporate and lift the smell away.  Please note that the white vinegar will continue to smell of its characteristic aroma until it has completely evaporated away.

3 Vodka Spray Down

This alcoholic drink works great doubling as a deodorizing solution for upholstery.  Pour some vodka within a clean generic spray bottle and proceed to spray down the affected upholstery until it become sufficiently wet.  Open the windows within the space and allow for 203 hours to pass as the alcohol quickly evaporates off and carries the unpleasant aroma away.


4 Lemon Juice

The citric acid within lemons cut through the unwanted odor in nearly any upholstery.  Mix a solution of one part lemon juice with eight parts water in a spray bottle and proceed to mist down the affected area.  Open the windows within the space and provide one to two days for the lemon juice mixture that neutralize the upholstery stench and evaporate odorlessly away.


5 Enzyme Deodorizing Spray

If you can get your hands on an enzyme deodorizing spray, use it.  It is available in pet stores and most large supermarkets and will work small miracles as the active enzymes within the solution literally eat though the odorous residues within the upholstery.  Spray down the upholstery and provide 1-2 days for the enzymes to neutralize the odor and dry away.


6 Common Product Deodorizers

The use of household product deodorizes can often do the job on short notice.  Any thing ranging from glade to febreeze will be likely to mask and often eliminate the odor that is affecting the upholstery.  to apply simply spray down the affected area and open the windows to air dry.

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