How to Get Smell Out of Tennis Shoes

This type of footwear is widely used and can develop foot odor during a range of activities.  Once an unpleasant odor gets within the shoes, simply airing the footwear out will not always be enough to relieve the odor.


In such cases, there exist a wide range of household remedies geared specifically to remove difficult odors from shoes to return them to normal. By practicing some of the below step, you can be sure that the stench within your tennis shoes will be a thing of the past.


Deodorizing Tennis Shoe Solutions


1 Outside in Sun

Placing tennis shoes outside within the sun does much to remove foot related smells and kill the odorous bacteria causing the stench.The ultra violet rays, fresh air and open space will all go to work in drying out the shoes and lifting away the odor.


2 Rotate Your Kicks

When tennis shoes are worn too often they can develop an unwanted foot related odor.  Without sufficient time to air out, the shoes will maintain a warm and moist environment that allows bacteria to grow and thrive.  As a preventative measure, consider rotating your tennis shoes with an alternative pair.  This will provide the needed window of time for sweat and other moisture in the footwear to air and dry out.


3 Regularly Sprinkle Baking Soda

This household powder has been used for decades as an odor absorbent. Regularly sprinkling baking soda within your shoes will do much to absorb the foot odor and maintain freshness within tennis shoes. As a helpful habit, keep a box of baking soda by your bed and pour a small amount of powder within each shoe before going to bed.


4 A Scoop of Cat Litter Makes the Odor Go Down

Similar to baking soda, fresh cat litter works as a wonderful odor absorbent. Before going to bed measure 1/4 cup scoop of cat litter and pour within each shoe.  This compound will work to quickly remove any moisture and absorb any stench that may have built up within the footwear.


5 Wads of White Vinegar

Using the strong acid within this household compound can work to eliminate the foot-related odor within tennis shoes.  Mix a solution of white vinegar and warm water in equal parts within a bowl.  Wad up several paper towels and dip them lightly into the pre-made solution, making sure that they do not get so wet that they loose their structural integrity.  Finally, stuff the dipped and waded paper towels within the affected tennis shoes and allow them to stay within the footwear confines for an entire hour.  Once completed, remove the paper towels and place them outside to air dry.


6 Activated Charcoal Fillers

Using activated charcoal briquettes can work as a long-term solution for maintaining fresh tennis shoes.  Place 2-3 charcoal briquettes within each leg of an old pair of nylon leggings.  Proceed to cut the leggings within the crotch area and tie the ends on each leg.  Before going to sleep every night, make sure that these activated charcoal inserts are placed within shoes.

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