How to Get Smell Out of Moccasins

Whether using traditional decorative moccasins or simple ones that have been styled for use around the home, this footwear can develop foot odor similar to any other type of shoe. The stench within the moccasins is often more directly a result of an absence of socks during the use of the footwear.


Fortunately, there remain several household solutions to lift the odor from moccasins to have them smelling fresh. By using the tips and tricks outlines below you can be sure that the shoes are deodorized and ready for use.




Moccasins Smell Removal Solutions


1 Fresh Air + Direct Sunlight

All that is required to deodorize most moccasins is to let them air out within the sun. The fresh air and open space will help to diffuse any smelly wet residues within the moccassin. Additionally, the direct ultra violet rays will work to neutralize the any odorous bacteria within the shoes. For best results, make sure that you place the moccasins within a location outside where they are sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. If any smell remains after the first day, try placing them out for a second or third day.


2 Sprinkle Baking Soda

This odor absorbent household powder has been used for generations for pulling in difficult odors. After each use of your moccasins, be sure to measure 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda to be added within each set of footwear. After applying the baking soda, be sure to give the shoes a light shuffle to ensure that the baking soda makes its way down within the smelly toe area of the shoe. This solution can be used nightly until no odor remains within the moccasins.


3 Cat Litter

Though normally associated with treatment of cat waste, the use of cat litter can be a very effective absorbent for foot odors. Scoop a half cup of this deodorizing granule to be poured within each moccasin. Next, proceed to lightly shuffle the moccasins to ensure that the granules make there way to the toe area of the footwear. This method can be perform this task nightly until the moccasins are smelling fresh. In addition, the cat litter can be stored after use to be reapplied the following night.


4 Insert Activated Charcoal

If you have the time, the use of activated charcoal can help remove odors and ensure that your moccasins stay fresh. In order to make the appropriate activated charcoal inserts, you will need to cut the nylons in half and put several briquettes within the foot area of each stocking making sure to tie a knot to enclose the activated charcoal. Next, you will want to place these nylon enclosed activated charcoal inserts within your moccasins nightly until no foot related stink remains within the shoes.


5 White Vinegar + Newspaper

As a final solution, white vinegar can be used to cut through the odorous bacteria residues living within your moccasins. Mix a solution of one part vinegar with three part water inside a generic spray bottle. Proceed to spray this mixture within the moccasin’s interior, making sure that it has reach the toe area of the shoe. Finally, stuff wads of newspaper within the moccasins until no space remains within either shoe. Finally, allow the moccasins to sit for 24 hours before returning to remove the newspaper and place the shoes within the sun to aerate.


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