How to Get Smell Out of Hunting Clothes

Hunting enthusiasts are quite particular about their clothing, and for good reason. The success or failure of their trip may depend on how well they are able to get the human smell out of their hunting gear. In this instance, smelling like a human being is definitely not the way to go. Instead, the idea is to eliminate human stank and blend into the forest and avoid detection from the animals being hunted. This guide will provide tips on How to Get Smell out of Hunting Clothes to increase the chances for success.


The prep work for a hunt must start at least a few weeks in advance. Serious hunters will want to make sure they are not doing anything that is going to make them stinky when they get into the field. Home renovations that may result in residual stankiness, such as painting or laying carpet, should not be scheduled for the last couple of weeks before a hunt. Burning scented candles is also not recommended right before this type of trip. The aroma will stick to the skin and hair and raise a flag with the local wildlife population. Keep reading to learn some ways to disguise the human smell from hunting clothing.



How to Get Smell Out of Hunting Clothes

1 Scent-free Detergent Wash

If you want to get the smell out of your hunting clothes, a good place to start is by choosing a laundry soap that doesn’t have any artificial perfume. Many brands have a scent-free products, including ones marketed to hunters.  Start reading labels and make a point of only using these products on items you will be wearing on hunts.


2 Hang Your Clothes Outside

Avoid placing your clothes in the dryer. Instead, use an outdoor clothes line. Some people recommend putting hunting clothes outside for several days to make sure that they don’t have any smells from civilization on them.


3 Use Odor-eliminating Spray

You can spray your hunting clothes with an door-eliminating spray, such as Dead Down Wind, after you get dressed to go out into the field. These types of products are available online and contain enzymes that will make you harder to detect.


4 Wear Clean Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are the preferred footwear for hunters, because they don’t hold smell like leather and canvas does. New rubber does have a distinctive smell, though. If you have bought new boots before a hunt, scrub them thoroughly with baking soda and water or scent-free soap before you head out. You will also want to spray them with a scent elimination spray (inside and out) well before hunting season starts.


5 Make Your Own Coverup Smell

Visit the area where you plan to hunt a couple of weeks in advance. Collect an assortment of brush, flowers and tree limbs. Cut these items into small chunks and place into a resealable bowl. Cover with rubbing alcohol or vodka. Let the mixture sit until you are ready to go hunting. Filter out the solid material and take the liquid with you.

When you get into the field, splash the liquid onto your clothing. You can use cotton balls to apply the scent.


6 Apple Country Hunting Solution

If you will be hunting in apple country, use this rich resource to your advantage so that you don’t smell like a human. Slice some apples and place them into your hunting clothes bag. The fruit smell will permeate into the clothing.


7 Pack it in Cedar Shavings or Pine Needles

In between hunts, make a point of storing your clothes away from your regular clothing. Put these items in zippered bag or a plastic tub. Add some cedar shavings or pine needles. Over time, the clothes will absorb these smells instead of regular household ones. The less amount of time you handle the clothing the better, since this lowers the risk of contamination with human stank.


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