How to Get Smell Out of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions give you multiple ways to give your crowning glory a look that is all its own. You can go to a salon to have them applied or go the DIY route at home. A stylist can weave hair extensions in with your natural hair to create a loook that will stay in place for several weeks. Clip-on versions are available in synthetic and human hair types, and you can use them for a night on the town or every day if you wish. If you are wondering how to get smell out of hair extensions, this guide will give you the 411 you need to know.


Don’t let smelly hair extension issues get you down. Help is available for clip-ons that you want to wear on a temporary basis and to keep your scalp fresh if you like the look of hair extensions over a longer-term basis. We even have suggestions to help deal with stinky dreads.



How to Get Smell Out of Hair Extensions: Clip-Ons

1 Pet Odor Remover

If your synthetic hair extensions have become infiltrated by hard to remove odors like cigarette smoke, tackle the problem with a pet odor remover. These products are formulated to break down enzymes. Give the extensions a good soak before placing in a plastic bag for a day. Rinse thoroughly and let dry.


2 Febreze the Smell Out

You may not want to go to town with Febreze on human hair, but you can use this product to get the stank out of synthetic fibers. Spray them and let them dry before determining whether they need a second go-round to eliminate any remaining rankness.


3 Hang ’em High in the Fresh Air

If the issue causing the problem is due to sweat, hang your hair extensions out in the Great Outdoors for a couple of days. The combination of fresh air and sunshine will do wonders for freshening them up.


Control Odor and Care for Your Scalp with Hair Extensions

1 Vinegar in a Squirt Bottle Technique

You can try putting some white vinegar in a color applicator bottle and squirting it down the tracks of your scalp to control buildup and keep it fresh. Cider vinegar can also be used if you are concerned the white vinegar’s odor is too strong. Make sure that your scalp is fully dry after you wash your hair before you go to sleep.


2 Seabreeze Your Scalp

Apply Seabreeze to your scalp in the same way you would use shampoo at least once per week. Rinse it out thoroughly. This method will keep a sewn-in weave door-free without damaging your natural hair.

Deal with Skanky Dreads

1 Essential Oil Spray Spruce Up

A little tea tree oil or lavender spray will get rid of smoke or other unpleasant aromas that attach themselves to your dreads (natural or synthetic). You can wash them in the same way you would your natural hair and squeeze any excess water out (they would be quite heavy when wet) before trying this technique. It will freshen up your ‘do in a jiffy.

2 Throw Some Hair Mask On Them

If you have synthetic dreads and use a hair mask on your natural hair, rub some of the excess on the synthetic fibers. It will attach to the artificial hair and start working to keep the smell down in a single step. You’ll have a much nicer scent from the hair mask instead.

3 Steam the Stank Away

Standing in a steamy room that has been infused with fragrance should be enough to get the smell out of dreads that are filled with funkiness.  Head for the bathroom, close the door, and get the shower running. You’ll want to get the room all steamed up. Put a few drops of essential oil in the shower and stand in the room. You don’t necessarily need to get your hair wet you have generated enough steam from the show. If the smell is attached to your own hair, this technique will work on that, too.


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