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How to Get Smell Out of Football Gloves

Football gloves are hard-wearing pieces of athletic equipment. They really get sweaty during games and practices, which means they have the potential to smell like death once you take them off your hands. This is major stank stuff, and it is not something you want to treat lightly. Our guide to How to Get Smell Out of Football Gloves will offer practical solutions to this problem.


You will want to keep your football gloves clean and dry between wearings to get the smell out. If you let the bacteria from sweat get away from you, it will just continue to grow and get more rank over time. Pretty soon, you will be looking for a pair of long-handled tongs to handle your own gloves. That would not be good. Consider these solutions instead and find one that will work for you.



How to Get Smell Out of Football Gloves

1 Woolite and Warm Water

You can get the smell out of football gloves by washing them with a mild liquid soap like Woolite. Start by filling your sink with warm water. Add a Tablespoon of detergent and swish the water around with your hand to make sure it is thoroughly mixed in with the water. Place the gloves in the water and get them thoroughly soaked. Rub the soiled areas together as you wash them. Drain the sink and refill it with cold water. Rinse the gloves and squeeze them to remove any excess water. Lay them flat to dry.


2 Use SportsGemz to Remove the Smell

SportsGemz is a line of natural, non-toxic pouches that fit right inside gloves, shoes and equipment bags. They are unscented, so you don’t have to be concerned about perfumes bothering someone with allergies. Renew the pouches by placing them outside in direct sunlight every six months.


3 Denture Cleaner Tablet Clean-up

To smack the stank out of football gloves, fill up your sink with some warm water. Add a couple of denture cleaning tablets. You can find them at a drug store and some grocery stores. Wash the gloves in the fizzy water and rinse thoroughly. Place them on a flat surface to dry.


4 Soak Up the Smell with Tea Bags

Tea bags can be used for a lot more than brewing a satisfying hot drink. Grab a couple of new, unused bags. Stuff one into each glove. They will soak up yecchy smells and keep your gloves dry and fresh smelling for the entire football season.


5 Spray Them Down with Alcohol

This solution will work if the gloves are not made from leather. Put some rubbing alcohol into a bottle and spray it on the gloves. The alcohol will deodorize them as it evaporates. Vodka will also do the trick in a pinch.


6 Stuff Your Gloves with Dryer Sheets

Place a dryer sheet in each of your gloves in between games. They are available in a variety of fragrances, and you can choose a favorite one to banish the stink from your gloves. Simply replace the dryer sheet after a practice or game to keep the gloves at maximum freshness.


7 Borax and Cinnamon Rag Odor Remover

Start with an clean, old rag. Place a small amount of borax laundry booster in the middle of it. Top off with a pinch of cinnamon. Tie up the rag and place inside your glove. Repeat the process and place the second rag inside your other glove.


8 Fill them with Newsprint

Here’s a way to put old newspapers to good use. Stuff your football gloves with newsprint. The paper will absorb moisture and odor. Change the paper every few days to keep the gloves smelling fresh.


9 Freeze it Out

Take your gloves and place them in plastic bag. Put them into the freezer overnight. When you take them out in the morning, the smell will be gone. (Wait for the gloves to thaw out before trying to put them on. Not only would this be very uncomfortable, but you may crack the material in the gloves.)


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  1. I found that rubbing the football gloves with a slice of lemon, before washing, eliminates the smell. Also Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena hand soap works great at removing the smell from hands.

  2. You should try Rockin’ Green Soap’s Stinky Gear spray. It’s perfect for stuff like football gloves because it really gets rid of odors and doesn’t just cover them up!

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