How to Get Smell Out of Dog

Even the cutest dog is unpleasant to be around when they are not smelling good.  Several dogs develop district odors take hold of a house and car and leave them smelling of musty dog dander.

Fortunately, there exists a range of things that can be done to remove the doggy odor.  The following tips can help in adding freshness back within you canine and making sure an odor never returns.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Take Dog to Veterinarian

 When a dog is smelly, it is often a sign that it is experiencing a health problem.  Before taking preventable action to cover the smell, it is important to bring your canine companion to the veterinarian to get a check up.  A dog should get checked up on annually, so you may consider alining this with your next visit.


2 Shampoo Monthly

A dog should be shampooed at least once a month to ensure that unwanted dander does not build up.  If the residues and dander are not able to build up, it will help in reducing a smell from developing within the dog.  To ensure that no odor develops, wet the dog down from head to toe and apply a gentle dog shampoo over the entire dog. Take precaution while shampooing your dog’s head as they do not appreciate when it gets within their eyes.


3 Clean Dog’s Ears

Be sure to check the dog’s ears.  Make sure the fur is not abnormal or a strange color as this can be indicative of an ear infection.  Be sure that the ears are regularly cleaned with the dogs normal shampoo.


4 Brush Dog’s Teeth

Similar to people, dogs can develop gum disease and bad breathe when they do not take proper steps to maintaining good oral health.  Using dog toothpaste, make sure that you brush your dog’s teeth once a week to ward off any oral issue that might develop.  You can further supplement this regimen by giving your dog daily doggy mints.


5 Doggy Cologne

Dog cologne may seem a bit outlandish, however several manufacturers already exist who produce it within a wide range of scents.  If you would like to freshen your pooch with a customized scent you can do so on a daily basis with a specialized scent.


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