How to Get Smell Out of Dog Collar

When our dog’s develop an unpleasant odor within their collars, it is often a mystery how the smell could have built into such a formidable odor. Often, the odor is so bad that some dog owners consider taking their companion to a canine veterinarian for a check-up. However, considering that collars are often overlooked during dog washes, it may begin to make some sense why this is the only area of your pouch that possesses a pungent aroma.


Fortunately, the are a number of household solutions for removing embedded doggy dander from a collar. By following the below solutions, all odors can be lifted from the collar fiber to ensure that your dog is smelling at it’s best.


Deodorizing Doggy Collar Solutions


1 Rotate Collars

Rotating collars is always a good practice. Doing this will ensure that your dog is always wearing a collar while another one is being cleaned and deodorized. This will keep your dog identifiable and make sure they never get lost. As well, this will also ensure that the odor will never build into a stink that will be impossible to remove. As soon as the fiber begins to smell, you will know that it is time to swap the collar and deodorize it.


2 Hand Wash + Lay in Sun

Once a mild smell has develop within your dog’s collar, you will know that it is time to hand wash the collar and lay within the sun. Apply a light detergent to the collar within the sink and scrub intensely. The objective it to draw out as much dog related oils from the fiber as possible. Once complete, squeeze out any remaining moisture and place the collar outside in direct sunlight until the remaining moisture has completely air dried away.


3 Washing Machine

For subtle dog scents within the collar, simply placing it through a washing machine cycle is enough to deodorize it and have it smelling fresh again. This solution can be combined with a normal household clothing wash to ensure that the collar does not bang around within the washer and dryer by itself.


4 Cycle in Dishwasher

Although it may seem unconventional, many swear by the dishwasher’s effectiveness at eliminating difficult odors found within dog collars. The dog collar can be placed within a normal dish filled cycle that is set on the hottest setting. Upon completion the piping hot soapy rinse will have an impressive freshening effect. As a final step, the collar can be placed within the sun to dry out.


5 Soak in Enzymes or Oxyclean

Soaking the dog collar within a bowl of enzyme cleaner or Oxiclean can do much to eliminate the most difficult odors from a dog collar. Allow the dog collar to soak in either of the solutions for 4-6 hours before removing it and placing it through washing machine cycle with your clothing. Upon completion, your dog’s collar will be smelling much fresher than it did before.

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