How to Get Smell Out of Crocs

After much use, the rubbery surface of Crocs can become infused with smelly foot residues. Once this happens, the organic bacteria can take hold of Crocs and create and unbearable stench that can be difficult to neutralize.

Fortunately, there exist several household solutions for treating the foot related odor within croc to have them smelling like new. By using the below solutions, you can successfully wipe out the footy funk inhabiting your Crocs and keep them smelling fresh within the future.

Smell Removal Solutions for Crocs

1 Drown Crocs in White Vinegar

This household acid can work wonders in cutting through the entrench foot aroma within your Crocs. Mix a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts warm water within a large rectangular container. Next, proceed to dunk your Crocs within this solution making sure that they are fully submerge. If your pair of Crocs have a tendency to float, a weight can be placed on top of them to ensure that they remain fully within this solution. Allow to Crocs to soak for 4-6 hours before returning to remove the Crocs from this formula. Upon removing the Crocs, place them outside within the sun to air dry.

2 Open Air + Sunlight

If you have the time, placing the Crocs outside within direct sunlight for several days can be a deodorizing charm. Find a location within the yard where the Crocs are sure to receive a minimum of eight hours of direct sunlight. At the end of each day perform a smell test on the Crocs. Once non odor remains within the Crocs, they can be taken inside and put back within your daily footwear collection.

3 Bury In Cat Litter

Many people would not consider cat litter for deodorizing Crocs, but it’s absorbent granules happens to work well in pulling difficult odors out from the interior of the Croc rubber. Fill a small clean tub with unused cat litter and proceed to bury your smelly Croc within the deodorizing granules. Allow 2-3 days to pass before removing the freshen Crocs from the mound of cat litter and putting them back within use.

4 Enzyme Soak

For especially difficult odors, a rubber safe enzyme solution ca be used to literally eat the odorous organic foot residues from the Croc’s interior. Fill up a large rectangle tub with enzyme cleaner and water mixed within equal parts and proceed to dunk the smelly Crocs within the solution. Make sure that the Crocs remain within this solution for a minimum of 3 hours before removing to air dry within the sun.

5 Act Fast

Foot odors have a nasty way of building within rubber footwear unlike any other material. It is important that the Crocs are treated as soon as the smallest hint of an aroma develops. If the odors go untreated, sweat and dead skin cells can accumulate and odorous bacteria that feeds upon these residues will not be far behind. The longer you wait, the smellier they will get and the more challenging the Crocs will become to deodorize.

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