How to Get Smell Out of Boxing Gloves

After a long workout sessions hitting the bag, boxing gloves can often be drench in sweat and develop a smelly stench. This off-putting body odor can often build into an stink so offensive that it can serve as a mental deterrent to wearing the gloves.

Despite having obvious difficulties in deodorizing the boxing gloves, there remain some practices that can help to remove the odor and help reduce smells from developing within the future.

Smell Removal Solutions for Boxing Gloves

1 Wadded Newspaper + Fabric Softener Sheets

If your boxing gloves have an especially challenging odor, fabric softener sheets and newspaper can be used in tandem as a deodorizing solution. Begin by stuffing two fabric softener sheets within each of the gloves. Follow this action by wadding up several sheets of newspaper and stuffing them within the entire of each glove until no further space is available. Simply let these content rest within the gloves over night and remove them before the using the gloves within the future. The newspaper will work to absorb the moisture and smell while the fabric softener will impart a gentle flora effect.

2 Cedar Chips in Socks

Another tried and true solution for removing odors from boxing gloves is through the use of cedar chips. Although socks vary in size, you can safely fill up two different normal size socks with cedar chips, making sure to tie a knot at the end to keep the cedar chips from falling out. Upon making these cedar chip deodorizer sack, you will want to use them after every use of the boxing gloves. For best results, you can leave the deodorizing inserts within the gloves until you need to use them again.

3 Cat Litter in Socks

In a similar fashion as wood chips, fresh cat litter can be tied into socks as a deodorizing solution. Although cat litter is engineered for a feline’s waste, it can remain very effective as a deodorizer of boxing gloves. Fill two socks up half way with cat liter and proceed to tie knots to keep any of the deodorizing granules from spilling out. Place these freshening bundles within each glove after use and remove them shortly before future use for best results.

4 Air Out on Back Patio or Terrace

As a final deodorizing solution, the boxing gloves can be places outside on a back patio or terrace to allow the gloves to properly air out and let the smelly sweat dry within them. As a general rule of thumb, boxing gloves will take somewhere between 24-48 to have the worst of the smelly residues dry out.

Smell Removal Solutions for Boxing Gloves

1 Wear Hand Wraps

The practice of wearing hand wraps within your gloves will do much to cut down on the amount of sweat that makes it’s way within the gloves. Less sweat within the gloves translates directly to less odor from developing. Hand wraps can easily be placed through the washing machine and can save you much time and effort spent in deodorizing your gloves.

2 Treat Regularly

If you do find odors building within your gloves, it will be important that you treat the gloves regularly with one of the above solutions. If they are not treated for too long of a period the smell can intensify into an unworldly stench that can be extremely difficult to remove.

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