How to Get Smell Out of Bong

After much use, a bong can develop a thoroughly unpleasant weed residue that can cause an entire room to stink. This build up can cause discomfort and paranoia for home owners and tenants and demand an immediate solution to keep things under wraps.


Fortunately, there exist several household solutions for lifting pot aroma out of bongs. By following the below tips and tricks, you can be sure that your home will be smelling fresh with a cleaned and deodorized bong.


Bong Smell Removal Solutions


1 Prepare the Bong’s Interior

Unfold a wired coat hanger and bend it until it becomes completely straight. Once performed, fold the wire hanger within the middle so that the hanger can do a better job of holding up. Next, make a hook out of the wire’s end and wrap several paper towels around the hook. Dip the paper towels within a solution of rubbing alcohol and proceed to stick the paper towel cover hook down the mouth hole of the bong. You will need to push and pull the wire out so the paper towel can clean and santitize the interior of the bong’s neck. Once you have removed much of the visanle residues from the bongs neck you can proceed to one of the deodorizing solutions below.


2 More Rubbing Alcohol + Rice

Using a combined solution of rubbing alcohol and rice you will be able to flush much of the soured weed odor out of a bong. Begin by mixing a solution of one part rubbing alcohol with three parts water. Next dismantle the bong and plug up the open holes within the base. Once everything has been made water tight, pour the rubbing alcohol solution within the bong. Ideally, you will want the mixture to fill up at least one third of the available volume within the bong. Next, pour in a half cup of rice and proceed to cover the top mouth hole to give the entire bong a healthy shake. The rice’s abrasiveness will help to grind away some of the residue build up while the rubbing alcohol work to deodorize the interior.


3 Vodka + Rice

In a similar method as rubbing alcohol, vodka and rice can work equally well at removing odor within the bong. Mix a solution of vodka and water in equal parts and pour within a dismantled and plugged bong. Next, add in a half cup of dry rice, cover the top and give the bog a good shake for 3-5 minutes. Once completed, allow the contents to rest within the bottom of the bong for 3-4 hours. After this time period has passed, the contents within the bong can be pour out. Finalize by rinsing out any remaining rice or vodka from the bong’s interior.


4 White Vinegar + Rice

This solution works well by leveraging the natural acid within white vinegar to neutralize smelly weed build up within the bong. Begin by mixing a solution of one part white vinegar with three parts warm part. Next, dismantle the bong and pug up all holes within the bottom of the bong. Proceed to pour in half a cup of dry rice and the mixture and give the entire bog a good shake for 3-5 minutes. Upon completion, place the bong aside for the mixture to go to work in eating away at the smell residues within the base. After you have allowed the bong to sit for 4-6 hours, pour out the contents and give the entire interior of the bong a good rinse with fresh water.


5 Enzyme Cleaner + Rice

As a final solution, enzyme cleaner can be used with bongs that contain an especially bad odor. The active enzymes within the solution will work to literally eat through the organic residues within the bong. Begin by dismantling the bong and plugging the lower holes. Next, pour in a half cup of dry rice and add in enzyme cleaner until the cleaning solution fills one third of the bong. Give the bong a good shake for 3-5 minutes and finalize by setting the bong aside. Allow the enzyme cleaning solution to deodorize the base of the bong for 6-8 hours before pouring it out and thoroughly rinsing the interior of the bong.

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