How to Get Sex Smell Out of Bedroom

Sex smell can build into a musty funk so pervasive that it can take over the entire house.  When grooves get going, this pleasure often leaves a stagnant musk that can be smelt long after the deed is done.


Fortunately, there exist several solutions of minimizing and removing this smell from the bedroom.  By following the below tips, can make sure that you extracurricular activities slip by undetected.

Sex Smell Solutions

1 Open Windows

After the performance, be sure to open up the windows in the bedroom as well as the rest of the house.  This will get air circulating throughout the room and will sweep the smell of your sweaty activities outside.

2 Dispose of Evidence

If there are soiled tissues or condoms, be sure to dispose of these as soon as possible within an outdoor trash bin.  If these are left inside, they can have an effect of evaporating into the walls, and creating a distinctive musk within the room.

3 Wash Sheets

Depending on how crazy your partner and yourself like to get, you may want to consider washing the sheets.  As a rule of thumb, if the fun times lasted longer than 30 minutes, it might be a good call to throw the linens for a detergent-filled rinse and spin.

4 Vodka Spray

If there is a spray bottle on hand, you can fill it with vodka and spray the room down.  Vodka has the effect of getting within fiber and neutralizing odor.  As vodka dries, it lifts off much of the unwanted aroma.

5 White Vinegar Spray

White vinegar is similar to vodka in reducing odor.  Once you acquire a spray bottle, fill it partially with white vinegar, and begin spraying down the room.  Since vinegar does not have alcohol to speed it’s evaporation process,  it will be a good idea to open the window to aid in this objective.  Once the vinegar dries, the sharp smell that it produces will go away with it.

6 Febreze

This product does wonders on short notice.  If you are working on a tight timeline, be sure to spray the entire room down and consider opening window to speed the drying process.  Opening windows will also help sweep away the scent Febreze can leave.  This scent can be overwhelming if you are spraying in high quantities and it could be a signal to a visitor that something is being covered something up.

7 Candles

While candles are often one of the factors leading to sex, they can also be a handy tool for clean up.  By lighting candles after sex, you can burn away much of the remaining odors and add a scented aroma to the room.


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7 thoughts on “How to Get Sex Smell Out of Bedroom”

    1. lol . You must be really inexperienced. Nobody is saying that after sex a room smells bad(the smell is actually appealing for most people for obvious reasons). Just that it smells like sex. And you know, sometimes you don’t want your visitors knowing what you were doing like 20 minutes ago because they will recognize the smell in the air. Also, for god’s sake, the smell of it is due pheromones, body fluids and nothing about having a ‘stinky body’ (since the odor of sex isn’t supposed to be stinky). The comments in this session makes me worry about our generation sex.ed. Wtf people.

  1. I’ve had sex with my girlfriend in every room in the house multiple times (excluding the kitchen, it’s too small and usually occupied) and it has never smelt of ‘musky funk’ afterwards. I think some people just have poor personal hygiene and leave ejaculate and other bodily fluids on the furniture and don’t clean it up. Enough said.

  2. Fabreze is made with ethanol which is a neurotoxin. It causes neuron damage for some people. (see and Lysol is also made with ethanol and is a surface cleaner only, not an air cleaner.

  3. It is different with any two people. Just as we men have our own peculiar scent and our ladies have a broad spectrum of personal aroma, the fusion of the male and female bodily fluids can yield a from virtually no olfactory stimulus to a very pungent smell. I have found that the more obvious scent to be very erotic. It triggers some sort of phoneme in my lizard brain. So don’t rid your bedroom, etc. of the scent, let me come over…

  4. My boyfriend’s smell and my smell are different during sex (of course because of our anatomy) but only his sex smell lingers in my room during sex (I personally don’t like the smell). I tried burning candles, but it didn’t cover it up…. now my room just smells like semen and pine??

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